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customer:  bittersweet_music (susandejong2003|å|yahoo|º|com|º|au)
served:  21st Jan 2016
order: Amaranth
*leaves all the tips* a total mood improver! thx!

customer:  silverr (silverr1|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  6th Feb 2014
table: http://archiveofourown.org/users/silverr
order: Qixi
flavour: 1
*wipes eyes and blows nose*

Oh, this was so lovely!

(I'd say more but I've still got tears dripping onto my keyboard. :p)

customer:  Evan Simms
served:  7th Nov 2013
order: Asses In The Moonlight
Okay, I'm sort of a random visitor, but I can't help coming back every few days. I love the site, and the vast collection of lemon available. Getting to the point now, I promise. Okay, love the site. And I thought this one was so cute! I could almost picture it happening before or after Aqua visits them in KH:BBS, but that could just be my warped train of thought. Anyway, love the site~ I'm thinking I'll have to find someone who can commission some art based on this fic.

Evan Simms

customer:  Beth (BE3033|å|k12|º|sd|º|us)
served:  20th Feb 2013
order: Exact Curriculum (I think)
I was just wondering if there will be any more chapters soon, and the same with that story about Laguna and Squall's twin boys! I can't remember what its called but I thought it was a great idea and their names are cute <3

customer:  Sebastian (sleepyshika|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  23rd Nov 2012
table: ask-theironicroommates.tumblr.com
order: Absolutely Fucked
flavour: Eight???
I've been reading everything on this site for a very long time and I love it sooooooo much!~

Absolutely Fucked is by far my favorite, and if I could kindly ask... You really should consider updating and adding more to the story <3

It really is my addiction xD

customer:  Emika Y. (hly_shrly354|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  17th Jul 2012
Wow. Just... Wow. A friend introduced me to yaoi just this week, and I haven;t looked back since. I stumbled across the cafe at about 5 am four days ago and I haven't hardly put my tablet away since. I have enjoyed so many of the stories! I also tried signing up for the mailing list, but the link doesn't seem to work. Guess I'll just have to check the site often :) I also love the fact that I got to brag about having this website at my fingertips as my friends begged for the URL. They love it too, but I haven't heard from them in a few days...

customer:  Jordan Erika (Jordan_Erika|å|ymail|º|com)
served:  6th Jul 2012
order: Tiger Drop and almost everything else.
Oh wow,
I've only found the site maybe two days ago and i absolutely love it!
I would have commented a lot sooner but i got hung up with all the stories!

Will you be doing more Cloud/Reno?
I love that pairing. Though I'm not sure why...hmm..

Anyways please please continue writing these! I'm having a really boring and hard college year and these always seem to make me so much chipper. :)
Even if I've read almost each one like 4 times. ;)

Lots of Love,
Joey <3

customer:  April 1st(A-on) (864676624|å|qq|º|com)
served:  15th Jan 2012
Hi kalli, I must say that i'm in love with all your lovely stories - esp those c/s ones*lol*.
i'm a chinese fan of yours and a bit crazy about the ff series and kh and CLOUD/SEPH!!
i'd like to translate your stories into chinese and put them onto a chinese website so that more ff fans can enjoy your lovely fics.i wonder if you could give me a permission to do so.
no money made.all your rights reserved.just~for~fun~
if you'd like to,please reply to me(dont know why i couldnt send you a mail by the link you put on the front page=)).i' first translate the RESURRECTED LIGHT,THE HORROR-SCOPE,DARKEST NIGHTS,ENDLESS RAIN,KILLING TIME,MARVEL and COLD FRONT.anyway i'll try my best and after i finish them i'll send you the link.much huggssssssss


customer:  SchwarzKaizer (schwarzen_kreuz|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  25th Oct 2011
order: Macross Frontier
You had me in love and with a nosebleed reading "entertaining the Vajra". you had my complete attention at goldfish! And I'll definitely love you a hell lot more if you post more BreraXAlto!!!! This pair totally needs more loving!!!!!

customer:  Aya
served:  21st Jun 2011
order: Outage (Cloud & Sephy)
It had me awake for 4 days.

I really don't have an idea what the hell would Cloud say.. but I know he'll probably freak out like

So damn good! Love them.

customer:  KikiTraverse (purple_uni_lover|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  1st Jun 2011
order: Good Things
Hey, okay I'm going nuts here! WHO is the mystery man? I honestly can't decide who I think it is!!!!!!

customer:  KikiTraverse
served:  20th May 2011
order: Cherry
That was awesome Kalloway, I've read a couple of yours so far and I must say I like your style. Keep at it.

customer:  Project X-a
served:  17th Apr 2011
order: Yazoo x Loz Fanfics..
Omg.. want more of them..

And wishes for some more lemony fics..


customer:  Haruna (haruna9574|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  10th Apr 2011
So i had an awesome (or totally stupid) idea, but contacting u guys is kind of a pain in the ass (no offense xD) so im just commenting instead. (hopefully u guys aren`t like me an consider "recently" cheching comments and emails and stuff as "about 3 months ago"(my standard response, sorry) and actually read this soon. anyways, on with the idea! i think u guys should add a new "coming soon!" page:Xenosaga! that'd be cool. (or retarded, since my ideas usually suck xD) but try not to post a page b4 the stories are coded. then u wont hav 2 put "coming soon!" on u buncha stuff. (learned from expirience, got angry e-mails)*sweat drop* anyways, great site, glad that there are some ppl out there ( who're friends) that can do this without (2 much) drama,lol. anyways,keep up the good work! and sorry about my ranting. xD luv u guyz!

customer:  Haruna
served:  10th Apr 2011
order: Nothing. Everything.
this fanfic makes me think that Denzel will be just like me one day,lol. (Is that a good or bad thing i wonder!?!?) anyways, super kawaii,made me smile. lots of <3 4 this. :>

customer:  Haruna
served:  10th Apr 2011
order: Zoloms
awwww, sooooooo kawaii!!! but something tells me that there`s gonna be more thancleaning going on in Kalm xD (unless Cloud decides to be his typical emo & slow self xD) great story i <3 it! :3

customer:  Haruna
served:  6th Apr 2011
order: unhappenings #C
SOOOOO KAWAII!! *wishes it was longer* but u spelled "Alphonse" wrong once.

customer:  Lyara C.R. (j_darkangelmg|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  25th Jan 2011
table: http://www.fanfiction.net/~lyaracr
order: Laguna Shower!Fic
Sooo Coool! I really liked it..

"You should shower with me," Laguna said.

"Maybe I will, since obviously you wanted me here."

customer:  m1ko
served:  4th Jan 2011
order: final fantasy and kingdom heart series
flavour: all
here's the tip! where's my order? it's been awhile... when was the latest update/fanfic?

customer:  Elixa (elixacarr|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  29th Dec 2010
table: http://lemonade.yaoiville.org/makoinjection.php
order: Mako Injection
flavour: 1
Zack x Sephiroth... Wonderfully hot.

customer:  Kaori (lostincloudnine|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  28th Dec 2010
order: Discipline
Mmm, just the way I like my SephxCloud lemon tart.

customer:  Rarara
served:  21st Oct 2010
order: Cherry
flavour: Juicy one-shot~
Absolutely fantasmagorical. Some of the best soriku I've read in a while.
Skillz. You has them.

customer:  Heather (starheather|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  29th Sep 2010
table: http://www.fanfiction.net/~sugarcubechibi
order: Hell and Combat Mecha; Gathering
flavour: One-shot
Loved them both in all of the hilarrity. Tastey with a hint of... Licorice perhaps? And some Strawberries. Both glasses were wonderful and elegantly sweetened. I'll be sure to come back for more. d(^-^o)

customer:  Katie
served:  17th Jun 2010
order: Cherry
Homg. I envy your ability to write good fanfic. This piece was literally the cherry on the ice cream, sweet and absolutely delicious.

customer:  Katie
served:  17th Jun 2010
order: Understanding (Up and Apart)
Very impressive writing. I'm almost at the point of crying from sheer joy.

customer:  Enygma
served:  15th May 2010
order: Starfire
*Snickers* hahaha that was awesome.
Leon totally owned Cid.

customer:  Enygma (ratedrkoshaman|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  14th May 2010
order: Snow & Hot Chocolate
Awwwwh, that was so bittersweet.
I love this pairing. It's too cute together.
And this oneshot was too adoreable <3

customer:  Enygma (ratedrkoshaman|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  14th May 2010
order: Fantasy
flavour: Leon/Cloud yaoi
Totally in love with this oneshot <3

customer:  Kiki (belials|å|live|º|com)
served:  28th Apr 2010
order: Discipline
Loved it! This is a super awesome site for fanfiction!

customer:  Kiana777 (ggirl7|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  2nd Feb 2010
order: Misdirection
flavour: 1
Wow... I loved this short story... b/c I'm a MAJOORRRR yaoi fan, ESPECIALLY between Zack X Cloud.. good job!!
5/5, thumbs uP!!

customer:  Reno
served:  14th Jan 2010
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

customer:  Hikaru
served:  6th Jan 2010
*speechless* o///////////////o I can say no more

customer:  Joli (xxTheDarkestSoulxx|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  20th Dec 2009
order: A really complex Masterbation
I Absolutely LOVED this story!!

customer:  Emz Wesker (elemzo|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  30th Jul 2009
table: http://infectious_otaku.bebo.com
order: Brightest Blue Eyes
flavour: Chapter 7
I adore this story ^^
Everytime I see cooking oil in my kitchen,I start blushing :D

customer:  Tori (monkey|º|eating|º|ramen|º|with|º|its|º|feet|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  15th Jul 2009
order: Goodbye
This story made my day...probably made my week, too. I started giggling when Cloud asked them to stop hiding his keys, and was full out laughing when Zack, Sephiroth, and Aerith were plotting evilly at the end. It was awesome, and I'm definitely going to end up rereading it before long. :)

customer:  Daichitenski (daichitenskirpg|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  27th Jun 2009
order: Crossing Lines (Arc the Lad: TotS)
I really enjoyed that (wish there was more) but it was so great it made me so happy to read it. You said it got away from ya well i'm glad it did because it was a great story and a really good read. :)

customer:  Bre-chan (anime-angel-13|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  26th Jun 2009
order: Life Without Worry
flavour: Chapter 8
Omg first off
I LOVE The Brightest Blue Eyes Series I've Read It Over And Over
And Hopefully You Guys Can Continue It Life Without Worry!
I'm So Eager To Find Out What Happens Next!
It's Been Killing Me!!!

customer:  Doreiku (vincentsgurl_ff7|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  23rd Jun 2009
order: Exact Curriculum Part 3
flavour: 3
Are you going to update this story? I don't want to sound obsessive, but I read this story a few years ago and can't get it out of my mind. I really hope you finish this.
Your writing is witty and descriptive, probably the best fic I've read. Especially the whole vincentxsquall scenario. If any other person wrote it, it would not be good- this one is believable and amazing.

So please write more!

customer:  Dark Mizore (dark_mizore11|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  14th Jun 2009
order: Find Me
flavour: 1
I loved it! It was a great "what if?!"

customer:  Doomflower (sakura_byrne|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  27th Apr 2009
order: Crossing Lines & Scales
I like this ^-^ I usually only read FFVII stuff but have recently rediscovered my Darc obsession so I'm so happy to have found this :D more Kharg/darc twincest please!!!

customer:  victordelacroix (victordelacroix|å|rocketmail|º|com)
served:  27th Apr 2009
order: chaos lrgion
I would really appreciate it if you guys made more chaos legion stories.
The ones that I read on this site were suprisung,interesting and funny.I can't get enough.

customer:  Tiara (kattipallo|º|stressi|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  19th Apr 2009
order: Life Without Worry
flavour: 8

I like like this story. I have been throw it some ten times at least. Why don´t you continue it? I and I can promise many others would love to read more of it.

Everything is so well done in your story. Characters are like they are supposed to be. Everything is so believable.

Thanks for writing this. Even if you are not going to write more to it. Love it.

customer:  rana007 (misba420|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  9th Apr 2009
table: yahoo.com

customer:  Lunexia_Marexai (arch_Angelofheaven|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  15th Mar 2009
i loved the story, very.....exciting xD

customer:  Noah-chan
served:  7th Mar 2009
order: She's Beautiful
Here again. I read this story --- there isn't anythin better than this! It has an awesome plot and--- oh my!


customer:  Noah-chan
served:  6th Mar 2009
order: Mainly FF and KH <3
I... cannot breath! Are you trying to kill me by these... awesome stories?

I love Sephiroth.

customer:  Llawlietz
served:  30th Jan 2009
order: war games
heh heh heh... how do you do it? found this site entirely by accident, and now I can't stop reading. Fantabulous (and creative) stuff!

customer:  Virgin (naruotaku|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  25th Jan 2009
table: black-poison.webs.com
I read some fanfiction on some website, that had a link to the KH Pairing Crack Yaoi Generator...thingy. I was gonna be up for several hours, and I love Kingdom Hearts, so I read One Wing.
Oh, my Kira, I CANNOT stop reading the fanfics on this sight! Definately bookmarking it~! (at least til my mom gets home...)

customer:  Kea (Kearyea|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  6th Jan 2009
table: None
order: Many
This site is amazing~ You guys do a wonderful job. Hope to see more updates soon~

customer:  Ceriene (ceriene|º|moth|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  15th Dec 2008
table: ceriene.livejournal.com
order: Everything. 8D
I know a few of the reviewers here are for particular pairings, but I'm loving all of your KH and FF stuff. I'm sure I'd love everything else, if I followed the fandoms.

I like how you don't mind wandering into lesser-explored pairings, and bah, the fluff, the lemons, the angst, and the humor are all lovely.

Keep writing. :3

customer:  Miss innocent
served:  21st Aug 2008
order: All Cloud and sephy stories
It's so fun reading cloud and sephy's sotories ::LOVE IT::
*Thumbs up*
I give yah all five stars!!
yah.. five stars!!

XD Make more guys *wink*

customer:  ShiGeru camui_CXS! (kim_samkouree|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  16th Aug 2008
order: Cloud and sephiroth yaoi!!
Come on!!.. I love cloud and sephiroth together!!.. O__O They're cute together.. More Story please ^~^.. CLOUD AND SEPHY!!.. ^~^..

customer:  Vixanne (thefatalbliss|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  11th Aug 2008
order: Lachrymose
flavour: One
Perfect. ^-^
*gives all her money*

customer:  xanda
served:  5th Aug 2008
order: endless rain
flavour: 1
ano,... i like yaoi but i can't tell my friends so i found this site insted thanks

customer:  rose (blueflare666|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  13th Jul 2008
order: all sephycloud fics
Keep up the good work!!! XD ~<3

customer:  James (v_clairmont|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  9th Jul 2008
table: http://lemonade.yaoiville.org/teamdemon.php
order: teamdemon
flavour: 1
It was really interesting, I've always wanted to see those two pair up.. One being a vampire/demon/creation -- the other one being a half human/devil.

customer:  Seme-Vampire (glassgurl14|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  29th Jun 2008
table: http://www.myspace.com/sexy_riku
order: Find Me
flavour: n/a
I loved it! =D Keep up the good work!!

P.S. Put in some Axel/Riku or Roxas/Riku!!

customer:  HybridMaximum
served:  26th Jun 2008
table: http://lemonade.yaoiville.org/pastclosingtime.php
order: Past Closing Time
flavour: one
That was really cute and I loved it!
I hope there'll be a sequal!

customer:  Ayatane
served:  15th Jun 2008
order: Everything
Let's get everything updated!

customer:  Yuki (glossy_2010|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  21st Apr 2008
order: Cracked ribs & Cookies
Loving the FFVII stories. :D Need more Vincent!!

customer:  Dayslipper (chicmusique|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  16th Apr 2008
I like the redesigned pages so far~~

customer:  Sophia Witherow (Blaqdragon|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  22nd Jan 2008
order: BBE, Life without Worry
flavour: all
luv it luv it luv it!!!!!!!!!
want more of it, I ADORE Pretty, reminds of Yuffie in A Long Hard Road, but without the (i don't know what){put that in French, it sounds better, but i don't know how to spell it} I hope this "tip" does help you to continue, you have just gained a new fan!

customer:  ssceles (silverhalflight|å|aol|º|com)
served:  9th Jan 2008
table: http://heartless.o-f.com/
^_^; Hey, your KH stuff is great. It's probably been a rather long while since you wrote those Ansem/Riku drabbles, but I'd like permission to link to (and just copy + paste w/credit, some of the smaller ones) a few of them on my Ansem/Riku site, for all the old fans. xD Anyway, much love!!

customer:  Lenna-chan (shimmer_oroke|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  6th Jan 2008
order: Good Things
flavour: All FFVII-centered/involved stories, actually
I'm writing 'cause of "Good Things", but actually I love all of your FFVII-involved work - especially anything with Vincent in it! *_*

But, about Good Things... who is the mystery man!? It could be anyone!! It's so nerve wracking... well, for me. Maaaaaybe 'cause it's insanely late, but, yeah T_____T Whozzat!?

Anyways, hopefully there's be updates soon, especially to BBE & Villa Welc0me (luuuuff those two~)

Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas and that 2008 fares well for you in all regards~


customer:  Paper Doll (XxprettyreaperxX|å|aol|º|com)
served:  17th Nov 2007
table: http://www.myspace.com/damienthevampireprince
order: Absolutly Fucked
Omg iv'e now read all of the FF,KH,and crossover fics (and varios other ones on yur site) and like,they're all uber awesome!
*fan girl squeel*
I think my favorites are RikuXSora fics. (I'm working on my Sora cosplay outfit right now to wear to the next yaoi con!)
<333 Paper Doll

customer:  Leonlover (cosmojoy|å|verizon|º|net)
served:  12th Nov 2007
order: Absolutly Fucked
More!Need More!So delicous!:)

customer:  Astro (astrostarr42|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  29th Oct 2007
order: Reno hawtness
*stupid grin*
please sir can i have some more...?
preferably of the reno/cloud varrity with extra uke Reno?

customer:  ILoveShika (gaolko1|å|sbcglobal|º|net)
served:  18th Oct 2007
Mmmmm.... I [i]love[i/] lemonade. Yours, anyways.

customer:  Mako Eyes
served:  12th Sep 2007
order: Erm...All the Loz and Yazoo ones X3
flavour: All of them!!!
Wow. just wow. I'm a Yazoo OBESSESOR. Not a fan. An obssesor. And I love the way your describe him. I love Loz. So much. Together they are perfect, I... I...I--*faints*

Your stories are just.....I drink and love all your lemonade!!!

Please make more!!

customer:  leonhart-less (jml028|å|shsu|º|edu)
served:  4th Sep 2007
table: www.leonhart-less.deviantart.com
order: One Wing
flavour: The whole thing.
I had read the first few chapters of this, unrightfully stollen, from you over at ff.net, and now I've read the whole thing, straight from the *correct* source, and I must say.... Bravo!!! There is so much I loved about this... The continued bringing-up of Leon's lonliness-issues, especially with Sora always leaving him to go off for Riku, and Cloud, seemingly so at one point, leaving him, too... You add just the right amount of godliness to your description of Seph... Cloud's wing as a g-spot is absolutely perfect... All the smut was exceptional, of course.... And the points of emotion were just really well-done, especially between Leo and Clo... OH! And I'm usually a little 'meh' on TopClo BottomLeo, but.... Not with this one; you made it work!

customer:  sickweirdo (brittneyhall|å|msn|º|com)
served:  15th Aug 2007
table: http://tsukuyomi.wen9.net
order: Cherry
flavour: 1
Well done. that is all...

customer:  Lady Aqualyne (sadistthreat|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  14th Aug 2007
table: http://yuyu.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296763439
order: ALL Of THEM
flavour: N/A
Holy mother of YAOI! These stories are hottttt! Okay so I'm a big SephyXCloud fan and just read a few of them so far, still reading, and I must say *Droolls helpessly over the Hot Water series* oh that's just... mmmm *Faints*

customer:  JereduLevenin (nolanclan|å|tx|º|rr|º|com)
served:  2nd Jul 2007
table: jeredulevenin.deviantart.com
order: Everything, but especially FF, KH, FMA, and Grandia 2 (that game does NOT get enough love...)
Oh, you make me so very HAPPY! *sings* I love the fact that, not only do you write VERY well- you write in ALLLLLL of my favorite fandoms and about pretty much any pairing known to crack. The good, the bad, and the downright dirty... it's all here. Beautiful- sinfully beautiful. *worships* You are my Jenova. n_~

customer:  Mihael Keehl (yuca|º|collabell|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  25th Jun 2007
table: http://kain-du-ciel.livejournal.com
order: your KHII things...
I am absolutely amazed. I read one, and just kept reading because half the pairings were so... STRANGE! But I like them a lot. The drabbles were cute, I had fun with it. Thanks for writing such things, they make good entertainment!


customer:  Domino-chan (Techno_domino|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  16th Jun 2007
order: Five Seconds
Thank you for writing (and overall paying attention to) Final Fantasy IV. It's long overdue. :D


customer:  imkikyo (imkikyo|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  20th May 2007
order: Too many to count, but mostly "Brightest Blue Eyes"
Oh man, this is absolute brilliance. I think you just made a new repeat customer. (^o^)

customer:  Dunce (magical-musician|å|peoplepc|º|com)
served:  17th May 2007
Wow! I love the Kingdom Hearts section! Very nice! ^__^

customer:  donald (donald_mcsully|å|yahoo|º|co|º|uk)
served:  12th May 2007
Love the site, great work

customer:  Ronda/tainry
served:  5th May 2007
order: Legends
Aaahahahahah!!! So cute!
Also, delightful layout -- lemons!
::runs off to read Twin Signal fic!

customer:  BiZ
served:  19th Apr 2007
table: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/634843/
order: Various Kingdom Hearts Ficlets
lovely little layout you have, as well as delicious smut.

you have a very sweet style with nice word choice. it serves me right when i'm simply looking for a taste of boy!porn.

BiZ enjoys it here very much.

customer:  Ivy (thanxabunches|º|take1|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  25th Jan 2007
order: all, esp. "Cracked Ribs & Cookies"
I officially love thy smut
it's glorious

Vincent/Reno IS the hottest thing since the sun

*Gives hugs and flowers and chocolates*

customer:  shannara (elfsword|å|earthlink|º|net)
served:  8th Jan 2007

customer:  Daylight Robbery (pressurebind|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  31st Dec 2006
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order: Pretty much all the FFVII ones, lol.
Wow... all of these stories rock! I noticed very few spelling/grammatical mistakes and some of the plots were spectacularly clever. :)

Keep up the good work, I'll definately be back here for more.


customer:  Ice angel13 (Sairormoon4u|å|cs|º|com)
served:  29th Dec 2006
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order: all of them
All of the stories where really good! Keep up the good work writers and make some more good stories for everyone to read!


customer:  shaedey (shady_on_air|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  20th Dec 2006
order: the horror-scope and absolutely fucked
Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!
you ROCK!!! Delicious cooking!

customer:  Zethtlangshyo (kitkat_701|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  7th Dec 2006
I've been a fan of this site for a while, and thought I'd leave a little comment. I always feel bad when I don't. I found this place looking for Chaos Legion fics, and stumbled upon all your other stuff too.


Thank you for making more contributions to the long list of beautiful things in this world. I'd be thrilled to draw fan art and what not for you, if you would but request it. It's the least a penniless artist/author could do to repay such great talent.

customer:  Walkeru (iywotc|å|hotmail|º|com)
served:  18th Nov 2006
What's fifteen percent of 100% lemony yaoi goodness? XD

customer:  shaedey (shady_on_air|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  29th Oct 2006
mmmmm, delicious. very lemony. i love your sephy/cloud stories, and your sephy/vinny stories, and your ... oh heck, I Love Them All!!!!! :D

customer:  yaoi_upsesser1289 (dark_lord_of_music|å|yahoo|º|com)
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EEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTLY LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV THIS SITE!!!!*throws hands into air*not literally* and runs over to all the soiku and akuroku stories*

customer:  Pisces92
served:  29th Sep 2006
I Absolutely Love All VINNI/SEPHI Pairings. I Think People Should Put The Couple Together More Often. No One Seems To Understand That Wonderful Animal-Like Intensity

customer:  shaedey
served:  25th Sep 2006
order: happy
Awwww! the Vincent/colud stories are so sweet! i love them soo much!

customer:  obsidianwing (darkvampirelf|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  9th Sep 2006
order: all ffvii fics
I love your Seph/Cloud fics! I started off with She is Beautiful which I love, but the other ones are just as great. *luffs the fics* I hope to see more in the future!!

customer:  Cristy (princess_chibi_mononoke|å|yahoo|º|com)
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order: This Is Absolute Drivel
flavour: 3
I love everything. I lurk here much to often but I love it so much! I love it all except the dbz stuff. *shudders* and someday I will get the pictures I drew for you to you ^-^ hopefully....

customer:  Elfwench (elfwench2002|å|yahoo|º|com)
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order: All Kharg/Darc fics
I love the Kharg/Darc pairing, never thought of them as lovers since they hate each other. Well, fine line between love and hate, eh? Waiting for more!

customer:  dentedsky
served:  11th Aug 2006
table: dentedsky.vze.com
I love your website, and your FFVII fics. (Cloud/Denzel is duh drool.)

customer:  ArchNecromancer (Arch_AngelOfHeaven|å|Yahoo|º|com)
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order: Vacation Surprise
flavour: 1
that was a good story keep it up

customer:  cve (crimsonvioleteyes|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  18th Jul 2006
order: FFVII/Kingdom Hearts fanfics
Your stories are fun and smutty. Great job. I enjoy the SephxCloud based stories especially. Thanks for feeding my addictions!

customer:  Appollo
served:  18th Jul 2006
order: Kingdom hearts Fanfics
I love all the KH fanfics keep up the good work.

customer:  Moosey (microcutmoose|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  17th Jun 2006
order: all final fantasy and kingdomhearts
it might be horribly sad to spend ones time reading about the homosexual excapades of videogame characters, but dang thats good stuff! keep up the good work :3

customer:  Malynne (yaoi_fangirl_04|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  11th May 2006
I'm reading this in the schools library right now, and the librarian is really mean. She hates anime, so if I'm caught I'm screwed... Very good site though.

customer:  Astrid Toushio (nekoastrid|å|yahoo|º|com)
served:  4th May 2006
order: disapline
this fic was really good and kinda funny, you should do a full story around it.

customer:  Ree (angeigirl401|å|aol|º|com)
served:  27th Apr 2006
I totally just read all this in the middle of school.

I keep on having to look back ot make sure no one's reading over my shoulder.

customer:  Kari (hikari42|å|gmail|º|com)
served:  16th Apr 2006
order: Simple Desire
"i know how to make you stop thinking"... god, i'd love to know how Axel stops Roxas from thinking.... ~_^

customer:  Rikku (crazy4_yuri|å|yahoo|º|com )
served:  2nd Mar 2006
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order: Alias
I thought this was very cute. I love the fics on this site!

customer:  LN (locuran|å|yaoiville|º|org)
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order: LN's SoD Fic
flavour: n/a
I feel special, this fic's all mine... ::cough:: Anyway, gbook is live.

customer:  Persephone (persygrrrl|å|yahoo|º|com)
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order: Mako Injection
flavour: n/a
Despite crawling back to the tired cliché used earlier in 'Body Heat' featuring the same main character at that, as far as stories churned out for Smut Month, this is amongst my faves.

~heart~ the critic


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