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Kalli's Journal

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Stand-Alone, By Pairing:

Riku & Sora
Alias: Post-game, Sora wanders.
Cherry: Riku takes Sora's cherry. From his sundae.
Find Me: Sora searches for Riku in Monstro.
Lost As: Returning to the islands late at night.
Pale Asses in the Moonlight: Pre-game, Riku & Sora have a silly, fluffy night together.
Profuse: Communication without words.
Sweetest Fruit: Kisses & citrus lead to a little more playing... AU.
Uncomfortable: Pre-game, Sora can't help feeling...

Cloud & Leon
Apologia: Tracing messages to those lost.
Circumambient: Double-meaings and combat.
Early: Cloud's 'vacation' goes awry.
Evasive: Leon and Cloud spar.
Extant: Blanket hogs.
Fantasy: Leon fantasizes about a fellow fighter.
Lions: Cloud and Leon have an awkward conversation.
Little Disaster: Yuffie breaks a vase. Cloud steals a kiss.
Loud One: Cloud & Leon again, debating over just who is the loud one.
Pangyric: Praise.
Plotting: Kinda silly...
Salad-Huh?: Cloud & Leon, pre-game and being a bit silly.
Snow & Hot Chocolate: Squall, Cloud, and the first snow in Traverse Town.
Stress: Also the fault of KHYML.
Want You Bad: Leon/Cloud songfic.
Cake: Aerith stops by with a gift at the worst time.
Silverware: An important question is asked.

Sephiroth & Cloud
Ablution: Back-washing and naughtiness.
All Tied Up: Cloud gets tied up and Sephiroth is a little disappointed that he's not the one responsible.
As Equal: 'A bit of a fight.'
comingbackintobeing: Sephiroth finds his way back.
Fall: Falling.
Forlorn: Times before madness.
The Horror-scope: Cloud gets a few predictions for the future that start coming true.
Intransigent: Cloud knows what comes next...
No Hero Indeed: Cloud has a job to do at the Coliseum, but mostly, he's wondering about his muddled memories. Is Sephiroth real? Or...?
Nonpareil: Whatever he had left for his life, he knew he no longer controlled it.
Of gods...: A book on gods.
Of godhood...: Cloud finds some answers.
Panglossian: Not long after Hollow Bastion falls...
Stormy Night: It was a dark and stormy night.
Taint: He tries to mind neither the wing nor the wall, because this is what he wanted.
White Rabbit: There is no fourth wall. The goddesses demand smut! Nothing quite makes sense!

Cid & Leon
Bells: 15 Minute Challenge for KHYML (and for Lipstickcat.) Cid/Leon.
Starfire: Of shingles.
Paopu Lube: Kalli and her big mouth...
Wonder: A moment.

Cloud & Riku
Changes: Cloud/Riku, angsty.
Fuck (What Else Could I Do?): Kalloway's pet concept piece. A dark Cloud/Riku. YA.
Kalloway in Wonderland: Kalli wrote this in class to amuse herself (and others). Cloud and Riku don't really live in her apartment, but if they did and they decided that an audience was no deterrant, this is what would happen. YA.
Unmanageable: KHYML 15 Minute Ficlet, Cloud & Riku, falling farther. SA.

Leon & Sora
Biddable: Leon wants to stop, except he doesn't.
Chocolate: Sora pops in. Again.
Expectations: Leon and Sora meet up years later, with plenty to discuss.
Experience: Sora doesn't think that Leon has done anything wrong.
Extempore: Leon lusts.
Fish Stories: Everyone tells a fish story now and then.
Friends Past: Leon, thinking about Sora and separation.
Oblivious: There was a certain emptiness that existed within Sora...
Pause: Sora, training under Leon.
Raspberries: Raspberry season.
Papers: All those papers that Sora brings back...

Ansem & Leon
Coruscate: 15MinFiclet for KHYML. Ansem & Squall.
DV: After-story, Ansem/Leon. *grin*
Freeze: About hesitation. Like an Ansem/Leon, but not.
Witheld: Another almost-Ansem/Leon.
Sinking Deeper: Hourfic. Post-KH1 what-if.

Sephiroth & Leon
First: 15 Minute Challenge for KHYML. Sephiroth takes a lover.
Taking Advantage: Sephiroth/Leon, dark, slight non-con.

Ansem & Riku
And You Will Not Make Up For This: Ansem & Riku.
Dark Bauble: Another request... Ansem/Riku. A Puzzle.
Freeflowing Darkness: Riku lets Ansem in.
Gash: Ansem/Riku request.
Inevitable: Some things were inevitable...

Leon & Riku
Rock Paper Scissors: Riku wins a night in Leon's bed. Not quite as crackish as it sounds.
Calling: KHYML ficlet, Leon & Riku.
Strategy: Ficlet. Games.
Nails: Leon knew him right away. And of course, invited him to stay.

Ansem & Sephiroth
The Experience: Ansem/Sephiroth. Sephiroth just wants the experience.
Further Study: A request for more Ansem/Seph.
Epicene: 15 Minutes Ficlet for KHYML. implied Ansem/Seph. Very, very strange.

Single Character or Mixed Threes/Fours
Decisions, decisions!: 15 Minute Challenge for KHYML, Seph, Cloud, & Leon.
Giving In: Please check Kalli's head. A very twisted, quick ficlet detailing three lost souls. Lemony. Cloud, Riku, & Leon.
Beside You In Time: Oh, you were with who? Seph/Leon/Cloud.
Dishabille: Leon and his dirrty mind.
Vacation Surprise: A little reunion in Halloween Town. One of Kalli's faves. Sephiroth/Vincent/Cloud. Lemony.
Go On: Sephiroth/Cloud/Ansem. Yes, really. Testing.
Essential: Cloud lets the night take him. (Spoiler: The night has silver hair.)
Kitten: Things Leon does for Sora...
Better Than...: Riku, Sora, Kairi. Better than what?

No Pairings/Genfic
Betrayal: Sora, on Riku and childhood and more.
Sparkling: Yuffie. Hearts.
Forgotten: Aerith and Leon. Memory.
(Exciting) Work Wanted: Sora. Afterward.
Change: Cid. Changes.
Claws: Cloud. Weaponry.
Princess: Kairi. Dressing up properly.
Home: Sora. Going home.
The Ninja: Yuffie. Speaking...
Colds: Yuffie, Aerith, Leon, Cid. Everyone gets sick...
Four Words: Cloud, Phil. Cloud encounters Phil.
Cockaigne: Sora ponders.
Princess-Sitting: Yuffie looks for her prince?
A Little Magic: Aerith wishes.
Late: Cloud, pondering in the Coliseum.
Delivery: Yuffie, Leon. "It exploded."
Waking: Sora. Can't sleep.
No Mercy: Sora, Riku, etc. A battle on the beach.
Wing, Again: Aerith, Cloud. Aerith finally sees Cloud's wing.
Spiked: Cid, Aerith. Cid makes tea.
Wing: Cloud undresses.
Spooky: Sora sees shadows.
Fear: Sephiroth. Challengers.
Tea: Cid. Mornings.
Play: Riku, Sora, two obvious strangers, and a rock band?
She Knew: Sora's Mother. A mother knows...

Chain of Memories Inspired
Seconds to Minutes: CoM- Sora's thoughts at a specific moment.
Clearly,: Sephiroth/Vexen ficlet. WHAT?!
Cosset: Sephiroth/Repliku. Reminders.
Fugacious: Ficlet. Vexen/You'll See.
Visions of the Dark: What if -everyone- was fictional once? What if Leon had a book about a man named Axel?
Indifference: Axel. Thinking of other, less-pleasurable encounters.
Lachrymose: Repliku/Sora.
Almost Awful: Repliku/Sora. The above from the other side. Trying to mimic his memory...
Modest Reserve: Lexaeus/Zexion. KHYML Ficlet.
Gelid: Vexen & the Repliku.
Singed: Axel & Sora.
Breakable: CoM. Axel.
Willing Hearts: Marluxia, Axel, not a highschool AU
Strange Days: Axel/Sora, coming home
Passing Interest: Lexaeus/Zexion, after
In Chains: Axel/Riku, request
Sketches: Namine draws things... Zexion/Lexaeus
Dark/Light: Repliku/Riku.
Connect: Riku & the king. Seeking answers, finding questions.

Um...To Be Sorted, & Other...
Cold Front: An hour-fic exercise, implied Sephiroth/Squall, and limey Sephiroth/Laguna. Pre-game, a cold front rolls in, leaving two men alone together...
Consumed: Seph/Riku, implied Ansem/Riku. Waiting for the dark.
Elegy: Riku and one who has lost someone.
End of the Pier: Kairi can't help wondering what happened to her friends.
Expectation: Based on a possible rebellious KH universe where things are more complicated and less predictable.
Fishing At Midnight: A little what-if, implied Zell/Sora, Destiny Islands.
FMP!: Just a little gag story, about boys in Kalli's apartment and the dangers of bad euphemisms in fanfiction.
Galumph: In which Riku feels clumsy and awkward.
Inimical: Implied Ansem/Cloud, when things happen to go wrong.
Jumps: Implied Cloud/Sora. Darkness, and sunlight.
Marvel: Characters are unnamed, though their identities are not secret. Idol worship.
Out.Of.Touch: Cloud, pondering the men of Hollow Bastion's castle.
Paopu: Cloud.
The Photo Shoot: Just a silly ficlet. Riku & Sora, Cloud & Leon.
Renege: Mystery pairing, post-game, on a strange, angelic world.
Smoke in a Starless Sky: Crazy strange Vincent/Riku smut.
Tarts: Who's watching the pirate ship? Zell & Cloud.
Tricksters: -
Paper Hearts: Cloud, Leon. Cutting out paper hearts.
What is...: And then things end. Leon.
This Is KH!: Someone said it'd been too long since they'd played KH, so Kalli whipped out a summary that had to be shared.
Until We...: A rare Cid/Vin in a fandom that needs them.
Wicked: ??/Riku, limey. Hot. Darkness. Descending.
Collection: Cloud/Reno. Coliseum.
Get Outta This Place: Strange little piece. Reno/Leon. What... if?
Happily Ever After: Fluffy Ansem/Aerith. Very close to gen-fic.
Chasms: Sephiroth/Riku. Okay, okay, it's smut.

Shoujo Ai & Yuri
Call Me: Drabble. Kairi. Light SJ.
Deadgrrls: Aerith/Yuffie. On wearing black...
Princes and Princesses: Yuffie, years passing...

The Kingdom Hearts Canon Arc

From His Lips: Sometimes things take time. Sometimes time takes things. Sephiroth/Squall. First in a series. Lemony.
Working Title: Worms: Research can prove interesting in Hollow Bastion. Ansem, Sephiroth, & Cloud. Second. Lemony.
This. Then. Again.: Sephiroth and Cloud world-hop. YA.
Three Years Already: Leon can't sleep.
Nobody Else: Where is the past? Who is there? Near the end of the series... Riku/Leon. Lemony.

The KHYML Lyric Challenge Mix Tape
Fic/lets based on lyrics submitted. 13 in all.

This Isn't What We Meant: Leon, looking over Second District.
Acoustic #3: Leon. Lost.
Brick: Sephiroth, Zack, in bed.
Fields of Gold: A party, Sephiroth, and nobody playing fair.
Hate This Place: Quick conversations, angst, and Cloud finds himself as the bad guy.
Art of Life: Zack and Leon walk into a bar.
Team Black: Leon and Cloud in a too-small shower.
Breaking the Habit: More Zack. And Cloud. Wings!
Take My Hand: Sephiroth & Cloud, the Coliseum.
The Wretched: Cloud sits in bed, looking both forward and back.
Key of the Twilight: Seph/Leon/Cloud. Lemony. After battle.
Fake Wings: Sora, Riku, lost...
A Place Called Home: Keep calling. Sephiroth/Cloud.

'Epic' isn't the right term. Instead, drop Cloud in Traverse Town, give Riku to Sephiroth, let Leon angst, and when nothing else can possibly go wrong, send in the side-plots, lemons, realizations, and occasional comedy. You won't guess the ending, that's for sure.

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05 | Part 06
Part 07 | Part 08 | Part 09 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12
Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18
Part 18 A/U PWP | Part 19 PWP | Part 19 | Part 20
Space Ranger(s)
Braided Wire: What if Kairi met 'One Wing's' Bradey?.

Sort of a song-fic to Barbara Manning's 'Marcus Leid', sort of an unstructured 'what if' for the end of KH, after 'Showdown of Fate'. And sort of pointless, but not really. Sephiroth/Cloud.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

When you want to catch a god, bait is necessary. But for Ansem, what happens when the bait isn't taken? At least, not by the right person.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

If everyone really did come back at the end of Kingdom Hearts, what of those who vanished nine years ago in Hollow Bastion? And what of those returning from years away?
Chapter 1 \\ Chapter 2 \\ Chapter 3 \\ Chapter 4 \\ Chapter 5 \\ Chapter 6 \\ Chapter 7 \\ Chapter 8 \\ Chapter 9 \\ Chapter 10 \\...

Aftershocks (Aside)\\...

Sorry, Try Again

Chapter 1: In which Kadaj is sent by one Aerith into the care of another.
Chapter 2: In which family ties bind and Leon attempts optimism.
Chapter 3: In which there are crashing noises.

An Unlikely Alliance
In which Sephiroth decides to take his chances... Seph/Cloud, yaoi.
Chapter 1 \\ Chapter 2 \\ Chapter 3 \\ Chapter 4 \\ ...


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