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Advent Children:

Cloud & Denzel
At Eighteen: Cloud has the scars to prove it.
Candy: Cloud gives Denzel candy and then... takes it back.
Comforted: Denzel comes to Cloud at night as a wicked temptation.
Nothing. Everything.: "Back then... I decided to follow you anywhere."
OMG!WTF!: What if one year, Yuffie paid for the post-AC reunion to be held at a hot springs resort in Mideel? (Spot the 'hidden' Brightest Blue Eyes homage?)
Pierced: Cloud contemplates things.
Saving Grace: Cloud is to help Denzel with whatever necessary.
Second: His mind raced at the possibility.
Seeing Dawn: In which Cloud goes out at night, Denzel goes out at night, and neither are willing to admit why.
Sun Up: Denzel waits.
To Madness: History would not repeat?
Winner: A moment on the plains.
Zoloms: Cloud takes Denzel on a mission to slay a pair of zoloms.

Yazoo & Loz
Back Attack: Surprised and surprises.
Blood: Deep inside, he knew why he liked to fight.
Brothers: Voices
Chains: Yazoo watches Loz sleep.
Free Day: Yazoo and Loz go for a drive.
Intoxicating: Heat. Connection. Alcohol has nothing on this.
Kiss: Busier. Faster.
Lift Your Eyes: Yazoo wants to close his eyes and revel in every sensation...
Nightmare: Loz/Yazoo. A simple little nightmare.
Nude: Yazoo ponders his body and Loz's body and their bodies together.
Rain: Yazoo is angry. Loz has something to fix. It rains.
Two Riders: He looked like a natural, sitting with his legs crossed and a wrench in his mouth as he puzzled something deep within the engine of his bike.

Cloud & Kadaj
Freeze Like That: Cloud, Kadaj. Kadaj can't listen to the part of himself that wants to be rescued.
Passion: Cloud and Kadaj. The truth behind mako. And 'love'.
Waiting for Rain: Kadaj spends many hot nights with Cloud until one night everything changes.
What You're Afraid Of: Cloud & Kadaj. Mistakes were nothing new to him. Or Cloud. Yet somehow, he didn't think he was making one.

Multi-Pairing & Three or More
Amaranth: Sephiroth/Cloud/Vincent/Kadaj/Yazoo/Loz. It was a dark and stormy night...
Just Sleeping: Sephrith/Cloud, Kadaj/Cloud - body sharing made easy...
Memories: Cloud's memories tended to fuck with him...
Our Bodies: (Cloud)/Kadaj, Loz/Yazoo - Things aren't going so well. Loz and Yazoo are distracted. Kadaj fantasizes.
Repentence, Prologue: Sephiroth/Yazoo/Vincent. Everyone has made their way back, slowly, and not together.
Repentance, Chapter 1: The story continues - enter Kadaj.

Others, Gen, and Unsorted
Camoflaged in Black: Kadaj does business. Yazoo and Loz dance.
Crossing Water: Vincent and Kadaj. There was a stirring of shadows over near a gnarled tree that held only the barest few leaves in the late-fall chill. The dead were walking.
Failure Beach: Cloud drinks, Kadaj races chocobos. It's not really crack.
Guilt: Vincent/Kadaj. In which Vincent is defeated - a quick moment told completely out of order.
Harder: Cloud. Dreaming.
Hot & Cold: Rufus/Yazoo. Yazoo thaws out. Things get hot.
Hurt: Yazoo & Kadaj. Yazoo grows increasingly jealous of Kadaj's attention being focused on Cloud.
In Which Marlene Does the Talking: Vincent/Cloud. Vincent needs a cellphone. What can go right?
Lemons!: Kadaj loses a simple battle. Sephiroth/Kadaj.
Linoleum: Yazoo/Kadaj, it's raining and two caged tigers need release.
Luminaries: Cloud. Watching the luminaries burn on the darkest night.
Reverse Order: Reno gives Denzel 'lessons'
Sunrise: Cloud/Yazoo, Kadaj, Loz. Yazoo watches the sun rise. Again and again.
Ten Days Til the Veil Falls!: Kadaj, Loz/Yazoo, Cloud. Ten days of strings-free living. Until the veil falls again.
Unknown: Kadaj, Loz/Yazoo. Questions.
Warmth: Aerith and Zack (don't) mind their houseguest.
Will to Dream: Zack rather thinks that Cloud needs to dream.

Crisis Core:

Pink Panties: Zack, Sephiroth & Angeal and a laundry mishap for the ages.

The Other Eternal Question: Zack has always pondered two things - Sephiroth's nipples and Angeal's schlong. Complete with the original introduction.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.