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Without Armor

Title: Without Armor
Part: 7/10
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Ansem/Cloud, Sephiroth, Riku
Rating: MA
Summary: Ansem plans to catch a god. But he becomes the one to take the bait.
Notes: -

Yet as the days turned to weeks, Cloud found himself perched on his usual bookcase in the evenings. He did not peer over his book any longer - he did not even see the words. Ansem seemed... agitated. And he knew that he was not the cause. No, he knew he brought pleasure to Ansem.

He had little else, other than his spars with Riku. So what he had, he did well.

Slowly, in the cycle of dusk and dawn, Riku's words returned to him, creeping in along with doubt. And traces of fear. When Riku had mentioned being unwanted, Cloud had understood that much. He knew that feeling - that fear. It clung to him, more and more, as Ansem came to the library less and less often.

The shadows grew longer as he just stared at the words blurred on the page, flipping every now and again in case any of the Shadows truly were watching him. He doubted it. The trust almost bothered him.

There were only so many outcomes, he knew.


Almost startled, Cloud slammed the book closed. Ansem was below, looking up at him with his arms folded across his chest and a rather self-satisfied look on his face.

"Yes?" Cloud asked as he tucked the book onto the shelf beneath him. He'd never even looked at the cover and hoped Ansem hadn't caught him not reading something utterly ridiculous.

"Come with me," Ansem ordered before turning and heading towards the library stairs.

It was far easier, Cloud had discovered, to jump across a few of the bookcases and land on the second floor of the room. He leapt down, instead, landing crouched with his left hand splayed on the ground. He ached - he'd been sitting for far too long.

Running, he took the stairs two at a time until he'd made it to the top just as Ansem put his foot on the last step.

"What is it?" Cloud asked. He knew what Ansem was guiding him towards - the front of the castle and the many shattered balconies that overlooked the abyss.

"The falling sun and rising darkness," Ansem replied. "The daily death of the sungod and ascent of the moongoddess, though there is no moon tonight. Not here, at least."

"Sunset," Cloud surmised.

"Sunset," Ansem echoed as he started the lift they'd made their way onto.

He'd watched the sun sink beneath the strange horizon of the abyss before. Cloud couldn't imagine that it would be anything new - even with Ansem at his side.

Still, as they silently stepped out onto the balcony, Cloud sucked in his breath. The sky was a brilliant mix of reds and purples centered on the glowing orange ball of the sun as it began to fall beyond view.

Was it a permanent nightfall? Cloud reached for the railing, barely surprised as some of it crumbled in his hand. He was coming to understand that the only thing holding everything together was the power of Ansem and his darkness.

Looking up, he could see stars.

"Watch," Ansem said, holding Cloud's chin so that he couldn't look away from the tiny stars dotting silky purple. Ansem's other hand slid to the small of his back and he shivered.

Color was fading from the sky. Cloud watched. He could feel Ansem's breath on his neck and tried not to think of being with anyone else.

One of those tiny twinkling stars vanished. And then another. Cloud shivered. The hand on his back slid lower.

He reached for Ansem's arm, grasping at Ansem's coat with one hand as he closed his eyes. Ansem's mouth met his, warm in the growing chill of evening. Shifting, he bumped against the railing again. More of it shattered, sending bits of stonework clattering down to drop off into the dark beneath the castle.

Cloud wondered if they'd land in the water or elsewhere. He wanted to do the same thing, drop backwards and fall.

As if he wasn't already falling.

Ansem's hands moved over his body, not letting him pull away. No longer was he any sort of hero. No longer did he dream of it.

Sephiroth had tried to take that from him, many times. But it could not be taken, only given.

Finally, Cloud dropped to his knees, trying to explain in half-gasped words and a flurry of hands as he grabbed at Ansem's pants that leaning against the railing would probably be okay for a few minutes. The sun had nearly vanished. Everything was stronger at night.

He ached for the warmth of Ansem's body against his but he would take any act allowed. He wanted to believe. He wanted to not believe.

Taking Ansem's erection into his mouth, Cloud felt strong fingers wind into his hair. He knew Ansem was pleased by the soft, encouraging noises that seemed to vibrate through him. Frustratingly hard himself, he kept sucking and teasing with his tongue, making sure he had either his mouth or a hand on every bit of revealed flesh.

Rewarded moments later, Cloud swallowed eagerly before carefully licking away any bits of Ansem's seed that he'd missed. He grabbed at the railing to stand. It crumbled in his hand.

Ansem pulled him to his feet, kissing him quickly before slipping behind him and forcing his head upward again to watch the sky. Those strong fingers found his own sensitive arousal a moment later, bringing him far too close to the edge of orgasm in only seconds.

Another star blinked out. And he came, hard, spilling himself on Ansem's hand and that crumbling railing.

He wanted to fall down into the abyss even though he knew he wouldn't be harmed. Licking away his own come from Ansem's hand, he still wanted to fall.

And if he did, he wondered just who and what would be waiting.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.