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Second Loves

Title: Second Loves
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Erutania/Locca
Rating: MA
Summary: There are frustrations that come with being the youngest of 'the group' and still be on her initial lifetime, Locca realizes.
Notes: F/F. 'second loves' for 2009's dog_daies prompt list. I should, someday, excise Locca's introduction from Ko'al's novel and post it as it can stand quite well on its own. (And I find it rather funny, as a bonus.) If you've seen Locca's name as Loccana, and Erutania's as Erutana, yeah, it's shifted back and forth over time. They're also millenia-old, and language has shifted on them as well...

Locca D'atreey Tor watched carefully as Erutania undressed to bathe. She was, and always had been taken by the common woman, perhaps because despite her sun-browned skin and unmemorable features, she was completely amazing. And beautiful. At first, Locca had thought of all the ways she could change Erutania, how she could be dressed, how her eyes and lips could be painted to draw out her features, how if she would wear her hair cut nicely and clean, she'd draw a crowd.

Not to mention her clothing, which tended to simple sack dresses except when traveling. Basically, aside from her power, Erutania was a common as they came.

Locca, in comparison, knew that she looked like a noble. There wasn't any way she couldn't. Ko'al had tried it once, putting her in a sack dress and muddying up her hair, but it hadn't much helped. She just looked like a muddy noble in a sack dress.

Leaning back in the bath, Locca waited until Erutania was in the water to pounce on her. This was supposed to be a private room just for bathing, but ever since Erutania had taught her just what two women could do to together, she'd been happy to seek out opportunities for them to be alone.

She even thought she was falling in love, if that was at all possible. It had to be... it just wasn't common where she'd been raised. Or if it had, amongst the maids or kitchen help, she'd never noticed. Though she'd often had her head in the sky, as her tutors would say.

"Let me wash," Erutania said with a little smile, pulling Locca from her and depositing her near the edge of the bath. Locca did not think herself small, but the other woman was big-boned and easily had half-a-head on her. And with the water's help, could easily pick Locca right up.

"We've got the bath for the afternoon," Locca protested. They'd paid a decent amount to be able to bathe and steam at their leisure. They should be able to take their time with whatever activities they wanted.

"You've picked up bad habits from your older brothers," Erutania replied with a chuckle before pinching her nose and ducking under the surface of the water to properly wet her hair.

Locca opened her mouth to protest, but she knew it was the truth. Kysenn and Ko'al were as much her siblings now as her blood family, perhaps more so. They were all bound to one another and she didn't doubt that if the pair of them were together somewhere, they were engaged in some carnal pursuit or other. They were not lovers in the traditional sense, but Locca did not feel that way about Erutania, either. Not yet, though she was fairly sure she was getting there.

"They're good teachers, too," Locca said with a smile. "You've all seen so much more than I have, and know so much more. It's your duty to properly instruct me."

Erutania could only shake her head as she slipped over onto one of the stone seats in the bath. "Persistant, aren't you, Locca? Well, come over here."

She gestured, and Locca was on her a moment later, straddling her legs and reaching to trace the circles of Erutania's nipples with her fingers. While her own skin was pale all over, Erutania's nipples were far darker than her ruddy skin, which made them quite interesting. They were also sensitive, which Locca liked even more.

Though when Erutania reached down between them to run her thumb over the little nub between Locca's legs that made her gasp and squirm, Locca forgot everything she was doing and just let Erutania touch her.

It didn't take long - Erutania had already learned exactly how to touch her to make her moan and shudder. Locca clung to Erutania, though, a little unsure what to say - if she could even speak. Obviously, she should return the gesture, but...

"Now, go wash," Erutania said firmly, chuckling and unwinding Locca's arms from around her neck. "Or sit here til you remember how."

Locca nodded, fairly sure it would be the latter for at least another moment. Leaning against the edge of the pool, she watched Erutania carefully work soap through her hair and then add some of her own powder to get the tangles out. Watching Erutania, touching Erutania... it would never grow to be uninteresting.

Erutania, who had already lived three lifetimes longer than she had... Locca couldn't help a little sigh as she hoped that Erutania could fall in love back.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.