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Title: Winged
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Lifegod Lord Dayn/High Priest Kysenn
Rating: MA
Summary: Dayn conducts business as usual. Kysenn takes the bait.
Notes: For dog_daies August 4, 2009, 'coitus uninterruptus'. For Ket.

Kysenn didn't know what to do. He couldn't make any noise; he couldn't protest, certainly. And the worst part was that he didn't want it to stop. Dayn had called to him, earlier, requesting his presence and giving him gifts of wine and shimmering powders for his baths. Kysenn knew the wine was a trap but he drank it anyway. He hadn't been with another in some time and if Dayn was interested, Kysenn was not going to complain.

Their relationship was odd and had changed greatly over the centuries, swinging from lovers to comrades and back. Now they simply were - Kysenn knew that he would never get his wings; he'd long since realized fixing his body was beyond even what Dayn could repair and Dayn was too proud to ever tell him. So they continued the ruse. But Kysenn was fond of Dayn and enjoyed his work. He knew he was free to go, but where would he go? The Northland was too cool and damp for his gnarled body and while he knew he would be welcome in the Valley, there would be even less for him to do there than the Northland.

Kysenn had expected a long day of lovemaking. He had not expected Dayn to continue his other business as well. But Dayn's bed was screened off with a heavy, dark screen that at least hid Kysenn from the various priests and others who came in with simple questions or petitions.

For the first visitor, the current Lord of Nragser, Kysenn kept himself quiet by sucking on Dayn's cock. Kysenn cared little for politics and city business, though he listened as much as he could. He had no idea how Dayn was paying attention. Dayn had his hands in Kysenn's hair and was petting in praise.

Once the lord had left, Dayn came and took a moment to relieve Kysenn of his own arousal. Though because of the spiked wine, their orgasms did little to sate either of them.

Priestesses arrived next, asking for money for a project for the city. Dayn had Kysenn on his back for that - the bed soft enough that Kysenn was not in any pain - rubbing their erections together inside one of his hands. There was no hitch in Dayn's voice as he spoke. Kysenn tried to bury his voice in his throat and focus on things that weren't the pleasure tearing through him. He watched Dayn's wings shiver, belying Dayn's calm voice, and how Dayn's long curls bounced with each little thrust.

Then he tried to think about magic, but he couldn't. Not with Dayn touching him. Not with bliss calling for him. Dayn kissed him as he came - as they both came. Then Dayn carefully answered the priestesses' pleas and sent them on their way.

Kysenn couldn't help a soft groan at the next petitioner. It was one of his own priests, who had asked about reorganizing the Palace library. Kysenn had thought it a splendid idea, but asked that he clear it with Lord Dayn before starting anything.

Kysenn had his ass in the air and was grabbing at the blankets beneath him while Dayn licked and sucked at him from cock to anus.

"I organized the library myself," Dayn noted as he pushed one oiled finger into Kysenn and began to stretch. "It is an old library, as you know."

"That's why it needs to be re-organized," the priest protested. "It is very old and has been added to heavily over the years. Why just the tomes our High Priest Kysenn--"

Dayn added a second finger and Kysenn buried his face in a pillow. It felt so good that he didn't want Dayn to ever stop, but oh, he did not want to get caught.

"--has brought back in the time I've been here have caused the shelves to sag. Books are piled on top of piles and it's very difficult to find anything."

"Is that so?" Dayn questioned. He made a noise deep in his throat as though he was truly considering, but instead he just worked in another finger. Kysenn pushed back against him, wanting more.

"It is. And the library would be reorganized with the utmost care, Lord Dayn. Everything would be preserved for the future and it will be much easier to use and for us to do research in when High Priest Kysenn asks us to find old spells."

"He does that, does he?"

"It's part of how we learn," the priest replied. "It's not an ineffective method, and I've learned quite a bit about magic, Agassia, and my personal interest in the Ocean because of what he's sent me to find."

"Very well," Dayn said. He pulled his fingers back and positioned himself, burying his cock in Kysenn in one quick thrust. Kysenn hissed but did not moan. Oh, he needed Dayn to move. He needed Dayn to touch him, too. He felt like his own erection was positively dripping but he couldn't support himself properly to touch himself. Not like this.

"Reorganize as you will, but make sure all sections are properly labeled," he continued. "And make sure High Priest Kysenn supervises your work."

"Thank you, Lord Dayn!" the priest cried. Kysenn was never so happy to hear the door close when he left.

"Move," Kysenn hissed.

Dayn chuckled. "Even though I've just given you more work?"

"The library is a mess and we both know it."

"Where are you getting all the books from?" Dayn asked as he pulled back and thrust. A moment later he matched his motions with a hand on Kysenn, who could finally not hold back a moan.

"Here and there," Kysenn replied. "Merchants in town, travelers, from the Northland when they're left for me."

"You'll have to show me."

Kysenn started to reply, but the door opened.

The requests came all day long, with only a brief break for a meal. Kysenn and Dayn ate naked, aroused, and looking at each other with strange amusement.

Finally, long after dark and hours after the last request had come in, the potion in the wine ran its course and Kysenn fell back on the bed, finally sated. Dayn was on his side beside him, wings back and carefully tracing the lines of Kysenn's jaw and collar with one warm hand.

"Why?" Kysenn finally asked. He didn't expect an answer. He was actually fairly sure he was going to fall asleep at any instant.

"Because," Dayn replied. "And you seemed to enjoy yourself. You don't take many days off."

"I was still serving you!"

Dayn chuckled. "You enjoy serving me."

"Yes," Kysenn admitted. "Far more than I did originally. Before--"

Before Agassia was mended. Before Dayn no longer had to siphon off his own power to keep it whole. Before when Dayn was losing himself on a daily basis and becoming cruel...

"I want to see the library when it's done," Dayn said after a long moment. Kysenn nodded, yawning and shifting to curl against Dayn. They very rarely had ever actually slept together, but this felt right.


"There might be a book there that'll help," Dayn said as he ran a hand over the lumps of Kysenn's back, where a pair of echoing wings should have been.

Kysenn knew better. He didn't reply. Instead, he just relaxed against Dayn and let sleep come.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.