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About Dark Magick/Dark Magic: Alternate/Dark Magick: Another/'Agassia': Agassia has existed for a couple of decades now, and while many of the characters and places in the world have remained the same, relationships and events have changed drastically. Writing about a constantly evolving universe means that not every story told is canon to every other story. Some events happen across all the timelines. Some happen only in one or two and drastically change what follows.

Once upon a time...

Early Agassia
One Last Battle/Year 265: Ko'al James led the Northland Army to keep his home safe from invaders. But once passed to Death, what will the warrior Daryn do to get him back?

The Northland/Year 268: The last of the Goddess' children receives an education in rebellion. Night and Daryn - the beginning of many things.

The Ring: An unexpected visitor arrives at the Eastern castle. While his wife is overjoyed, Night isn't entirely sure how to handle Daryn's presence. However, Star knows that her husband and father were once in the Northland Army together...

Summer Night: Kee and Night have a moment or three on a warm Ruame summer's eve.

Breaking: Sannal-in and the slow corruption of the Lifegod.
Abandoned: Sannal-in contemplates life and purpose.

No Creature With Wings: Kysenn, Dayn, and last costume ball held in Nragser.

Berries: Jameson/Kysenn. A bored goddess gives Jameson an interesting task.

Second Loves: There are frustrations that come with being the youngest of 'the group' and still in her initial lifetime, Locca realizes.

Executioner: Darina hunts.

Apples: Daria, Jameson. Daria needs help finding a guilty party.

Tales of Two Priests Arc:
Lightning: The path to Dayn's Palace.
Two Priests: Ri'za-in meets the Lifegod.
Beautiful White: High Priest Kysenn and the Lifegod.
Haunted: Kysenn offers his student, and Ri'za-in learns just how immortality is gained from a corrupt god.

Deeper: Kysenn is reminded that emotion comes with contact.

Examination: Elsewhere, things begin.

Righted Wrongs: Death finds many uses for those bound to her. And though Daryn searches for High Priest Jameson, he finds only a servant, Pashalk.
Unnamed: Jameson/Pashalk. Pashalk finds unexpected release.
Pashalk: Sinking farther.

Minewin Devereny
Freckles: A boy meets his Spectir.
Needle: *cough* Meet Minew-in. A boy and his Spectir.
Obsession: Sine may lack a soul, but he has motivations of his own.
Deserted: Ten years later.

Offerings: Minewin arrives just in time for the rainy season.

Swords: Minewin questions the authenticity of some of Nightstar's sword collection. Marac facepalms. (Not quite in continuity, but fun.)

Later Agassia/Rebirth

Dark Magick: Alternate: Not really the opening, but more an introduction to two characters with fates more intertwined than just mother and son. Of course, when both end up in Agassia desperately seeking each other through a haze of confusion, the gods have ideas of their own.

Cookies: Ethan finds that small glimpses are all that he can remember of his life on another world.
Perfection: Somehow the Truth is annoyingly unforthcoming.
A joke?: Triumph for Ethan can't be more than bittersweet for Sine.
Spiral Stairs: No Ethan, it's not an angel. But it is trying to apologize.
.SirenSong.: Aside...
About the Sky: But really, where do gods go when they die? If they die. Still Minew-in and Ethan.
Missing Goddess: Before battle, the General finds shelter.

Stone Steps: The gods laugh. Minew-in does not pass Go to collect $200.
Complete: And from the other side.

Hands: Pashalk wishes.
Another Conclusion: Ethan, decisions, and Jameson.
Daryn's Desire: Ethan is thrown off course, again.
Darkness: Ethan thinks he has found something real with Daryn.

Baby?: Cassandra has something to tell Ethan.
Advent: Ethan gives in.

Teasing: Sannal-in/Ethan. When everything is nothing.

Ruame: Tula gets not many guests.
Trinkets: And waiting for returns.

Flaky: Really, Ethan, what have you done?

Little Iron Box: Tula tells a tale best left to the ages.

Sanctuary: Tula goes home only to find that while some things change, some stay the same.

Belongings: Tula, on belongings, belonging, places and places to belong.

Nairi Calinthrell and the Man Who Was Buried Alive!: Definitely from a challenge-theme, but warped to fit into Agassia.

Calinthrell: Pashalk takes a new partner.

Truth is Hard: Daryn/Sine. A simple chat.

Ketere: Long ago and far away...

And Kneel: Ethan meets Minewin again. And the world changes. (massively spoilery for everything Agassia moving forward)

Winged: Dayn conducts business as usual. Kysenn takes the bait.

Come to Me: Another year passes - Daria calls her future priestesses from the world.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.