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Without Armor

Title: Without Armor
Part: 4/10
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Ansem/Cloud, Sephiroth, Riku
Rating: MA
Summary: Ansem plans to catch a god. But he becomes the one to take the bait.
Notes: -

"He's looking," Riku had said. "But he can't pinpoint exactly where. He needs something more... solid. A rush of emotion - a wave."

And Ansem had dismissed Riku at that point, quite sure what came next. Though he already knew he had failed to guess the exact nature of Cloud's relationship with the god correctly, there were still plenty of ways to put that necessary wave out there.

And all of them boiled down to two categories: Pain. And Pleasure.

Cloud wasn't terribly hard to find. He moved in patterns each day, or, more correctly, did the same things each day but not always in the same order. Cloud probably didn't realize any of that, either, which amused Ansem a little more each time he looked up in the library and caught Cloud looking back at him, surprised that his presence was even noticed.

But Ansem did keep careful track of Cloud. His heartless were always around, always watching for him, reporting back.

Waiting at the entranceway, Ansem hoped that what his heartless had told him was true. That would open up the possibility for the second option as opposed to the first. While he couldn't let himself think of Cloud as at all harmless, he certainly couldn't resign himself to the idea of torturing the man until his protecting god arrived.

He could hear the crackle of the lift moving below, and he stood in silence, waiting for the exact moment when Cloud would realize he was being watched.

There was a split-second of connection at that moment, eyes locking before Cloud appeared to become totally unnerved. Perfect.

"Come," Ansem said, gesturing for Cloud to follow him back into the castle. And not surprisingly, Cloud did follow, not speaking until they were on a lift that Cloud certainly shouldn't have known about.

"This goes to your quarters, doesn't it," Cloud asked, his voice suddenly filled with a nervousness that made Ansem want to momentarily question what his heartless had told him. But they weren't quite sentient enough to lie, after all, and certainly not about Cloud whimpering his name while masturbating.

"You've found this lift?" Ansem asked, a little perturbed that he didn't know that tiny fact. He was supposed to have eyes everywhere in the castle after all, including following Cloud's movements.

Ansem hadn't wanted to miss the arrival of his very special guest, after all. And wherever Cloud was, that's where Ansem would catch his god.

"I... I've explored," Cloud admitted. "And I know that others live here. I just haven't been able to see them."

"Others come here, yes, but I wouldn't consider them more than temporary guests," Ansem corrected, reaching to trace a line down Cloud's cheek with his gloved hand.

Cloud didn't back away at the touch, but he did dart his eyes upward, his face a mixture of confusion and lust.

Ansem didn't think it really mattered just why he was taking the blond to his bed, just that he was and would hopefully pull the proper emotion from Cloud and let Cloud send it out, sort of like a homing beacon, he assumed. Cloud and the god were connected after all.

At one point, Ansem had just considered having Riku just tell the god where Cloud was. But there were too many unpredictable elements in that plan. No, Ansem knew he had to be ready and waiting, able to spring his trap on his own terms.

"Come," Ansem said again as the lift stopped and released the barrier that held them trapped together. "My door is no longer locked to you."

Cloud looked almost like he wanted to question the invitation but then apparently thought better of it.

Almost a little shocked at himself, Ansem had his hands on Cloud's clothing just seconds after closing the door to his room, listening to the latch click loudly in the thick silence between them. He was thankful he'd taken Cloud's armor and locked it away, not because it was no longer necessary, just because Cloud looked so much better without armor. Without anything, really, tanned skin no longer as dark as it had been when he arrived, making the blush that threatened him so much more amusing. Ansem pulled off his jacket, wondering if Cloud was always so responsive. He'd barely touched Cloud save for undoing the catches of his clothing and yet the blond was very obviously aroused.

Or had boredom really just broken him, leaving his desperate for anything?

Somehow, in a rush of movement that felt more imagined than anything, Ansem had Cloud on the bed, his own body holding Cloud's down as their mouths met in a kiss that climbed from awkward to overwhelming in just seconds. And while he knew they were only each doing this for reasons completely selfish, Ansem couldn't help but want to make everything as... pleasurable as possible. After all, Cloud's pleasure now would be his later.

He'd remembered oil, despite not having touched another body in this manner for quite some time, and he was not at all surprised that Cloud was no stranger to this exact act. Ansem hadn't been expecting Cloud's hands on his body, though, exploring and guiding between gasps for breath as Ansem slowly spread lube in Cloud's body.

"Please..." Cloud's voice died off into a moan as Ansem slipped fingers free, not at all wanting to do anything to risk the moment. If Cloud wanted more, he'd get more.

Yes, this was all going according to plan. This was...

Surprised at the feel of Cloud's body reacting against his own, shuddering as he thrust into Cloud's giving body, Ansem stopped worrying about the plan for the moment. Cloud was grasping at his own arousal, guiding Ansem's hand in rough strokes over it, nearly mewling Ansem's name.

He hadn't expected this. Ansem had not expected this.

Cloud's orgasm came in a burst, a cry and semen coating his hand and Cloud's stomach in hot bursts that left the blond's body shivering around his own, making him want to abandon what had merely been an arousing rhythm and pound into Cloud, forgetting the plan for more than a moment to chase his own release.

Cloud was still crying out beneath him, apparently not sated by his own release but instead watching, waiting for the act to be shared.

Yes, hopefully this would be enough, Ansem thought as he gave over to his own climax, wondering how he couldn’t be hurting Cloud with his deep thrusts. It would have to be enough. And the god would come.

He would be able to spring his trap.

Of course, he hadn't expected to become trapped himself.



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