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People Like Us

Title: People Like Us
Fandom: Gundam SEED
Part: 6
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Kira/Cagalli, others mentioned
Rating: MA Overall
Summary: post-Destiny, Kira is in Orb helping with a global clean-up effort while Cagalli is still trying to settle into her role as leader. However, when a sibling moment is captured on film completely out of context, things quickly get complicated for both of them. In this chapter, Kira explains his parting with Lacus... and things get hot quickly.
Notes: Contains eventual graphic twin m/f sibling incest.

"Here you go, Miss Athha. These are due back in three weeks." The librarian handed Cagalli the four books she'd picked out along with the library card she'd been surprised with.

"Thank you," Cagalli replied. For a moment, she was at a loss as to what exactly to do with the books and card. Her handbag, frustratingly necessary due to a lack of pockets in most of her outfits, was locked in the car, which Kira had driven.

"Allow me."

Cagalli glanced back to see Kira there, waiting patiently. He'd stayed in the back of the crowd, thankfully, for the duration of the ceremony and refreshments afterward. A few reporters had noticed him, and they were still poking around, but Cagalli was also fairly sure their interest was split between her boyfriend and the urge to find out what literature was on her reading list.

She was fairly sure she'd chosen well - one classic, two contemporary books by prominent Orb authors, and a well-worn hardcover that she'd loved as a child. Either it had miraculously survived or it had come from a different branch. Cagalli wanted to believe the former.

"Thanks..." Cagalli smiled and handed the books to Kira. He took her library card as well and tucked it into his shirt pocket before turning the books sideways to peruse her choices.

"I loved this one when I was a kid," Kira said, smiling as they walked away from the desk and towards the exit.

"Yeah..." Cagalli paused, not even bothering to fully flinch at the telltale sounds and flashes of cameras. They weren't invading her private life, after all.

"May I ask what you chose, Representative?" a young reporter questioned, slipping up to them.

"Two old favorites and two potential new ones," Cagalli replied. She smiled and gestured for Kira to let the reporter see the titles.

"Good choices," the reporter commented, jotting down the titles. "Thank you for your time."

Cagalli nodded and the reporter was gone as quickly as he appeared.

"I think we're set," Cagalli said a moment later, after glancing once around. "I'll get Iolana to schedule me a day to come read in the children's section."

"Do you ever get days off?" Kira questioned, shuffling the books to one arm and holding his other hand out to Cagalli.

She didn't hesitate to accept.

"I have nothing scheduled after this," Cagalli noted as he led her through the library's foyer. "And I have most of my weekends free.

"But no playing hooky like before," she finished sharply. "Too much work to be done."

"Just don't let it consume you," Kira commented softly.

Cagalli nodded, suddenly unsure of herself. If a packed schedule had been part of Kira's problems with Lacus, well, she really couldn't say she could ever be any better.

"Thank you for coming," the library's director called as they passed by where she was stationed near the doors.

"Thank you for having us," Cagalli replied. "Everything is beautiful. Though I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that I'm too old for the hand-puppets."

The director laughed. "One is never too old for hand-puppets. They're all tested by the staff to make sure they're fun, after all."

Even Kira smiled at that. "Sounds like an enjoyable job."

"The library system does employ more than two dozen veterans," the director commented. "And is always welcoming more."

"I am ever grateful," Cagalli said, smiling and giving the tiniest of bows. "Thank you." She shook the director's hand quickly and after another small exchange, Kira escorted her out and into the sun.

"My future in puppet testing?" Kira questioned as he let go of Cagalli's hand long enough to get the car keys out of his pocket. He didn't hesitate to open her door first.

"We still need to discuss your future in Orb," Cagalli reminded him as she slipped into the car. It was a different one from the last time, but still part of the official fleet. For a half-second, she questioned how Kira had gotten it in advance, but again, she'd never revoked his clearance.

"Later," Kira said softly as he handed her the books and then closed her door. Cagalli couldn't keep in a soft sigh as Kira circled around to the driver's side.

"Let's read that one tonight," Kira said as he got in. Cagalli already knew he was pointing at the top one - so well-loved that the gold lettering had worn off the dark cover.

"Yeah," Cagalli said after a beat. She didn't want to push. Kira had asked her to trust him and she was going to do just that. "Iolana has arranged for us to have a quiet evening, after all."

"It'll be good," Kira noted as he started the car. "It's been a long few weeks. So... if I fall asleep on you after dinner, well, don't hold it against me."

"I won't. I've had enough evenings like that," Cagalli replied. She reached for her handbag, tucked under the seat, and pulled out her phone.

She had eighteen messages from Iolana, which she started reading out of force of habit.

"Forget puppet testing," she said quickly.

"Mmm?" Kira glanced over at her quickly at the stop sign at parking lot exit.

"Apparently this is the best outfit I've worn all year," Cagalli said flatly. "I think Iolana will want you to stay on as my stylist."

Kira laughed. "I just know when you look amazing."

Cagalli was already texting back. Library dedication - success. Evening in with Kira - do not disturb.

Her phone vibrated and after reading Iolana's last message, Cagalli couldn't help laughing.

"What now?"

"Iolana is asking inappropriate things," Cagalli replied with a chuckle. "But I'm done with her for the day. She's right that I'm going to have you help undress me, though."

"I can definitely do that." Kira reached over and Cagalli quickly grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Two hours, one wardrobe change and three kisses later, Cagalli had nearly finished reading the second chapter of the book. She'd managed to get in a line to Iolana about volunteering to read at the library, and... Practicing seemed like a good idea. Kira had read the first chapter - smooth, with all the right emphasis. It took her a moment to remember he'd probably gotten in a lot of practice while living amongst Father Markio's orphans.

Kira hadn't critiqued Cagalli's attempt, though. He'd just slowly closed his eyes and while Cagalli knew he was still awake, she didn't think it'd be for long. It didn't really matter - he knew the story and there was still a bit of time before dinner.

She continued to read until there was a soft knock at the door and a call that dinner was served.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep," Kira mumbled for what had to be the fourth time.

"It's fine," Cagalli replied, smiling. "Did you bring your pajamas for the next time you do it, though?"

Kira's purple eyes suddenly went wide. "I'm staying?"

Cagalli nodded. "Yeah, I don't see why not. We can just sleep, after all."


Cagalli slid closer, reaching to run her fingers though his hair. "You're unsure?"

"I'm just afraid that I'm being selfish," Kira admitted. "Aside from my mother, everyone has been so supportive. Even Lacus..."

"Yeah..." The rest of Cagalli's thoughts were put on temporary hold as Kira kissed her. She melted against him, hands on his chest and neck. His hands were beneath the thin material of her shirt almost instantly.

"I need to tell you about Lacus," Kira managed, once he finally pulled back enough to meet Cagalli's gaze. "She's always going to mean a lot to me, but we..."

Cagalli could see the discomfort on Kira's face. "It's okay," she said, reaching to gather his hands into hers."Kira, there isn't anything you could say that would make me think any less of you."

"We're just not compatible," Kira managed, fidgeting a bit. "Like, at all. We tried to make it work - you know that. But we just... have completely different needs, and different sex drives and... genetically... well, I'm not... I can't..."

The rest of it was mumbled so softly that Cagalli almost didn't hear. She swallowed hard and nodded and then pulled him into a tight hug. That was what he'd meant when he'd said it would be okay - that they could safely be lovers.

But at the moment, she also knew that he needed a friend more than anything. His admission had been a big one, and obviously an uncomfortable one. She didn't let go for another long moment.

"I'll read the next chapter?" Kira questioned when Cagalli finally sat back.

"Sounds good to me," Cagalli replied. She squeezed his hand. "And... thank you for telling me."

"We don't have to worry about..."

"We don't have to worry," Cagalli interjected, kissing him almost chastely.


Not a single member of the staff commented on moving Kira's bags into her suite, though Cagalli was sure that the entire world would know about it by morning.

"Nnn..." Cagalli shifted, wondering if possibly the sun was up far too early and if she could get just a bit more sleep before getting started on her day. She bumped against--

"Good morning," Kira said softly, settling an arm around her waist and pressing close. He was warm against her back and Cagalli instantly did a mental inventory to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything too important.

No, they'd just read and told each other stories and started pointing at which furniture pieces would make the best fort walls before Kira had started yawning again. They had slept.

"Morning," Cagalli echoed, shifting a bit to better fit against him. "What time is it?"

"Not too late," Kira replied. "We should have a bit of time before breakfast."

"How much time?" Cagalli questioned as she reached to guide his hand upwards just a bit. Already, Kira's breath was warm on her neck and she was well aware of every part of his body against hers.

"Cagalli..." Instead of touching her, though, Kira pulled away. Before Cagalli could utter a tiny noise of disappointment, she was on her back with Kira over her, looking down at her and smiling.

"This is definitely better," Cagalli said before pulling him down for a kiss. It was her turn to pull at his clothing. He definitely didn't need the blue ZAFT-issue undershirt he was wearing, and he didn't resist her efforts to peel it off of him.

"You sure?" Kira questioned softly.

"Yes," Cagalli replied. She only gasped at his hands on her stomach, pulling up the nightshirt she had on. It had ridden most of the way up overnight anyway, and Kira's hands and then mouth were on her breasts. She couldn't hold in a moan, nor could she keep from pressing up against him.

"You're beautiful," Kira whispered before kissing her again. She opened her mouth, letting her tongue meet his. She reached for his sleep shorts at about the same time he hooked a thumb into the band of her panties. They both started to shift so they could finish undressing, and--

A shrill ring cut through the room, followed a moment later by a different, more musical set of tones.

"My phone," Cagalli mumbled.

"And mine," Kira added, sighing and pulling away to reach for his own device while Cagalli grabbed for hers.

Kira managed to dart out of the bedroom before properly answering his, leaving Cagalli relative quiet to wish a speedy demise to whoever was on the other end of her phone.

"I'm sorry," Kira said, again, as he finished breakfast. "I guess something got lost in the instructions."

"That won't be the last time I get an early morning phone call, though," Cagalli replied, sighing. She had made it through the shower and had gotten dressed for the day while Kira had scrambled over to Morgenroete to move Strike Freedom. Already, Cagalli had gotten a gracious apology from Erica, who apparently hadn't been contacted when the hubris over the machine had started.

"Iolana does what she can, and certainly more than her job requires, but it's important to me to be available, too," Cagalli continued.

"I know," Kira replied. He gave her a little smile. "I don't mind, really. Though... "

"The last thing on my schedule for the day is a party for a retiring general," Cagalli interjected. "While it will probably go on until sometime tomorrow morning, it would be perfectly polite for me to bow out well before dinner."

"And then-"

"You're mine," Cagalli finished as nonchalantly as she could. She liked the expression on Kira's face. "Dinner can be in or out, depends on how much we want to fan these flames."

She pushed her datapad over to Kira. She'd been quite right about the world getting caught right up with her life, including ZAFT Commander Kira Yamato very much sharing her quarters. At least the library was mentioned, though. Cagalli considered it a small win.

"Which would be better?" Kira questioned. He couldn't hide a small wince as he read. "Wow, I don't think anyone ever bothered reporting this stuff about me and Lacus. Not that there was much to report..."

"Neither," Cagalli said. She'd already weighed the odds with Iolana while Kira raced through the shower after returning. "Dinner in means speculation that we're spending the weekend in bed. Dinner out means we'll be watched every second and probably questioned whether or not we've actually gone all the way..."

She met his gaze and wow, was he blushing. "Yeah... and you'll turn that color. Maybe if we go somewhere dark?"

"And you? You're okay with..."

"I'm happy," Cagalli said. "I don't really care what's being written about my personal life. I'm not concerned with it right now. I... You..."

She reached across the table for his hand. "Us, y'know?"

Kira nodded. Cagalli's phone beeped and she sighed.

"I now have twenty minutes to get to a long but important meeting. I'll be home when I can," she said. Kira squeezed her hand and didn't let go as they both stood. Cagalli moved into the kiss he offered, short, but a thorough promise.

"Dinner in," Kira said quickly.

"Dinner in," Cagalli echoed as she squeezed his hand before letting go to grab her datapad and head off. "Have a good day, Kira."

"You too, Cagalli."

She realized, as she walked out to a waiting car, that she'd forgotten to ask Kira what he had planned for the day. Hopefully he wouldn't be bored - hopefully he wouldn't head straight into her closet, even though it did need to be pruned by someone with relatively good taste and a better eye for what looked good on her than she personally had.

Her phone beeped and before she turned the volume down, she shot a quick reply to Erica, who had finally asked the most important question - would Strike Freedom be staying long term?

Cagalli replied that she hoped so, but it still belonged to ZAFT for the time being. As did Kira.

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