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Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Astray, Stargazer, etc.

Heine-that-lived (and Athrun)
Smoke: Heine. Not remembering.
Survived Worse: Heine has, in fact, survived worse.
Calm Clear Blue: Heine-that-lived. Back in the saddle.
Smiles: The cat lands on Athrun. That's nothing new these days. Though... this certainly wasn't the life he was expecting...
Junk Drawer: Heine convinces Athrun to clean out the junk drawer. Of course the cat helps.

Dirty: An ongoing drought...
Guard Down: Elijah lets his guard down. Good things happen.
Layover: Gai. A different start to the day...
Okay: Post-VS, sometimes, it's good to have distractions.
Zippers: The real problem begins at the end of the mission, when no one else has returned and Elijah can't reach the zipper of the tight, ruffly dress he's wearing.

Dishtowel Daydream: Dearka finished dishes and Yzak is only patient because he's all tied up.
Eye Contact: Afterward, Rau showers and Athrun tries to figure things out.
Inscrutable: Gai and Three Socius. Three has questions, Gai might have answers.
Long Weekend: Mwu finds Kira at a bar and takes him home.
One Bed: Temporarily displaced, Elijah and Veia get to share a very nice room.
Welcome Home: Kira is back in Orb, in a position where he's often not in Orb... Athrun is going to welcome him home properly. In bed.

Chances: Kira/Athrun/Cagalli. Not quite a second chance...
Four: Athrun/Cagalli/Kira/Lacus. Sometimes, it happens...
Overwhelmed: Kira/Athrun/Cagalli. An utter pwp. Enjoy.
Proxy: Kira/Athrun/Cagalli. Athrun realizes his importance...
Tripod: Murrue. Together.

Gen/No Pairing
Beach: Meyrin and Cagalli. Important, necessary shopping.
Bedtime Stories: Mina, Socius. In the evenings, when she can, Mina spends time reading to her wards.
Blackness: Mina and Ghina. Looking skyward at night.
Chocolate Bars: Lilys. Preferences.
Detour: Athrun returns to base.
Every Day I See Your Ghosts (and every day they haunt me): Erica and Cagalli. Erica works on designs for the next generation of Orb's mobile suits.
Every Moment: Elijah and carbon!Veia. An unexpected meeting.
Falling Leaves: Seven Socius, Eleven Socius. Eleven keeps poking at the radio. Seven looks out the window...
Good: Shiho. Endangered.
Gravity: The Professor. On a lack of proper dress...
Grounded: Jess. Back down to Earth.
Home: post-Astray, Elijah-centric...
Junk: Juri worries.
Life As Yet...: Kira, Athrun and Cagalli...
Memories: Ghina, Cagalli. The wedding wasn't what she remembered.
Mess: Rey, Shinn. Shinn's side of the room.
Movie Night: Friends. Riika, Shinn, Courtney.
Mugs: Andy. Deliveries.
Night Lit: Three Socius, Serpent Tail. As night falls, Three checks in.
No One Is Watching You Now: A decade post-series, Lunamaria heads to Orb to see if she can find Shinn.
Pancakes: Sven remembers.
Park: Rau and Rey. Diversions.
Ring: Kisato asks a question.
Sparkle: Erica. New shiny things.
Stopovers: ND HE finds someone to chat with.
Truths: Three, Serpent Tail. Three listens.
Unders: Loretta. Necessary shopping.
Unhappily: Kira. Watching the rain.
Wheels: Four Socius, Setona. Faster.
Whims and Raindrops: Kazahana has a suggestion and Elijah sees no reason not to go along with it.
Wrench: Yoon. No longer astray.

Five Years After: Shinn, Meyrin, (Luna). The years after Luna is lost.
Gloaming: Kira and Cagalli. A secret meeting.
The Hardest Days: Kira/Cagalli. Kira returns to Orb.
No Innocence: Mina/Gai. An utter pwp what-if at the end of Chapter 10 of the novels. Basically, what if Gai had accepted Mina's offer to stay... for just a few minutes.
No Innocence ('Translated'): Mina/Gai. An utter pwp what-if at the end of Chapter 10 of the novels. Basically, what if Gai had accepted Mina's offer to stay... for just a few minutes. (Now 'translated' in the style of the Astray novel translations/summaries done back ~2012.)
Prove Her Love: Luna gets home early. Shinn is wearing her nylons.
Some Stars: Pretty much an utter PWP. Post-Destiny, in which Orb's leader has a mutually-beneficial relationship with her bodyguard.
Not Quite A Wedding Dress: A diplomatic gift quickly turns into something more for Kira and Cagalli.

More Details Needed: Asagi Caldwell gets to wondering about how some things would work...
Off-Duty: Murrue/Natarle. Other reasons for loud noises...

A candid photograph paints Kira and Cagalli as lovers and there's no safe way to rectify the situation, so the pair try to make the best of things...
Until old emotions start to get in the way.
Chapter 1 \\ Chapter 2 \\ Chapter 3 \\ Chapter 4 \\ Chapter 5
Chapter 6 \\ Chapter 7 \\ Chapter 8

Can't Ever Be

A rewrite/reversion/alternate end of VS Astray. ND HE has come to 'work' at Morgenroete.
Athrun Zala tries to piece together the puzzle that is his new companion.

Chapter 1 \ Chapter 2 \ Chapter 3 \ Chapter 4
Chapter 5 \ Chapter 6 \ Chapter 7 \ Chapter 8/Epilogue

The Junk Guild Cycle

Adventures of an original Junk Guild cast...

Twofold \\ Intern \\ ??

A what-if alternate timeline where Juri, Asagi, Mayura, Tolle, Rusty, Nicol, Miguel and Orga all survived the events of Gundam SEED. Originally written for the No True Pair challenge with other little stories added on. (as an overall note, while surviving, the characters have suffered physical damage including limb loss that is detailed)

Life: Rusty & Orga. Sometimes, there's no need to speak.
Fires: Tolle & Juri. Closer together and towards something.
Pale Green: Rusty & Asagi. "Oh, hi, you're cute."
An Empty Cup: Miguel and Nicol discuss future employment.
Mechanics: Asagi and Miguel. Getting what they both want (and need).
Storms: Rusty and Tolle. The boys need something to do.
Rescue: Orga hasn't quite figured out the plot.
Sand and Surf: Juri, Rusty. Battle scars are the new normal.
Triad: Nicol, Mayura, and Miguel. Two sets of hands on her body wasn't bad at all.
Kittens: Nicol, Orga, etc. Had Nicol always had kittens?
Waves: Orga, Tolle. Some days were never really salvaged.
Recovery: Juri, Asagi. "Cope how you need to."
Start With: Rusty, Miguel. Four hours to kill.
Hours: Tolle, Mayura. Hours to kill?
Tiny Cakes: Rusty, Mayura. Having drawn the short straws...
Freedom: Miguel, Mayura. Good deeds and model kits.
Flowers: Juri, Nicol. A quick stop in the flower shop.
Darker: Asagi, Orga. Darker and a little uncomfortable.
Nightmare: Nicol, Tolle. Why was this happening?
Rain: Juri, Miguel. Weather patterns.
Coffee: Asagi, Nicol. Not quite time.
Glass Slippers: Asagi, Mayura. Strange dreams?
The Edge of the Map: Miguel, Tolle. All new paths.
Car Trouble: Asagi, Tolle. Asagi gives a lift.
Miracles: Miguel, Orga. "Ever wonder why us?"
Sleepover: Rusty, Nicol. Sleep together.
Sun: Mayura, Juri. "Feels good, doesn't it?"
The Good End: Mayura, Orga. Freedom.
Wind-Chimes: Nicol never expected--
Bagels: For Nicol's seventeenth birthday, he gets no presents, no surprises, and not a single birthday wish. Yet he can't bring himself to complain or remind anyone. It's too nice of a day for that.


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