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Title: Teasing
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Sannalin/Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: "I'm not teasing," Ethan corrected. "I'm giving. And taking."
Notes: -

Ethan lay sprawled in the priests' hot springs room, a thick towel protecting him from the stone floor. He couldn't really explain why he was there, save for boredom. Many times he had seen Pashalk lingering in the room, hoping to catch the hungry gaze of another.

That made it not the most insanely original thing to do, but it was something to kill time, which was all Ethan was interested in. Daria had no need for him and had bade him to relax for a few days. The first day had not even passed yet and already Ethan was nearly out of his head. Spending time with that infuriating mage Jameson was starting to sound like a better and better idea.


Ethan rolled over onto his side so he could see who had silently joined him. Dark hair and dark skin were free from clothing and ornaments, meaning that Ethan had been in deeper thought than he'd believed.

"Sannal-in." Adding the suffix on the priest's name caused a flicker of saddness to course through Ethan's body, but he couldn't help his habit of formally addressing each of his Temple-mates.

"You're tempting the dead by laying about like that," Sannalin commented, licking his lips.

"I'd rather tempt the living," Ethan replied, attempting to sound thoroughly bored.

"Is that an invitation?"

"If that's how you see it." Ethan rather liked Sannalin and was fairly certain there was no possible detail that could ruin any enjoyment Ethan could claim from giving his body to Sannal-in. And besides, Sannalin was definitely built quite nicely.

"Tease." Sannalin was down beside Ethan in a split second, kissing Ethan's cheek before reaching across Ethan's body to wrap a hand around Ethan's penis.

"I'm not teasing," Ethan corrected. "I'm giving. And taking."

Sannalin tasted of some exotic land Ethan had yet to visit, somewhere to the southwest past the hidden valley where the Four Sorceresses lived, past where the Atiuge River flowed to the sea. All of Sannalin intrigued him, from Sannalin's lips and beyond, downward as he kissed, taking a rare moment of control and forcing Sannalin to lay on his back to receive what Ethan had to offer.

Trying to relax, Ethan slowed his breathing and took Sannalin's arousal into his mouth, letting it slide in as far as he could handle, wishing he could take more but knowing it wouldn't work. Some things were still beyond his grasp. Pulling back, Ethan licked around the tip, tracing the prominent vein downward with his tongue before working his way over Sannalin's testicles, savoring the fact that Sannalin was not rushing him, not wanting him to do more and do it quickly.

Sucking away the beads of sweet fluid that had gathered at the tip, Ethan took Sannalin's erection back into his mouth, working it properly this time and not living up to his reputation as a tease. He didn't want Sannalin to come though, just be nice and slick and ready. Ethan knew his own orgasm would he hard to hold off once he had Sannalin inside of him, to thick and hard and needy. Hardly believing the wanton thoughts that roared within him, Ethan pulled away, breathing heavily for a moment before pulling himself up and moving to straddle Sannalin, positioning himself and only barely accepting the help Sannalin offered.

With only mental preparation and nothing physical, Ethan's body rebelled against the deep, complete penetration it was forced into, causing Ethan to wince and moan, pausing for more than a moment to adjust. But along with the pain there was pleasure and Ethan couldn't keep himself from moving, pressing down and then pulling up, finally letting Sannalin help guide him, lead him along. He'd been right, too, coming much too quickly in short, quick bursts onto his own stomach, untouched but more than ready for release.

Sannalin's own climax was lost in a haze, swirling in white as Ethan let himself be pulled forward and into Sannalin's arms to be held for some moments after.

Ethan vowed to spend the rest of his unscheduled days by laying around in the springs room, bathed in steam and invitingly nude.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.