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A Distinct Lack of Fuzzy Handcuffs: Fate! Albel! Albel learning things from the softcore channel on Cliff's ship!

A Particularly Bad Week: Fate and Albel run out of money while travelling.

Clean-Up: Albel/Fate. 'See something you like?'

Coffee: Fate tries to learn to like coffee...

Cold Dark Night: Several years post-game, Cliff stops on Elicoor to check on Fate... However, he only finds Albel.

Connection: In which Sophia and Blair have a lovely discussion.

Courtship Rituals: Fate does some research...

Explosions and Lumps: Mackwell and Lias and workshop tinkering gone very wrong/right.

Farce in a Minor Key: When Albel receives an invitation to Fate and Clair's wedding, he knows something is up. Which, of course, it is. But...

Fool: In which Fate manages a little trickery.

Got Your Back: Cliff is always there for Fate.

Lair: Albel takes Cliff home.

Leaving: Fate and Albel. The ongoing adventures of two guys wandering...

Long Assumed: Cliff/Albel. Cliff just grabs...

Movement: Lias watches Cliff move.

New Theories: Post-game spoileries galore, kinda, and something. Luther and Fate?

On Fire: Cliff help Fate navigate the workshop.

One Drop or Two: Lias and Mackwell. Sharing workshop space.

Reciprocal: Albel/Fate. Fate finally kisses Albel. This leads to blowjobs.

Rescue: In which Cliff rescues Fate.

Roll Over: Cliff, Albel and Fate are forced into tight quarters...

Shackles: Albel and Cliff. Item Creation.

Spring: Fate and Albel. Spring springs...

Sunbaked: Cliff handles the political stuff. Fate handles the beach.

Things In Books: Lias considers Mackwell's books.

Tied Up: Albel/Arzei (implied). Arzei should be the one in chains.

Watch the Hands: Fate, Albel. Albel misses Fate's slip.


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