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No Innocence

Title: No Innocence ('Translated')
Fandom: Gundam SEED Astray
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Mina/Gai
Rating: MA
Summary: An utter pwp what-if at the end of Chapter 10 of the novels. Basically, what if Gai had accepted Mina's offer to stay... for just a few minutes. Now 'translated' from English to badly translated from Engrish from Chinese from Japanese, or something, except not really.
Notes: For taichara, of course. Completely forgetting the original prompt that started the whole thing so obviously there will have to be a sequel. Yes, I am totally making fun of myself here. (So I've done a lot of work translating the Astray novels. But they're very rough translations - mostly just summaries and general ideas of dialogue. Anyway, when I transcribed this story from a notebook, I kept wanting to 'translate' it too. And made a joke about it before being asked to actually do it. So here are summaries, rough dialogue, and bonus translation notes!)

'I'll ask you again -- will you stay?' Rondo Mina Sahaku asks Gai. She's watching him, and he's watching her.


'What if I try to keep you?' Mina questions

'Then we'll really fight,' Gai replies. He's still standing there, though, instead of leaving.

'How about for just a few minutes longer?' Mina is smiling softly.

(Change out the classical music for a cheesy porn score, Mina.)

Gai is just kinda standing there, thinking on it, until Mina reaches a hand out to beckon him back closer.

'My second, Elijah...'

'Busy,' Mina tells him. 'Taking care of my boys. You have time.'

'The mission...'

'Is to see what sort of person I am.' Mina seems amused to remind him of this.

(Gai almost smiles - or Mina wants him to smile, I think, and this part is a little jumbled but I think when she gets her hands on him, she kisses one of the marks she made from grabbing him by the throat earlier. And then starts stripping Gai. As you do.)


Gai has his hands busy with Mina's clothing, too.

She doesn't answer, though. She laughs and disarms him, careful with weapons and orange sunglasses. Except he won't let her take those. His striking blue eyes remain hidden. But he does basically take her hand and relocate it somewhere more... stimulating.

(Namely, I think he just sort of takes her hand and either slips it down his pants or just outside. That thar is a hint.)

Mina smiles.

She leaves his jacket on, but open, and touches the scars from his fight with Eleven.

(Sort of interesting, since Eleven is the one who sent Gai here. Hmm...)

Mina ends up fully undressed though.

They're getting pretty touchy-feely at this point - hands everywhere. Gai goes to reach between Mina's legs, but she backs off.

'Over here would be a little more comfortable.' She settles on the sofa on the balcony and spreads her legs before giving him a wicked little smile.

(As Mina does.)

Gai doesn't waste any time getting a couple fingers into her, and they're both pretty pleased by this.

'Go on,' Mina tells him.

She takes another shot at getting his sunglasses off, but Gai moves between her legs properly and instead she just runs her fingers over his dick and then licks them.

'Next time, I want to get to taste you.' She licks her lips.

'Next time?' Gai questions.

(Yes please. Especially if this eventually results in little Murakumo-Sahaku kidlets. They'd be genetically gorgeous and amaaaazing. Do want. Even if it'll make Elijah climb the walls.)

Mina just smiles again, and then she pulls him close enough that she can feel him against her. He thrusts, and they moan and sort of... pause. Finally, Gai gets things going properly, and Mina's very happy about this.

(I've lost track if we're mythologically-correct or not. I'm thinking not.)

Anyway, they bang for a bit, and Gai is considerate and gets a hand between them to get Mina off, too.

(Ohgods, there really was music playing. Of course there was. But the song has ended, so just go 'bow-chicka-wow-wow' to yourself for the rest of this.)

Once the song ends, it's just the sounds of their bodies - of them. Mina's quiet even in orgasm, though she does say Gai's name. Gai's pretty much dead quiet.

They look at each other afterward, and then Gai's up and dressing quickly. Mina just sort of lays there, watching.

'What kind of person am I?'

Because that has indeed been the question.

'Someone I'm sure I'll cross paths with again.'

Gai tells her as he does up his pants.

(Fuck yes!)

Mina laughs.

Suddenly, a young, worried voice echoes through the factory.


'Your second,' Mina softly notes.

Gai looks from where Elijah's voice came from, then to Mina, and back.

'Elijah. Stay where you are. I'll come get you. We're done here.'

Finally, Mina reaches for her own clothing.

'I should go to my boys,' she tells him.

Gai nods before turning to go.

Mina smiles. And then returns to dressing. Her boys need her, after all, even though she wants to stay in her own little reverie for a bit longer.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.