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Title: One Wing
Part: 14/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Grabbing hold and letting go... our boys finally find each other.
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*


All Leon saw was the quick motion of Cloud's hands that unclasped that red cloak, letting it float gently to the kitchen floor as Cloud walked silently towards the bedroom.

Hands paused on his belts as Leon's eyes traced the outline of that dark wing. And then he followed.

Cloud had Leon pressed against the wall, hands up under Leon's shirt. His tongue explored every contour of Leon's mouth as their bodies pressed together, grinding gently, for now.

They continued to keep their lips together while attempting to shed clothing from one another. Thankfully Leon had loosed his belts already and they fell free under Cloud's hands.

Without hesitation, Cloud pulled at the leather encasing Leon's arousal, taking it in hand as soon as he could.

Leon moaned and pressed into Cloud's hands, letting his head fall back against the wall as Cloud replaced those hands with his mouth.

Cloud used the opportunity to undo his own pants with one hand as he used the other and his mouth to pleasure Leon. He wished he could take in more of Leon's erection, but based on the noises coming from him, he was already doing more than satisfactory.

Sure, he'd willingly drank Leon's seed the other day, but this was different. This time he wanted to chase all the old memories from Leon's head. And he wanted Leon to chase his old memories away too - if that was possible.

He wanted to thoroughly enjoy what he had for as long as he could.

At that moment, Leon pushed him away, eyes wide. Before Cloud could condemn himself to yet again moving too quickly, Leon shed his clothes. He didn't even bother putting on a show as Cloud watched curiously.

"Cloud." Leon looked down once he was naked, panting lightly. Cloud's pants were undone and around his knees, his erection in full view.

A moment later, Leon had Cloud fully on the floor, grinding himself against Cloud as he nipped lightly along the top ridge of that black wing.

That caused an immediate reaction. Cloud arched up against Leon, pawing at Leon's back as he cried out. Leon didn't let up though, instead he covered the wing with slow, wet kisses as Cloud writhed beneath him.

Finally, Cloud managed to push Leon away. Ice blue eyes full of confusion looked down for a moment before Cloud caught his breath to speak.

"Leon... Wouldn't the bed be better?"

By the time Leon was to his knees, Cloud was trying to crawl onto the bed. Shaking his wing out at the same time, he flopped down on his stomach, still slightly shaking from what Leon had been doing. If the uneven floorboards hadn't been digging into his back and the base of his wing, he'd have gladly let Leon continue.

Without Cloud noticing, Leon had climbed onto the bed and started kissing the odd skin where smooth back muscle met dark wing structure. Cloud grabbed at the pillows on the bed as he moaned. He'd wanted... He'd wanted to be the one taking Leon but at that moment, it didn't matter.

Besides, he didn't want to end up rushing Leon, not when they had the entire afternoon, at least.

Bradey sat hunched behind what must have been some sort of emergency supplies crate. So far Sora and his companions hadn't moved from their seats, except when something hit the ship hard enough to partially dislodge the duck, causing him to let out a string of unintelligible dialogue that would probably have made Cid blush. Bradey only groaned softly though, figuring she'd end up fixing the damage at some point.

Still, they'd warped somewhere fairly quickly and then had been flying through odd ships and space debris for what felt like hours. Hopefully a world worth stopping at was coming up... Preferably, Bradey thought, one with a coffee and souvenir shop. And some place to stretch her legs - she was so cramped into her hiding spot that the collision had barely jolted her. Besides, maybe if she brought something home for Cid, he wouldn't kill her for disappearing. And maybe something for Cloud too... He seemed to have a lot on his mind.

Somehow, as their bodies tangled together, Cloud had ended up on top of Leon, sucking a purple bruise onto the base of Leon's neck. Leon's hands were randomly grabbing at both the blankets and Cloud's back as he moaned. Their arousals were pressed together between their bodies, the constant pressure staving off some of the need. Still, Cloud wanted more from Leon. And since Leon had yet to protest, perhaps it was time.

He drew his body up, sliding himself slightly so the friction would cause them both pleasure, and looked into Leon's partially closed eyes.

"Leon?" Cloud slowly kissed Leon's slightly parted lips before licking along the bottom one. Leon made a small noise, opening his eyes fully to look into the bright blue just inches away. He didn't say anything, instead he pulled Cloud to him and forced his tongue into Cloud's mouth, kissing him deeper and with more raw lust than had passed between them during the entire day.

It wasn't just a 'yes'. It was something more.

Finally, pulling away, Cloud rolled to the side, his wing back to protect it as he silently coaxed Leon onto his stomach. Then, straddling Leon's buttocks, Cloud leaned down to push away strands of soft brown hair and lightly kiss Leon's neck.

Leon moaned as Cloud shifted more, sliding his arousal down between the toned flesh of Leon's ass. Still, Cloud kept kissing and licking at Leon's back until Leon was near-writhing again, his cries muffled by a pillow but still quite audible. Cloud ached from the treatment he was giving Leon, but still, he wanted to chase Leon's old memories away.

Leon cried Cloud's name as he tongued his way between delicious buttocks, pausing just a moment before circling the opening. Slowly, slowly Cloud pushed his tongue into the tightness that was Leon, listening to every soft plea as it left Leon's mouth.

Oh yes, Leon was going to let go.

Cloud grinned as he stood to retrieve the container of lube that Leon had procured at some point but had left on the makeshift nightstand.

"Roll over."

Ice blue eyes met Cloud's as Cloud edged back onto the bed.

"Cloud..." The hesitation had finally appeared. Cloud had to reassure him, fast. After all, Leon might stay... Leon might stay with him.

"Leon, Squall, please..."

Leon was on his back already, legs accidentally spread and hands gripping the blankets.

"Let go."

And Leon listened. If Cloud had learned anything about his companion, it was that Leon was a good soldier himself, one who obeyed orders. Still, something in his past...

Cloud had his lips around Leon's wet-tipped arousal, taking in what he could again as he pushed Leon's thighs apart to slip a slick finger lower, inside. Just the moans he was wringing from the man beneath his was enough to make Cloud's own erection twitch with anticipation. And then he found Leon's prostate when he slipped a second finger in.

Leon howled as he came, flooding Cloud's mouth with hot seed. Obviously Sora had never touched him like that. He pulled his fingers out as he swallowed, not taking his eyes off of Leon as he positioned himself.

Ice blue eyes met his as he pushed inside, thrusting slowly until he was fully inside.



Leon just nodded as he lifted his legs up, urging Cloud deeper. Cloud pulled out partway only to thrust in, harder, as Leon squeezed his eyes shut at the sensation. Cloud wondered if it hurt at all, but Leon didn't let out any noise to indicate it.

They fell into a fast rhythm, with Cloud pushing Leon's legs up until he could lean to kiss Leon's mouth. Their tongues twined as their bodies joined and Leon was hard again, his arousal trapped between their bodies as Cloud thrust into him.

Cloud came first, thrusting irrhythmically into Leon as he moaned. He didn't normally cry names - something about that... Leaning back almost immediately but not pulling himself free, his hand met Leon's around Leon's arousal and a few seconds later he had Leon shaking beneath him, spilling himself over both their hands.

Raising his hand to his mouth, he waited until Leon was watching before licking his fingers clean.

They'd landed more than an hour ago, but Bradey was still hiding. She'd heard something about the residents of the world looking different and she wasn't sure if she'd be able to look the ship over without getting caught.

But she had caught a glimpse of Sora's 'costume'. And she did have an idea. She'd brought along a few scraps of paper and some markers in case she needed to make a map.

Sneaking to the front of the ship, she found a control panel gauge that reflected a bit and got to work with a couple dark markers. With a bit of rope from the emergency crate, she thought she looked rather deceased, hopefully. It was nothing compared to what Sora was decked out in, but it was all she could do.

Outside the ship, the sky was dark, but a few odd lamps lit the area well enough that Bradey could begin to look the ship over. There was one decently large dent near the front and a few smaller dings around the sides, but nothing looked perilous at the moment. Still, Bradey would have bet her day's pay that Cid would be furious about the damage.

Oh well, with Sora and his friends out of sight, there was nothing to do but explore the town that was laid out before her.

Cloud answered the door wearing only the top blanket from the bed. Still, Aerith, who was standing patiently with a huge pile of sandwiches, didn't look very surprised. Of course, Leon was a loud one.

"Um, I brought you two something to..." Aerith dissolved into giggles as she held out the tray.

He tried to take the tray but realized he needed at least one hand to hold up his blanket.

Aerith laughed more before slipping past him to set the tray on the kitchen table.

"It's about time you two got together," she said, still fighting off laughter.

"What's so funny about it?" He motioned for Aerith to sit down a moment. Leon was asleep anyway and could stay that way a little longer.

"I'm just... you in the blanket!"

Cloud sighed in defeat and sat down on the sofa, wing stretched. He noticed Aerith watching it for a moment. Still, she'd been okay with it the other night, when he'd saved her.

"Should I get dressed?"

Aerith shook her head, the fronts of her hair bouncing a bit as she did.

"I'm just so happy for you! Now maybe I can..." she trailed off, looking down a minute.


"Oh, I just haven't dated anyone in years but there's someone I like." Green eyes danced with joy as the woman spoke. "I just don't know how to bring it up to..."

Cloud tilted his head a bit as Aerith trailed off again. Something was keeping her from explaining more.

"Cloud?" A sleepy looking Leon poked his head out of the bedroom. "Oh..."

"I brought sandwiches and was just leaving," Aerith said quickly, standing up and smoothing out her pink dress. "I'll skip training tonight so you two can, um..."

Leon coughed uncomfortably.

"I was just going." With a wink to Cloud, Aerith rushed out of the house.

"Did we wake you?" Cloud asked. He'd been curled against Leon's side with his wing over them both until he heard the knocking at the door.

"I woke up when you got up. You took the warm blanket," Leon replied, walking across the room sit beside Cloud on the sofa.

"There are sandwiches."


Bradey was lost in a labyrinth of graveyards and since she didn't have a weapon to fight off the heartless that kept appearing, all she could do was run. She felt like she was going in circles. And then she crashed into a massive mausoleum she hadn't even noticed before. Blank yellow eyes glowed around her as she scrambled for the doorway, hoping to find refuge inside.

A shot rang out in the darkness and the creatures scattered. Seconds later Bradey found herself face to face with one of the world's residents. He was slim and dressed in all black except for a tattered red headband and a golden claw where one hand should be.

Just like Cloud's? Bradey stepped back, falling over the building's steps and landing on her butt.

"You aren't from around here." Large black wings were spread behind the man, casting shadows over the rest of him as he held out a hand to Bradey.

"How do you know?" she shot back, standing up on her own. Even his wings reminded her of Cloud.

"Your decay and bruises are running."

"Oh." Bradey brought a hand up to her face. She was drenched in sweat from running and it had caused her disguise to melt away.

"Come inside, you can clean up there." The man gestured to the mausoleum behind them. "It's safe from those creatures.

Sighing, Bradey followed him, wondering what someone who looked like Cloud was doing on this world. But Cloud had been on a different world from Cid, so... Bradey stopped just inside the doorway to the marble building.

"Wait a second, what's your name?"

"I could ask you the same," the man said, watching Bradey with red eyes.

"Fine. I'm Bradey, a test pilot from Traverse Town. I work for a man named Cid High...Ooomph!" Bradey couldn't finish her sentence as the dark man had shoved her against the wall, holding her with that claw. She was physically okay, but she'd lost some of her wind.

"Cid? He's alive?"

Bradey nodded.

"Are you going back to him when you leave here?"


They'd crawled back into bed after taking turns in the too-small-for-two shower. Neither one had initiated in depth conversation. Instead they'd talked about Traverse Town as they ate the tuna sandwiches Aerith had brought. And Cloud had noticed the hole in the wall.

"You are going to stay the night?" Leon had asked.

"I want to," Cloud had replied.

Then Leon had smiled a faint smile and they had headed for the shower.

Leon was curled against Cloud's right side.

Cloud normally didn't fall asleep on his back easily, but he was so exhausted that he was asleep seconds after he lay down.

Cloud woke up much later that night to soft kisses on his neck and a hand reaching between his legs. Before he could speak, Leon was kissing him and touching him all over, like he had earlier. But something felt different and Cloud couldn't pinpoint it.

Cloud spread his legs in the darkness to let Leon between them though, letting Leon prepare him quickly but pleasurably. He was achingly hard by the time Leon thrust into him.

It wasn't like anything from the afternoon though, it was totally different. Something... Cloud was rocking to meet every thrust, his eyes closed and mind swimming with both pleasure and confusion.

Two thoughts came to him at once, and both of them ripped through him moments before his orgasm at Leon's hands. His lover, his lost lover was named Sephiroth. And Leon had woken him up to make love. Not the lust-fueled type romp from the afternoon, but the real thing.

Leon had his head to the pillows when his own climax him, crying out something that Cloud couldn't make out and didn't want to anyway.

As he lay there afterward with Leon snoring softly and his own seed cooling on his stomach, he realized that Leon had finally let go of his past. Whatever had been holding him back, this after-midnight joining was to exorcise it.

Sephiroth... He remembered everything. Or as much everything as he thought he could remember. The one-winged angel who died at his hands. And now he had one wing of his own.

Yes, he had killed Sephiroth, hadn't he? Somehow?

When sleep finally came for him, it was blessed.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.