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Can't Ever Be

Title: Can't Ever Be
Part: 8/8 & Epilogue
Fandom: Gundam SEED VS Astray
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Athrun & ND HE (Hyi) main, Erica, Full Cast
Rating: T Overall, MA Epilogue
Summary: A rewrite/reversion/alternate end of VS Astray. Hyi has come to 'work' at Morgenroete. Athrun Zala tries to piece together the puzzle that is his new companion.
Notes: Whew - going with the (slightly-awkward, I know) romanization of ND HE's 'nickname' here. This is basically a 40k word love letter to Astray...

"Finally!" His secretary eyed him. "You just took off..."

"I was serving as a bodyguard for Cag-- Lady Athha," Athrun said as he walked by her and took the nearly ream-thick pile of printouts that she handed him.

"You also had guests, but I told them that I didn't know if you'd be in today," she continued. "They said they'd check back later."

"Guests?" Athrun frowned. Anyone that he needed to be in touch with knew how to get a hold of him. And he was checking his phone, really!

"Cute girls," she said, slightly disapproving. "Twins, from the looks of it. I'm not even going to ask what you've been up to."

Athrun ignored that, choosing to wonder about the identity of his mystery guests while he let himself into his office and went straight over to open the window.

Then, the ream of messages, along with everything else. He'd survive. Hopefully.

Everyone else had already left for the day when Athrun gave up on his pile of memos. He figured he'd gotten three-quarters of the way through them, which wasn't bad since a couple had required longish phone calls and some of the others had involved digging through files and other activities that took far too long for the solutions.

His mysterious guests didn't return. Perhaps another day.

Hyi was sitting on the sofa, watching television and eating Chinese when Athrun returned. Athrun couldn't help but laugh - there was 'making oneself at home' and actually doing it, and Hyi was definitely not wearing kid gloves as far as marking the place as his home too.

"You're home! I was going to phone..." Hyi smiled and muted the television. "I just got this a few minutes ago and figured I should eat while itís hot. But I was going to save half for you if you didn't get home, don't worry."

"It looks good," Athrun said as he took off his jacket. He needed to change before eating, just because Chinese food did not come out of uniform pants terribly well, something he knew from experience.

"Everything went well today," Hyi continued. "Though no need for everyone to have been on standby -- the skies were clear except for Cagalli and the Murasame accompanying her."

"No problems with her control?"

"None," Hyi replied. "You were right. She's... pretty amazing. She just gets out there and does what she has to."

"Yeah, she does..."

"She asked if we were sleeping together."

Athrun froze, thankful Hyi was in the living room and he was in the bedroom, separated by a pair of walls and a short-but-there hallway. Because he turned a unique color of neon red and wanted to just crawl under the floorboards and never be seen again.

He had told Cagalli that the relationship wasn't like that, and for some reason she thought it was appropriate to get a second opinion. Or had wondered if things had changed in a few hours. He'd really have to give her a piece of his mind.


"I'm here," Athrun called. He scrambled through changing and then stood there, in the hallway, waiting for Hyi to say something.

"I told her we were just good friends," Hyi said after a moment. "That's... correct, right? I didn't think you'd ask me to stay here if..."

Athrun swallowed hard. "She needs to learn to mind her business," he said as he made his way back through the living room to sit on the floor on the other side of the coffee table that Hyi had spread everything out on. "And I'll get the haros off the table tonight so we can eat there tomorrow. I didn't even think about dinner."

"This is nice," Hyi said with a little headshake as he slid off the sofa and settled cross-legged on the floor as well, leaning back against the sofa. "I'm not good with the chopsticks, though. I should be able to use them, but..."

"You could have gotten a fork." Athrun laughed and moved to go get one.

"Wait... I want to learn," Hyi said quickly. "And they gave us chopsticks, so that must be the proper way to eat this stuff. Besides, I figured it'd take longer this way, so I'd still be eating when you got home."

Athrun smiled and grabbed one of the bowls that Hyi had properly scavenged from the kitchen. Everything looked and smelled good, though he was fairly sure that it was the exact same order as they'd made the other evening. Which was rather endearing, really.

Chopsticks weren't difficult for Athrun, and the food was definitely still warm enough that Hyi hadn't gotten it long before he'd arrived home.

They ate in silence for a bit. Hyi reached and turned the television off - Athrun thought he'd been watching the news, but he'd been watching cartoons.



"Do you want to?"

"Want to what?" Athrun questioned. No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he realized what Hyi was going to say next. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to have this conversation and certainly not over dinner.

"Sleep together," Hyi said softly. "Well, what Lady Athha meant, not what we've been doing."

"That's...." Athrun really didn't know how to answer, because he didn't know the answer. Not at all. Hyi was a handsome and attractive young man. But he was also infinitely young and struggling through something Athrun really didn't think he could ever fully empathize with. "That's a difficult question."

"Yeah..." Hyi poked at a piece of broccoli in the bottom his bowl and after two failed attempts at picking it up, he just tried to stab it. "I'm not sure how I'd answer if you asked me."

"We can figure it out another time," Athrun said quickly. Hyi stabbed his broccoli. "And be friends for now, until you've had some more time to think about it."

"And you think about it?"

Athrun nodded. They both went back to eating. He tried not to feel awkward and though Hyi seemed to be acting perfectly normal, he was afraid that he'd really messed things up.

However, after an evening of light conversation and Hyi settling to watch more cartoons while Athrun sorted haro parts to his own room and started poking at one again, Hyi didn't even ask before settling into Athrun's bed again.

Perhaps that meant everything was okay.

His guests re-arrived the next day. Well, they were waiting for him when he stepped into the outer portion of his office, the part he shared with a couple of other admirals and their secretaries.

He assumed they were there for him the second he saw them - orange-haired twins wearing Junk Guild jumpsuits.

"Hi! You're Athrun, right?" One of them jumped up and nearly bounced right over to him.

"Of course he is," the other one said as she zoomed up behind. "We can go in your office, right?"

"Sure..." Athrun gestured that they could go right ahead. He assumed they were there on some sort of official business, but he wasn't sure.

Once he had the door shut, they both started talking at once before eyeing each other and doing a quick round of rock-paper-scissors to settle who would go first.

"Okay," the one said with a smile.

"You're taking care of our brother, right?" the other one asked.

"Brother?" Athrun questioned. "Huh?"

"ND HE," the first one said. "Who else?" She seemed upset that he hadn't instantly known. But Hyi had never mentioned siblings. He really hadn't mentioned much of anything about the details of the other carbon humans, except for Veia. But he'd... said enough that Athrun wasn't going to ask for more. He'd wait for Hyi to tell him whenever he was ready.

"Hyi," Athrun said firmly. "I'm not going to call him by insulting initials."

The second twin smiled. "Aw, that's good. We got new names too. I'm Iris."

"And I'm Rose," the other one said. "And then there's Daisy and Dahlia and Violet and Marlin."

"Six of you?" Athrun counted. "You're all..."

"Carbon humans," Iris confirmed. "We were all named Lily, originally, but now that's our middle name. So I'm Iris Lily Sevary."

"Are you going to give Hyi a new name? A proper one?"

Athrun shook his head. "That's his choice, not mine." He looked at them again. "You're in the junk guild?"

"Yep," Rose said as she hopped up to sit on Athrun's desk. "We work with Lowe Gear. He says he knows who you are..."

"I know who Lowe is," Athrun confirmed. "He's tried to get me to join up several times, but my place is here."

"We could get you an office on a ship," Iris told him. "You could definitely come with us."

"Thank you, but no." Athrun so didn't understand girls at all. Ever. Not a one of them. But these two were attempting to win the prize.

"Mmm, so ND-Hyi is doing well, huh?" Rose questioned, leaning towards him. He was glad that he hadn't sat.

"He was when I left," Athrun told her. "I believe he's plan-free for the day. Though are you two?"

"Well, we're supposed to be helping Dahlia, Daisy, Violet and Marlin with Veia's new mobile suit," Iris admitted. "But it's not like anyone would notice we're gone, right?"

Rose giggled. Iris giggled. Athrun wondered if they'd be leaving soon.

It was the next day that both machines attacked. They had names now - Hail Buster and Mirage Frame.

That wasn't at all part of the plan. Nor was it part of the plan that they'd actually split up to strike. But luckily, everyone was well-prepared. With four Lilies surrounding him, he'd been showing off Infinite Justice after the better part of an hour of insistent pleading. The first blast blew a hole in the runway at the same time a staticy feed started coming in from the patrol Murasames.

"You're pilots, right?" Athrun asked the Lilies. They all nodded.

"Murasames, now - they're all ready to go," he commanded as he rushed to Justice. He'd rather have had a pilot suit, but emergencies often did not allow for luxury.

Each Lily nodded and scrambled. He was out ten seconds later, gazing up at a black machine that was doing its best to blow up hangars. He got one, too - one that Athrun knew was empty - before being knocked sideways by Thirteen Socius's Raider Full Spec.

"Where's the other one?" Athrun called into the open channel. "We've got Hail. Proceeding to assault."

"Lady Sahaku's home," the response came tersely. It sounded like Veia.


"Fuck you!" came a strangely familiar voice over the radio. "Where's the one in the mask?"

The Hail Buster got to its feet and readied its guns again. Athrun rushed forward, blades everywhere. While he was fast, the Hail Buster was fast, too. And before the other Socius or any of the Lilies could jump in, the Gale Strike was there, slicing the ends from the guns. The Hail Buster tossed them away before they could explode, though one of the Lilies was in the line of an explosion and she went sailing.

"Rose!" one of the other ones cried, and rushed over towards her.

"There you are, you bastard," the Hail Buster's pilot sneered. "Ghina told me to find you and slice you to pieces."

"What, too scared to do it himself?" Hyi replied in the most downright determined voice that Athrun had ever heard from him.

With the pilot distracted by Hyi, Athrun kicked again, grabbing and hobbling the machine. Unable to stop itself from falling, it grabbed for Infinite Justice and Gale Strike, but only managed to grab at beams, and lost most of its hands in the process.

"Don't kill him!" Athrun wasn't sure which of the Socius had cried out, but he was sure it wasn't Finis, the one in Hail Buster. It was understandable - Finis was one of their own. But...

"Fine," Hyi replied, reaching down with one of Gale's hands and tearing away the cockpit armor from the struggling machine. There were sparks, and the machine stilled instantly.

Inside, there was a familiar face - definitely a Socius. No wonder Veia was so comfortable around them - he'd already been exposed to one. Though this one was... somewhat non-standard. His long hair was unbound, fluffing around him in a terrible frizz. And his uniform was torn. He lacked a pilot suit for whatever reason.

And he was terrified.

"Get out," Athrun said, turning on the external public address. "Drop any weapons."

It took a moment, but Finis complied perfectly, even taking off his jacket and dropping a pistol before turning to show that he had nothing at his back. Then he paused and pulled a knife from one of his boots. And dropped it.

"Good," Athrun continued. "Stay still until we get you."

Finis actually... nodded.

Four and Six were out of their machines instantly, weapons drawn. They were thorough yet efficient with their pat down of him and once they had him on his stomach on the runway, secure, Athrun opened his own cockpit. With one of the machines and pilots subdued, that left both the other machine and the injured Lily. Though a moment later he saw all four of them together - it was only the Murasame that had been damaged.

"Whichever ones of you can, go after the Mirage Frame," Athrun cried to them. They nodded and three sprinted back to their machines.

"Us, too?" the Socius questioned. Athrun shook his head and gestured to Finis. "Handle him. Hyi and I will go protect your mistress."

They nodded. Finis scowled, but kept quiet.

"Please keep her safe," Four ventured. There were sirens in the distance. All would be well on base.

Athrun looked to Hyi and waved. "Let's go?"

"Let's go," Hyi echoed, turning to go. Though as added insurance, he swung one of his saw blades and lopped Hail Buster's head clear off.

Athrun wished for Elijah's Vent Savior, simply for travel time. Not that Justice was slow by any means, but when he could see beam sabers flashing in the distance, nothing was fast enough. Especially not when people he'd come to care about were the ones under attack.

Athrun was surprised when he saw Mirage Frame. He was expecting a normal Astray with a few added extras, but what he saw was a beast fighting against Blue Frame.

And everyone else standing back, doing nothing but observing.

"Don't interrupt," Veia said quickly. "This has to be settled between them."

"No, it doesn't," Hyi cried, attempting to surge forward. Athrun had Justice hold an arm out to block him.

"No," Athrun said firmly. "Not yet."

"Don't make me fight you," Hyi threatened, changing his posting and backing up a bit, readying a blade.

"You don't want to do that." It was Lady Sahaku. Gold Frame appeared from the air behind him, mirage colloid disengaged. Its energy-draining wings were perched right at Gale Strike's shoulders.


"Let them fight," Elijah said softly.

"It's what they need to do." Athrun assumed it was Eleven.

"I can't..." Hyi cried... Athrun thought he might have started to cry.

"Let them fight." Veia this time.

"But if Gai..." Hyi started, starting to move. Lady Sahaku immediately activated her wings and the Gale Strike drooped instantly.

"Gai's going to win," Elijah said, firm this time, as if there was only the one outcome.

"He'd better..." Hyi's voice was nearly obscured by static. "Because I can't ever be him."

There was silence for a long moment, and then Mirage Frame fell, though it wasn't in conjunction with any of Gai's hits. No, it stepped away and staggered and fell forward.


Lady Sahaku quickly released Hyi and rushed forward in Gold Frame.

"Ghina?" she cried. Mirage Frame's cockpit opened a tall, painfully thin pilot emerged. Blue Frame stilled its great sword, and Lady Sahaku knelt and then jumped down from her own machine to gather Ghina into her arms.

Athrun couldn't hear any of the dialogue, between them, but Ghina slumped in Mina's arms and she held him as he reached up to stroke her hair twice before his hand dropped.

Holding him for a very long moment, she didn't move. Until finally she settled him on the ground and stood.

It was over.

Everyone was out of their machines almost instantly. Gai went to Mina's side, and Athrun found himself staring at Hyi, who was indeed crying.

"What was that?" Athrun asked softly.

"He had augmented his body," Hyi explained. "He needed to carefully maintain it or it would fail, but without the organization, he... had no way to take care of himself. This was his last run at everything and he just... stopped."

Athrun pulled Hyi to him, and held him close, not caring about who was watching. Not that anyone really was. The Lilies and the Socius had gathered around Ghina's body. One had found a sheet somewhere and was covering him carefully. Two of the Lilies were crying.

And then there were more Socius - Four, Six and Thirteen had arrived right at the end of the battle and were disembarking from farther away. They surrounded Mina as quickly as they could and were swept into her arms.

Gai walked away, but not without one last glance at Hyi and Athrun.

Everything was finally over. Gai was alive and well. And Hyi was...

"We should go home," Athrun said. "I can charge your machine from Justice, and... there'll be reports to file, I'm sure."

"You need to let Cagalli and Kira know that they're safe." Hyi added.

Athrun nodded. "And you need to let Erica know you'll be back to work tomorrow, if Cagalli hasn't requisitioned Gale Strike from you."

"You'll need to finish those haros."

"You'll need to finish the Chinese leftovers."

They went home. This wasn't their aftermath any longer.

They didn't talk about it that night. But they both crawled into Athrun's bed and after a bit of fumbling and apologizing, Hyi curled close against Athrun and Athrun held him and stroked his hair.

Everything was over. Hyi was free.


"Mmmph?" Athrun opened his eyes, no longer surprised to find himself looking into Hyi's clear blue ones. It had become standard. Despite Hyi having his own bedroom and bed, Athrun didn't think that Hyi had ever actually slept in there.

"I need to go do something," Hyi said softly. "I'm sorry."

"Okay," Athrun replied. "You'll be home for dinner?"

Hyi shook his head. "No... I... I don't know how long it'll take."

Athrun sat up, immediately concerned. Hyi had even been talking about painting Morgenroete's insignia onto Gale Strike and becoming an official test pilot. But now...

"Can I go with you?" Athrun asked. "Do you need help with something?"

"No, I have to do it alone," Hyi said with a little headshake. Athrun hadn't realized at first, but Hyi was already dressed and there was a duffel sitting at the end of the bed. Whatever he was up to, he had it planned out in advance.

And Athrun knew that if it was this important, then Hyi had to go do it. Alone.

"Come back," Athrun told him.

Hyi nodded and leaned and...

Yet Athrun was surprised when Hyi finally kissed him. It was awkward and not entirely on the lips and Hyi lingered longer than he should have. Which made it harder for Athrun to pull him back and give him a little more instruction. Holding Hyi close, he licked Hyi's lips carefully, before sucking on Hyi's lower lip for just a second. And then, when he heard Hyi gasp, he pressed Hyi's lips apart with his tongue.

By the time Athrun let go, it was Hyi clinging to him, eyes-wide and obviously out of breath. That would have to be instruction for next time, Athrun supposed. Except the next time was right then.

Hyi pushed him back on the bed, still more enthusiastic than skilled. Either his memories were failing or the master mercenary wasn't very experienced as a teenager. Athrun couldn't help a hint of amusement at that thought. But that cost him his mouth for a few seconds, not that he minded.

Finally, Hyi pulled back a bit. "I..."


"I didn't mean..."


"Should have done that sooner?"

Athrun nodded. If that was what Hyi wanted, then yes, Hyi should have done it sooner. But they hadn't had the conversation again and despite a bit of temptation when Hyi would do things like wander around in a towel or change clothing without modesty, Athrun had firmly swore to himself that he would wait for Hyi to make a move, if he was interested.

Cagalli hadn't minded his occasional frustrations, after all.

"We'll keep going when I get back?" Hyi questioned.

Athrun nodded. He was rather ready to keep going, to be honest, and if Hyi really was leaving right then, he'd relieve himself before going back to sleep.

"I'll be back," Hyi said. He grabbed his duffel. And he left.


After six months, Athrun stopped cleaning in Hyi's bedroom, allowing the thinnest of layers of dust to form on things like that colorful blanket and some other strange little knickknacks that he'd picked up. He'd taken the haro, Athrun noticed, and he'd taken his bracelet.

Athrun still had his hanging from his rearview mirror, though more than once he'd gotten a little angry and grabbed it off and put it down in the cup holder, vowing to get rid of it and all of Hyi's stuff. Hyi wasn't coming back.

No one had heard from him, and Athrun had gone to consult some of Orb's best information agents. There weren't even any sightings of anyone matching Hyi's description or Gale Strike's. It was like Hyi had vanished completely.

He stopped expecting Hyi to be there when he got home. Stopped wanting. He returned Hyi's car to Morgenroete. He made haros for each of the Lilies, and found out the secret of Marlin's name. He watched Elijah in the Vent Savior fly circles around Veia in his red custom Murasame. Veia had decided to stay in Orb, with Seven and Eleven, for as long as they were calling it home. Lady Sahaku had given them free range of her residence, as long as they tended Ghina's grave. Finis, too, who seemed to break free of any controls on him after Ghina's death. While he remained cocky, he wasn't violent.

The summer had turned to a rainy winter and he was still up to his eyes in paperwork, reading over things that he tried to find interesting and volunteering for training whenever he could. Working with new pilots was the most rewarding thing he could do, after all, and it was fun to push the Murasames as hard as they could go.

One particularly miserable, blustery night that was doing its best to chill him to the bone, he stayed working late. Even the janitors had left by the time he'd finished up. Luckily he'd stashed a fruit pie in his desk or he wouldn't have had dinner. But finally, the entirety of his inbox was in his outbox, a feat that he doubted he would ever achieve again.

He'd been ignoring his phone, of course, which had vibrated so many times that it had skittered clear across his desk and was threatening to teeter into the garbage can. One thing at a time, and with luck it was far too late to even worry about most of the messages. He could deal with them in the morning. Someone would have told him in person if anything too exciting had happened, after all.

The wind and rain kept threatening to push his car across the road and into the wrong lane, and his headlights weren't doing much of anything. Luckily, it was such a miserable night that no one else seemed to be out in it. Half the phone messages were probably weather advisories.

Sitting at a red light, he started going through them. Indeed - monsoon conditions, stay inside, localized flooding, watch underpasses, more localized flooding.

When the light turned green, he had trouble getting traction due to the amount of water on the road. At least he was only a few minutes from home.

The apartment was dark, of course, and he pulled into the lot and sat for a minute, dreading the run to the security door. It looked like the awning had torn in the wind and wasn't offering any cover, which was only fitting. He was going to get utterly soaked.

Tucking his phone into an inside pocket, he figured everything else that had been out in the car could stay in it. He found himself staring at the bracelet, bright and cheery, the exact opposite of the weather.

He let it stay. For one more day, at least.

Soaked, and unhappy, Athrun kicked his shoes off without even getting the lights on. A streetlight outside provided enough light through the kitchen window to allow him to get to the hallway, after all. He pulled off his jacket, soaked, and threw it back towards the living room. He knew should hang it up, but it'd need to go through the dry cleaners anyway at some point soon. It could go with extra bonus wrinkles.

He turned on his bedroom light midway through pulling his shirt off.


There, sprawled on his bed, half-dressed, was Hyi, bleary-eyed.


"Athrun!" Hyi's expression broke into a wide smile and he scrambled to his feet.

"I'm soaked," Athrun protested as Hyi hugged him. Hyi was distractingly warm against his damp skin, and he let his shirt fall to the floor a second later.

"I was too when I got here," Hyi admitted. "I took a bus as far as I could and then I walked. Erica explained how... She would have dropped me off, but she had to go somewhere for her son and it wasn't really raining then..."

"Someone else could have brought you!" Athrun exclaimed. "You could have come to me..."

"I wanted to surprise you," Hyi admitted with a little headshake. "And I didn't want to trouble anyone else."

Athrun sighed and just held Hyi for a long moment. "I didn't think you were coming back."

"I said I would. I just had to go figure out some things."

"Not here?" Athrun asked. "I thought you were figuring out things here."

Hyi shook his head. "It's done," he said. "I'm not going anywhere."

This time, Athrun kissed him. He kissed him hard, and didn't let go until even he was short of breath. Hyi was so warm against him, and his skin was inviting.


Hyi nodded. "Yes," he said.

Athrun still hesitated with removing his pants. He wasn't sure quite how far they'd go, but...

He realized that Hyi was wearing his bracelet. And looking at him with such visible expectation that Athrun wasn't sure what to do.

"We'll take it slow," Athrun said as he finally peeled his pants off. He'd splashed water all up the backs as he'd ran both to and from his car. But his undershorts weren't wet, thankfully, and he left those on as he settled onto the bed and gestured for Hyi to join him.

Hyi didn't hesitate, crawling to lie beside Athrun.

Their mouths met again, longer, less urgent and more curious as Athrun pulled Hyi close and let his hands explore Hyi's exposed skin. It took Hyi a moment to reciprocate, but Athrun couldn't fault him. This was all new to him after all, even if it wasn't. There was still going to be a curve.

Athrun could feel Hyi's erection against him after another couple minutes, and he slipped a hand down between them to stroke it through the fabric of Hyi's pajama bottoms.

Hyi cried out and clung, shaking from just the touch. Athrun couldn't help wondering if this would be over in seconds, not that he minded. He was actually curious if he could make that happen and kept stroking, basking in Hyi's cries and moans.

"Nnn, Athrun ah--"

"Like that?" Athrun asked softly. "Come if you want to."


"There's a lot of night left," Athrun told him. And he could call in sick. He never called in sick. He had plenty of sick days, but... he was a Coordinator. Normally Coordinators just used sick days for things like making a handsome young man writhe and scream in pleasure.

"Athrun... ah..."

It didn't take much more for Hyi to cry out and shudder, and Athrun kept stroking even as the material became damp.

And then, while Hyi was still shaking, he rolled Hyi onto his back and helped him get those pajama bottoms off. Carefully, he licked the length of Hyi's partial-erection, cleaning away the bit of seed that hadn't gone onto the fabric or into the faint curls of dark brown hair that surrounded Hyi's cock.


"Want this to be good for you," Athrun told him. His own erection was nagging at him, but he knew how to behave and he knew how to make someone's first time good.

"Mmm, but you..."

"I can wait," Athrun told him. He sucked at the head of Hyi's cock for a moment and wondered just how much downtime Hyi would need. Likely not much, but enough that he started working his back up Hyi's body, kissing muscle and licking Hyi's nipples and generally making him start shivering again, before he'd ever settled over Hyi to kiss him and rub his own erection against Hyi's.

Hyi gasped and grabbed at Athrun.

"Want to do that for you," he managed, trying to push Athrun's underwear down but not having a terribly lot of luck.

"Go ahead," Athrun told him, rolling to the side and removing his own underwear. There'd be clothing everywhere in the morning. He didn't care.

For a long moment, Hyi just stared at Athrun's erection, hesitating before finally reaching to touch it carefully.

Athrun chuckled. At first he thought Hyi was having doubts, but no, this was just a lack of technique again. He'd seen it before. But he didn't ever really need to see it again.

"Just like you'd touch your own," Athrun told him, which made Hyi blush.

"I..." Hyi traced his fingers over the tip, spreading the clear pre-come over the head. And looked back at up, waiting for some sort of reaction.

"Here," Athrun said, taking Hyi's hand in his own and wrapping it around his erection. He slid it carefully, gasping. "Not too hard..."

Yes, Hyi was blushing now. "I don't know if it'll be good."

"It'll be good," Athrun assured him. He didn't need to come. Just having Hyi back with him was good enough. He couldn't ask for anything more, because he just honestly hadn't thought it would ever happen.


"And you'll get hard again," Athrun told him, before pulling him in for a kiss. "And you'll come again and I'll keep making it better for you."



"Okay..." Hyi's movements were still awkward, but the sensation wasn't bad. Athrun knew he wouldn't come from it, but he wasn't expecting to. Not yet. He'd wait for Hyi to come at least once more. But he'd enjoy the pleasure running through him.

"Nnn..." Yes, it didn't take long for him to feel the hard warmth of Hyi's erection against him again. Gently, he pulled Hyi's hands from him, and kissed Hyi and pushed him onto his back again.

"Do you trust me?" Athrun questioned. He wasn't sure if Hyi would be game for this, but he hoped so. And if not, he had plenty of other ideas.

"Yes," Hyi said. He closed his eyes as Athrun stroked him, tracing from testicles to tip several times before scooting off the bed to grab lube from his dresser.

"Athrun?" Hyi questioned, likely more for the lack of contact than any other reason.

"I'm here," Athrun said as he knelt between Hyi's legs and pushed them apart. "This might feel a little weird at first, but it'll be good."

Bright, clear blue eyes opened wide when Athrun's first slick finger traced around the ring of tight muscle between Hyi's buttocks.


"Want me to stop?" Athrun would, no questions asked. But he wanted to continue. He wanted to make Hyi cry out again and again.

"No, but..."

"It'll feel good," Athrun told him.


Athrun nodded. If Hyi ever wanted to reciprocate this, too, he was game. Just the thought of Hyi taking him made his cock twitch.


"Relax," Athrun told him, pressing one finger into him carefully. He was not relaxing at all.

"Feels... weird, Ath..."

"I know. It does at first. But it'll feel good, too. And I'm going to do this..." He leaned down and took Hyi's cock into his mouth, sucking at the precome and using his other hand to stroke Hyi's scrotum.

"Ah!" For a second, Athrun thought Hyi was going to come again. But he managed to hold off, hands digging into the bed and balling the sheets in his fists.

Athrun smiled around Hyi's erection, sucking more and at the same time slipping that finger deeper into Hyi and feeling around for the spot he wanted.

As much as the thought of plunging his cock deep into Hyi appealed to him, this wasn't the night for that, not unless Hyi begged him and even then, he simply wasn't sure that he could make that as good as he'd want. Hyi might be sore just from this, because he wasn't used to it.

Athrun pulled back a bit with his finger, added a bit more lubricant and tried another. That brought a good moan from Hyi and finally, he found the spot he'd been after. Hyi shuddered when he stroked it, one, twice, by the fifth time, Athrun had a hot mouthful of Hyi's come, which he swallowed easily.

No sooner had he flopped beside Hyi, still very aroused but very much needing a moment just from that, Athrun was pounced on. Hyi kissed him, kissed his cheeks and neck and shoulders, and stroked at his erection until finally Athrun stopped him.

"What's wrong?" Hyi questioned.

"Nothing," Athrun replied. "Don't worry. I just need a minute." He kept having ideas. But getting off was starting to rise up his list.

"But you..." Hyi slid his palm the distance of Athrun's erection and Athrun couldn't deny that felt very, very good.

"Hyi--" Athrun wanted to protest when Hyi slipped down to demonstrate that he could be a quick study. Athrun gasped when Hyi licked the length of his shaft before pausing just long enough to make Athrun tense. He closed his eyes and sucked in his breath as Hyi started to suck on him. He hadn't expected-- he just really hadn't expected this from Hyi. Not yet.

Pressure and pleasure welled within him and just before he knew he was going to come, Athrun reached to pull Hyi back.


Athrun shook his head, trying to think of the words but failing. He reached to stroke himself roughly, catching one of Hyi's hands in with his own for the last couple of strokes before coming.

Hot... White... Athrun knew he was shaking and murmuring something that hopefully managed to convey just how damned good he felt.

He still felt boneless even when he could breathe without having to kinda think about it. And... Hyi was there, staring at him with unspoken curiosity.

Before Athrun could say anything, Hyi leaned to kiss him.

"I'm not tired," Hyi commented when he pulled back.

Athrun smiled. He had ideas. And they had all night.



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