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Stand-Alone, By Pairing:

Cloud & Leon
• A View: A stormy night.
• Flawed: There are many kinds of darkness.
• Hands: And charms.
• Here: Picking through the data left behind in Ansem's castle, Leon and Cloud get distracted.
• Jingle: Ridiculous ninja training.
• Moved In: Aerith realizes that Leon isn't living alone.
• No Blush, No Pout: Leon finds a dress and thinks it would look hot on Cloud. Things do not quite go his way.
• Pet: "What's one more piece of leather wrapped around your body going to hurt?"
• Poker Night: No one ever wins at Poker Night, which isn't really about poker anyway.
• Scars: Cloud comes back. Mostly whole.
• Sugar: Leon gets home from a long day, Cloud is in his bed.
• The Ownership of Beer: It's not a homework assignment and it's not a ninja battle.

Ansem & Xehanort
• Courage: Or alcohol.
• Doubt Him True: Reports unwritten.
• Sweet: Melting.
• Unthinkable: Experiments.

Axel & Roxas
• Simple Desire: Best friends forever.
• Vibrant Pain: Sensation.

Riku & The King
• A Calm Before A Storm: Once upon a time, everything went back to normal. The King made sure of it. And then he stopped by to visit Riku.
• A Tangle: Post-CoM, pre-KH2, stopping along a river on the way to the dawn...
• Dragon: Riku fights a dragon! Kinda...

Riku & Leon
• A Thousand Lies: Travels.
• Part & Parcel: Different ideas of a 'relaxing Sunday morning'.
• Puddles: Rain.
• Waterguns: Leon is sent on vacation.

Sephiroth & Cloud
• A Blur of Ceiling: Cloud possibly doesn't have a problem.
• Wishful Thinking: Cloud still wishes.

Riku & Sora
• Rikusexual: An afternoon at the beach...
• Famicom: Sora dreams of a past not his and asks the obvious question about it. (Mentioned Axel/Roxas.)
• Understanding (Up and Apart): Sora/Riku. All things grow up (and apart).
• Grey Skies: Riku/Sora. Going home means making up a lot of homework, being wary of storms, and not talking about new feelings when they don't really need to be talked about at all.

Leon & Sora
• Seabed: Leon and Sora in Atlantica. No singing.
• Amica: Leon/Sora. Years later, Sora drops in. Literally.
• Spring Cleaning: Leon/Sora. That time of year...

No Pairing/Genfic
• A Field Trip: Dream Drop Distance spoilers. Riku, Keyblade-Bearers. It has been declared Field Trip Day, which... could well prove to be awkward. Except it doesn't.
• Battles Lost: Seph & Xigbar. Sephiroth waits for his opponent to make the first move.
• Brightshiny: Bright. Shiny. Christmastown.
• Dance Dream Realization: Post-game, waiting for Riku after school.
• Data Jam: Tron investigates a data jam.
• Equal: Leon levels up.
• Faeries: Yuna, Rikku, Paine. The trio plot.
• Flame: Yuffie. Candles.
• Horseshoe: Leon, Yuffie, Aerith. Aerith and Yuffie disagree...
• More Time Without: Yuffie is home again, but...
• Ninja Mice: Leon, Yuffie. Leon might have mice.
• Phone Home: Leon. Family.
• Promise: Leon and Yuffie. Promises.
• Sequins: Leon loses a bet against Yuffie.
• Sneaking Out: AU - Riku & Sora attempt to rouse the 'new kid'...
• Snow: Sora. Christmastown and snowballs.
• Snowballs and Ice Cubes: Riku and Sora and Christmas.
• To Protect: Selphie, Kairi. Selphie brushes up on her skills.
• Trouble: DiZ, Riku, Roxas. DiZ watches his Roxas-in-progresss...
• Tucked Away: Olette. Secrets.

• Baubles: Selphie & Kairi. Selphie just wants to break the rules, no matter which ones.
• Books and Books: Xeha&Xemnas. To be made whole.
• Bother to Ask: Xaldin & Marluxia. Xaldin wakes up in DiZ's bed very confused, and then Marluxia shows up.
• Cards and Flowers: Leon/Cloud, Angeal/Zack. A sort of prequel to the 'Absolutely Fucked' universe. Sort of. Basically, post-KH2 with Zack and Angeal as faeries like YuRiPa.
• Catch & Release: In which Riku's new body seems infinitely more familiar to those touching it. DiZ/Mickey/Riku.
• Clear: Riku/Cloud. Riku makes his intentions clear.
• Cristopuffle Berry Fever: It's Cid's fault that Leon is sick and Cid might not quite be the cure but he'll certainly help things along.
• Devoted: Xemnas & Zexion. Thoughts - memories - surface at the oddest times.
• Far Too Dirty: Braig/Xehanort. Braig reaps the benefits.
• Friends (Again): Riku. Introductions (a second time).
• Have More Fun: Blonds have more fun. Especially Roxas. Leon/Roxas. Future perfect.
• Jingle and Sway: In which Riku meets his twin. Again.
• Looking for Something Dark: A certain king wonders just how his body will react to the taint of darkness. Sephiroth and... oh, you know. With illustrations!
• Make It Burn: AU, back before, when they were somebodies...
• Minions!: In which Hades requires something and Sephiroth gets the better deal. Maybe.
• Oblivion: Xemnas/Saïx. Sometimes he thought about oblivion.
• Officer of the Peace: In which a very fae Zell encounters Demyx.
• Out Drinkin': Xigbar takes Zexion out for a drink or two or lots.
• Popsicles: The Islands Trio. Everyone wants something to suck on.
• Sand Sora/Cloud. A shadow!Sora gets frisky.
• Silence in Winter: Sephiroth & Xehanort. And scarves.
• Small Favours: That one time that Li Shang met Sephiroth.
• Storms and Sun: Cloud and Sora. Sunny Sunday Valentine...
• The Badfic: Damned getting drunk with faeries. Leon/Cloud, Cloud/'Jenova'.
• War Games: Squall and Ienzo have their little games they play, but truly, who wins?
• Water Elemental: Leon & Demyx. Pants.
• White & Wet: Demyx. Water clones.
• White Sheet: Riku Replica. He would not cry - that was left for those who lived and would have to deal with the blood on their hands.
• Would Follow: Leon, RikuxSora. Leon can't help overhearing.
• Zack Walks Into A Bar: Zack/Demyx. Zack gets hit with a blinding spell, walks into a bar, walks into a bar, and meets a nice young man in town for just one night.

• Having No Light: Leon finds a young man who looks like Riku but isn't. Ongoing. Part 1 \\ Part 2 \\ Part 3 \\ Part 4

When Riku comes back to Radiant Garden, Leon is wary of Malificent's involvement in the event. But the truth might just shatter them both. Riku/Leon.

Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 + Chapter 3 + Chapter 4 + Chapter 5 + Chapter 6 + Chapter 7 ...

Killing Time: Absoverse ficlet... Angeal & Loz.


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