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The Unhappenings Series

Fairly unconnected, mostly a/u, and certainly falling into the realm of 'did not happen'. Of course.

Unhappenings #A: Riza/Martel. Nothing more than a smile had passed between them in the silence as they both read, feet knocking together once under the table but neither really acknowledging it.

Unhappenings #B: Roy/Havoc. He was restless. Everyone commented on it.

Unhappenings #C: Al/Ed. "I had forgotten what it was like for something to be sticky. Especially me."

Unhappenings #CC Roy/Ed. Ed is still wandering. It's no longer 'where' but 'when'--

Unhappenings #D: Roy/Al. Roy would reach out, trying to ignore the careful, steady tick of the watch that rested on the other side of his body, discarded but not out of reach.

Unhappenings #E: Riza/Winry. Running into Winry Rockbell not five minutes after being ordered to take a vacation qualified as strange, if only because Winry had instantly invited her out to Rizembool, so long as she really did relax.

Unhappenings #F: Riza/Lust. Exchange.

Unhappenings #FF: Ed/Havoc. In which Ed investigates alchemy-related crimes on behalf of the military.

Unhappenings #G: Havoc/Lust. After two weeks of dating, Havoc still hadn't made it past second base.

Unhappenings #GG Al/Riza. They haunted the house as ghosts for the longest time.

Unhappenings #H: Riza/Roy. She liked the feeling, even if it was only trust and nothing more.

Unhappenings #I: Ed/Al. This was neither the time nor the place, Ed knew that much too well, but he also knew that Al knew that he'd give in to impulses quite easily.

Unhappenings #J: Riza/Ross. This silly seduction had been done and done again, each time the same.

Unhappenings #K: Winry/Riza. Winry slipped from the bath, wondering if she still smelled strongly of the oil she'd been using while repairing a soldier's automail.

Unhappenings #L: Sheska/Lust. Sheska contemplates...

Unhappenings #M: Riza/Ross. Riza and Maria have a bad day... and make it better.

Unhappenings #MW: Ross/Winry. They had attained a quiet simplicity that was just... right.

Unhappenings #N: Al/Martel. The world was full of things beyond anything he wanted to understand.

Unhappenings #NM: Al/Ed. "What did I say about bringing home kittens?"

Unhappenings #O: Al/Roy. Al sticks around.

Unhappenings #P: Ed/Al. It's summer and they're out of money.

Unhappenings #Q: Winry/Sheska. Winry knew that Sheska was still watching her over the top of her book, pretending she wasn't watching Winry just as Winry kept pretending that she wasn't watching the phone, waiting for a call that would likely never come.

Unhappenings #RE: Ed/Riza. Riza and Ed prepare for company.

Unhappenings #RR: Riza/Roy. He'd certainly never imagined that submissive would become a working term for him.

Unhappenings #S: Roy/Ed. "You should wear your hair down."

Unhappenings #ST: Havoc/Pie, Riza/Knife. Havoc has a pie. Yup.

Unhappenings #T: Riza/Ed. Ed still didn't like that he was the one stuck dressing up for this.

Unhappenings #V: Havoc/Ed. 'Home' is a relative term. Ten years later in a series of worlds...

Unhappenings #W: Envy/Riza. It was a stalemate, as far as getting necessary information from one another, but it was thankfully bloodless and definitely interesting.

Unhappenings #WW: Riza/Martel. Riza wished to have met her.

Unhappenings #X: Roy/Ed. Ed needs a hand.

Unhappenings #Y: Ed/Havoc. A stakeout...

Unhappenings #Z: Al/Ed. (Al isn't entirely sure why it happened, but it happened.)

Unhappenings #ZZ: Al/Ed. "They're brothers. They fight a lot."


Recognition: Havoc/Riza. Riza acts sisterly. Havoc sees something he shouldn't.

Lust!: Riza/Lust. Riza has a secret meeting.

Pins and Joints: Roy/Ed. Automail in everyday encounters.

Dis-Array: Crossover between Chintsubu and FMA. Havoc has a stopwatch. Alchemy goes awry!

A Weekend Night: Greed/Roy. Greed gets what he wants, and apparently he wants Roy Mustang... Roy will consider most anything - it's not a weeknight, after all.

Oil & Water: Roy & Ed. Edward had grown older, but he hadn't necessarily grown up.

Half-Veiled: Hughes/Roy. Hughes buys the drinks.

Legends: Roy/Ed. Yet again, Roy isn't going to get any work done.

Rational: Roy really thought he should know better anyway than try to connect any form of the word 'rational' to Ed.

Downpour: Ed hides out. Roy gets wet.


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