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Absolutely Fucked

Title: Absolutely Fucked
Part: 3/14
Fandom: KH2. Post-KH2..
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Leon/Riku, Sephiroth/Cloud, Sora/Kairi, Full Cast
Rating: MA
Summary: Leon has to ask a very important question. Now with 99% more lightcycles!
Notes: Many thanks to Kitty for giving me a once over on the plot! For kingdom_xiii on LJ. Claim - Riku/Leon, Theme Set - Light, Theme - Valor.

Leon stared at the ceiling as the sun finally peeked above the nearby roofs to let in enough light for him to see the ceiling. Before the sun had risen, he'd simply stared upward. Because he was awake.

Deciding that in a few years, the cracks in the plaster would spread far enough to join and begin sprinkling little bits of dust down onto him when the headboard hit the wall, Leon shifted to stare instead out the window. Up at the roof across the alleyway. One he'd put on, actually, because when everything had been put back together, it hadn't all been done correctly.

In a few years, when the headboard hit the wall...

Even turned in the opposite direction, Leon could feel the heat of Riku's body behind his. They weren't touching, but they had been. Before Leon had woken up in the same way he kept waking up - suffocating in that beautiful silver hair.

In no way did he want Riku out of his bed. But he had to figure out the proper way to pause in the middle of the day and calmly ask that Riku ask Aerith for a hair-tie or two. Because he could only think of himself as greedy - wanting to press his body against Riku's and inhale the nice, natural scent of Riku's skin.

Cloud had helped with that roof, Leon suddenly remembered. And for as many times as he'd shared a bed with any combination of his friend and Sephiroth, he'd never actually slept. Not a wink.

At least, with Riku, he could sleep. Well, until Riku's hair decided that it had other ideas, that was.

But at least that took the better part of the night to happen. Leon almost smiled at the thought of what the morning would bring since neither of them had any work lined up.

Either they'd make it to the shower - or maybe just the bathroom or even only to the room that Riku didn't tend to spend any time in anymore other than to change clothing because despite moving his body in with Leon, he hadn't moved any of his things - or they wouldn't. Leon didn't care. He'd lost this part of his youth to daily survival in Traverse Town.

He had missed fucking. Being fucked. Being kissed and groped while trying to make breakfast - being the one doing the kissing and groping while Riku tried to take care of the breakfast dishes...

So far, for the past three weeks since the night Riku had crawled into his bed, they had done an exorbitant amount of fucking. Leon wasn't sure he wanted to ask where Riku had learned a few of the positions he'd guided their bodies into, or exactly who had been possessing his body when he learned how to drop to his knees and offer perfect oral pleasure.

And so far, he didn't really mind waking up just a little sore, either. They were happy.

Or, Leon decided as the sun lifted itself above the peak of the roof whose shingles he'd laid down by hand, they thought that they were happy.

Because eventually, well, all the fucking would lead to something more... To making love?

He couldn't help himself. Leon chuckled.

Yeah, he'd ask Riku about hair-ties and when to move their relationship to wherever it was supposed to move to, if it was even mobile.


He... had just given a tiny bit of thought to where things would lead. Or should lead.

A... future.

Rolling away from the sun, Leon reached to brush away Riku's hair before softly kissing Riku's neck. Riku barely stirred, shifting only to close a bit of the distance between their bodies.

Sliding away, Leon climbed out of the bed and grabbed at the pajama bottoms that he hadn't even bothered to put on the night before. Foreshadowing, after all.

Breakfast had been interesting at first, when Riku had started making the fish-centric dishes that he was used to. And when Riku had looked disdainfully at some of the meat that Leon had in the freezer. And when...

At least they'd managed to agree on waffles, and waffles were exactly what Leon was attempting to make, straight from the box. They had turned out not-so-burned the day before, which gave him hope for a repeat.


He knew the voice. Much too well.

"Waffle?" he asked the faerie, gesturing to the waffle-maker that he knew had come with the house and had required Cid to rewire it before it could be used without making more smoke than waffles.

"He's asleep." Paine was not asking a question, Leon knew. She was making a statement. She had quite likely cast an extra sleep spell on him on her way through, just in case.

"So..." He was paying Paine to report to him, after all, not to sit on his kitchen table and glare.

"You had good reason to be suspicious."

His hands were empty again; he had nothing to drop. Though his voice did seem to be misplaced for the moment. He looked downward, just in case it had settled near his bare feet.

Two seconds later, Paine had zipped under his nose, her arms crossed across her chest as she shook her head.

"You wanted to know."

"I did," Leon admitted. He had gone through with his idea to hire Paine to do a little spying on Riku, especially while he was working. And he really wanted to regret it, now. What he hadn't known wasn't hurting him. Yet.

"They just talk," Paine offered with a frown. "I can't get close enough to hear them or she'll notice me. But I have a friend..."

"I'll pay you both," Leon said without thinking. "Ask her to..."

"Him," Paine corrected. "We have the same weapons instructor."

"Him," Leon repeated. "Fine."

"I'll even ask him to stay outside your house when you're both home."

Leon froze. He had asked the faerie to check up on Riku whenever possible, but...

"Though really, I don't know what he sees in you," Paine commented before zipping over to point at the counter. "Your waffles are burning."

Lunging for the waffle-maker, Leon managed to open it and unplug it at the same time, sending a burst of smoke through the kitchen.

His waffles were black. He could empathize.

And now he had a question to go with his request: Please put your hair up before you fall asleep and why do you keep meeting with Maleficent, anyway?

Not a good combination.

Wait... Paine had seen... But she had vanished as silently as she had appeared.

With a gentle push, the kitchen window opened far enough for Leon to dump the remainders of what should have been breakfast into the alleyway. At least the birds would have something to eat.

Riku... he could take out to the little café that was always willing to feed them.

"Something burning?"

Leon had just tossed the batter bowl into the sink. Paine hadn't put a sleep spell on Riku after all. Even with a natural resistance to faerie magic, a decent sleep spell would have put him out for another few hours.

No, Paine had just been calling things as she saw them. He had always liked that about her.

"Burned. Past tense. Breakfast," Leon admitted. "Get dressed. We can go out."

"It's early," Riku noted. "And we both have the day off. We can go back to bed."

Leon wanted to take his newfound knowledge and use it to support a protest. But Riku hadn't even bothered with boxers, instead choosing to stand naked in the kitchen doorway with his hair hanging wild and loose over his shoulders.

"Only if you put your hair up," Leon mumbled, much too softly for Riku to actually hear.


"Only for a little while," Leon said quickly. "It's a nice day. We could..."

"We could what?" Riku asked as he took a few steps into the kitchen. "Spar, like every day off? Have lunch with Cloud and Sephiroth and watch you bristle every time Cloud touches me?"

Leon frowned. For as much as he'd thought that Riku was soliciting a slow romp back through one of their beds, this was...

Simply boredom speaking, he hoped.

"You pick, then," Leon said. He could always bow out, after all. Or maybe he was just being the disagreeable one.

Riku stood with his mouth open, as if he wanted to say a thousand things and not a one would dare form into anything audible.

"Think about it," Leon continued as he brushed past Riku and through the doorway. "I'm going back to bed."

"You didn't get me," Riku announced before turning and grabbing the back of Leon's pajamas to pull enough that Leon almost fell backwards. "I have something in mind."

"I'm sure you do." Leon reached back to pull Riku's hand free. "Dinner with Cloud and Sephiroth, then?"

"That's not funny." Riku was frowning when Leon turned to face him. However, with Riku buck naked, Leon couldn't help smiling at the sight. "What?"

"Don't move," Leon said as he dropped to his knees. Riku gasped as Leon reached to touch his penis. At least the blinds were closed.

"You want me to stand here?" Riku tried to ask, losing the end to a moan as Leon replaced his hands with his mouth, licking at soft flesh until it hardened between his lips. "Ah!"

A part of Leon knew that Riku had a point, however. He was a creature of habit, in the end. If something worked, he couldn't see much reason to do anything different. With just a couple of minor changes, the exact same things that made Cloud come fast in his mouth made Riku do just the same. Faster, but shallower. Just a hint of teeth. Reach. Tease.

Riku pulled back, silently reaching behind his body until he found the sofa and collapsed onto it.

"Like to see you stand there and take that..." he muttered before spreading his legs enough for Leon to settle between them and resume the act.

"Sure," Leon said. "But don't you want to come first?"

But before Riku could respond, Leon took the tip of Riku's arousal back in his mouth, spreading saliva with his hands over the length of it.

"Yes," he finally whispered, before leaning back fully. "Yes."

Leon was almost surprised when he felt Riku's body tense before release. He'd expected Riku to pull him away and take him. He almost wanted that, despite the delicious possibilities for what would happen once the obvious scenario was ruled out.

Swallowing as best he could, Leon could feel the pull of Riku's hands at his hair. Accidental, but very real. He licked his lips once before kissing Riku's stomach and reaching to unthread the hands from his hair to intertwine his own fingers with them instead.

Aqua eyes met his. Uncertain.


He swallowed hard, curious yet hesitant.



Well, he hadn't actually been expecting anything romantic, after all.

"Yeah," Leon agreed, letting go of Riku's hands and getting to his feet. He didn't bother to offer Riku a hand - he knew that Riku wouldn't take it.

Instead, he just headed towards the bathroom, shedding his pajama bottoms in the process.

"Y'know," Riku began as he closed the bathroom door, "I think we're going to be doing more with Sephiroth and Cloud than just have lunch."

That was another thing that they just hadn't talked about - Sephiroth and Cloud, singular or as a combined entity. After all, Leon just wasn't sure on the etiquette for that. Especially when Riku had been half-possessed. And he'd just been... lonely?

Before Leon could ask, a pair of fingers trailed down his spine, settling just at the top of his buttocks. Reaching to steady himself against the sink, Leon was far from surprised when those fingers forced their way lower.

Almost out of soap, Leon noticed a second before he squeezed his eyes shut. The thought stuck in his mind, almost comedic as he let Riku guide his body to a slightly less awkward position.

Clinging to porcelain. Legs spread. At least a few new experiences were still to be had.

Lubricant - proper, designed-just-for-sex-lubricant purchased from a leering moogle - was cool against his skin and the ring of muscle that Riku pressed fingers past. He wanted to shiver, but with the heat of Riku's body against his, he was warm. Hot. Burning.

Leon managed to open his eyes for a moment, almost surprised to see his own reflection in the mirror, wide-eyed and tousled, cheeks red and lips parted ever so slightly. And Riku behind him, eyes closed in concentration, smiling.

He gasped, his grip on the sink slipping a bit when Riku pushed another finger into his body. Riku opened his eyes, almost surprised for a second to be meeting his own gaze.

"Watching us?" he asked, pulling fingers away and quickly positioning his erection at Leon's entrance. "Can I lie and say that I planned that, too?"

"Yes," Leon whispered, pushing back just a bit as a prompt. As often as they fucked, he knew Riku still masturbated. And took pleasure in simple handjobs. Acted his age.

"Then keep your eyes open," Riku said as he guided his arousal forward, thrusting deep into Leon's body.

Leon tried. He tried. But he failed, unable to see Riku's equally flushed expression for just a few seconds.

With his eyes open, finally, and Riku's hand on his well-past-ready erection, he could see Riku moving against him. And how he moved as he tried as best he could while trapped between sink and sex to equal the movements.

The fullness was nearly overwhelming - the angle, the way Riku was slowly pulling back even though the hand on his cock was daring him to lose control and come.

He wanted to let go. Of everything. Of Paine's visit and worrying about how to discuss anything...

If only for a few more minutes. Before he had to clean the floor. And find a new bar of soap.

Riku started to move faster, thrusting harder. Leon couldn't watch - couldn't watch himself be fucked. And Riku didn't force him to, even though aqua eyes hadn't moved from their almost fixed gaze.

Moaning much too loudly for the small room, Leon released into Riku's hand, feeling the warm heat of his own seed spread over his erection until he just really couldn't feel anything other that Riku's arms holding him up.

"Hang on," Riku whispered before licking the outline of his ear. "I'll come quick."

Porcelain. White. His own even more mussed reflection staring curiously at him between hard, quick thrusts. And Riku, over his shoulder, silver hair wildly moving for a combined, insane effect.

Riku grabbed at Leon as he came, hands rough on his hips as he forced their bodies together. Leon's stomach hit the sink, thankful he was hunched enough to not have risked bruising anything more important.

Together, they panted, each eyeing the bathtub but both too tired to move for a few moments longer.

"Sorry," Riku finally mumbled, stumbling back. "Did I hurt you?"

"You hit me harder all the time," Leon replied, diving at the tub and turning the water on. It was cool, but felt good against his skin.

Putting the stopper in, Leon crawled into the tub. He didn't care about flipping the middle handle to send the water up to the shower. A bath was fine. He didn't have to stand for that, after all.

A minute later, Riku splashed into the tub before letting out what had to be the girliest shriek that Leon could remember - that hadn't come from a girl, he corrected at the thought of Aerith's last venture cleaning somewhere with large, fuzzy spiders.

"Cold," Riku grumbled from where he had ended up, perched on the edge of the tub. Leon chuckled.

"Didn't say it wasn't." But he did reach for the hot water knob in hopes that the aged hot water heater in the basement would work quickly.

"You're buying breakfast."

Leon felt the water warming up as it hit his toes. He hadn't ever doubted that he would be the one buying breakfast. After all, he'd been the one to burn the original attempt.

Riku dipped a hand into the bath.

"We're going to need Tifa, I think," Riku said a moment later. "Do you have her number?"

Leon shook his head. Tifa had his number. Tifa had everyone's number. And not, exactly, in the sense that had anything to do with telephones.

"You don't find Tifa," Leon said slowly. "She finds you."

"Then hopefully she'll find us," Riku commented before finally easing his body into the water. Leon lunged at the tap, managing to stop the water just before it lapped over the edge of the tub.

In the silence that followed, with Riku's body against his as they tried to find a comfortable way to share the water, Leon could hear the soft trickle of the overflow.

He still needed to clean the floor, after all.

Dried and dressed an hour later, Leon followed Riku out of the house. The sun was crawling lazily upwards in the sky, bright enough that Leon didn't question the sunglasses on the man walking by just as they were leaving.

Though the slight tip of the newsboy hat that covered messy black hair certainly struck Leon as odd. Unless the man knew Riku. But Riku didn't say a word about him as they walked on towards the café.

"Did you want to ask me something earlier?" Riku asked just before they got to the block that housed the café. Leon froze. Between his brain and his mouth, he tried to pick the best option. One that wouldn't jeopardize anything. If Riku wanted rice with dinner. If he had a preference in soap. If...

But he also couldn't believe he kept avoiding the more important issues when it came to Riku.

Time to bite the bullet, metaphorically.

Though as the words fell out of his mouth, he almost wished for a real one.

"Do you have to sleep with your hair down?"

A few seconds of absolute silence passed.

And Riku laughed. "Right, because otherwise it ends up everywhere. I knew that."

But Leon did see the frown that followed, even though it was very brief. There was another sentence that should have followed, but he wasn't sure quite how it went.

'Sora told me that.' Or 'Cloud told me that.'

Leon opened the door to the café, listening to the tiny string of bells jingle just above his head.

He decided, for the time being, that he'd already said too much.

Or hadn't said enough.

Teaching Tifa the mechanics to sending everyone into Ansem's computer had probably not been one of his better ideas, but at the time, three years earlier, he and Cloud had enjoyed the healthy competition of the lightcycle races.

But how Riku had found out about the game was beyond Leon's knowledge. Certainly, he hadn't thought that Riku's surprise for the day would have involved quickly orchestrating a four-man series of races complete with digital versions of their usual weapons.

"You look good in blue," Riku commented, slipping between the lightcycle Leon had selected and his own.

Leon nodded before pulling Riku into a quick kiss that lingered. Of all the things he really hadn't done with Riku during the morning, a lengthy locking of lips was at the top of the list. Though cyberspace certainly was neither the time nor place.

"We could have selected a different option." Cloud's voice was hard to ignore. "There's a setting for a team-mode. One driver, one... defensive specialist."

"Next time," Riku said as he tucked his hair behind his ears. "I want to try this on my own, first."

Cloud chuckled. "I wouldn't expect anything else from you. But c'mon, get on the cycle. Once we're all on, the game will begin."

Riku nodded, hopping up on the cybermachine. He smiled, glancing over once at Leon.

Leon swallowed hard. Sephiroth was already waiting, his body a glowing masterpiece of leather and luminescent feathers. Cloud slid onto his cycle a second later.

And he could hear the countdown. No time to worry about Riku, after all. Because second place was the first loser.

Flooring his cycle right off the line, Leon concentrated on where the walls and columns were appearing. Ducking as Cloud's sword swung over his head, he followed up with a quick thrust of his own gunblade. He was half-tempted to try to fire it, to see what it would do in a controlled environment.

A cycle bumped against Cloud's, knocking the blond off and into a wall. Leon smiled when he realized it was Riku. He knew quite well that Sephiroth was quite willing to sacrifice Cloud for his own gain, but there was just something about seeing Riku do the same thing.

Because, of course, they could work out all of their interpersonal issues silently by smashing each other up on lightcycles.

Leon was thrilled by his own genius - enough that he told his brain to shut up and drive. Certainly, in a real battle, he didn't pause to wonder if his foes had been trading meat the night before and if that was affecting the way they worked together.

"Hey!" Riku pulled closer, yelling over at Leon as they made a sharp left in perfect unison.

"What?" Leon yelled back.

"I did sleep with him. Back then."

Leon wasn't sure if he was supposed to say anything or not.

Riku just shrugged as he pulled his cyber-keyblade from his side.

"But he wasn't my first or anything."

Leon was still pondering those words as he removed himself from the wall that Riku had shoved him into.

Three races later, he'd finally managed to make his way into the lead. With only the walls to watch for, Leon focused on driving.

One out of four wasn't bad, after all.

The program's announcer stated his victory a moment later, letting him slide to a stop just past the finish line as a small screen popped in front of him, showing him the progress of the other racers.

More interesting than the race, which looked more like a standstill as the three other men fought it out without moving forward, was the program modification that Tron had been working on - a virtual garage in which the lightcycles could actually be customized and tuned.

But most of that was done from the console, sadly, with Tron acting as the genial parts-seller.

Tron, who still asked about Sora with a sad sort of smile on his face.

Later, he'd have to come back and remember to tell the system that Sora had finally stumbled most of the way through puberty and found himself a wife. And then laugh at the system crash that would follow.

Cloud managed to skid across the finish line just as Leon looked up. Sephiroth had a firm hold on Cloud, his disabled lightcycle dragging behind him.

Leon shook his head. He didn't want to know.

"Where's Riku?" he asked, glancing down the track.

Cloud shrugged.

"Wall," Sephiroth said. "He'll be fine."

"I didn't doubt that," Leon replied as he helped steady Sephiroth's cycle. Definitely needed to be deleted.

"He had a good idea," Cloud said. "This has been... fun."

"Yeah," Leon replied. "Probably more for the two of us, though. Just like we used to."

Friendship. Without complication. He definitely missed that feeling.

"We can ride double next time," Cloud decided. "You and me, like before..."

"Before?" Both men glanced awkwardly at Sephiroth.


Cloud didn't get to finish his sentence - they all had to lunge out of the way as Riku came barreling over the line, crashing into Sephiroth's cycle. Before Leon could so much as move in Riku's direction, they were briefly flashed through one of the inner consoles and then forced quickly into the castle basement.

"You guys okay?" Tifa cried, running over to Cloud. "I did it too quick, didn't I? Cloud?"

"It's okay," Cloud said. "Thanks for running the program for us."

"No problem," Tifa replied before putting her hands on her hips and staring up at Sephiroth. "But next time I want in. I bet I could finally beat you, Seph."

Sephiroth just chuckled.

"Hey, I mean it." Tifa stomped once, the sound echoing from the metal floor.

"Tifa," Leon warned as he stretched. Somehow, his own body felt just a little foreign after emerging from the computer.

"That was great!" Riku was sitting on the floor, looking at the backs of his hands as if his body was an utter wonder to him. But then, Leon could remember the first trip he'd made into the machine. He understood.

"Would have been better if you could drive," Cloud said. "I can teach you. The physics are totally different in that thing, so... um... You need practice."

And Leon couldn't find the urge to protest. Barriers had been broken, after all. He knew he could trust Cloud - and Riku, to not repeat anything from the past.

The sun had risen on more things than the rooftops.

Note: Reviews are always appreciated. Thank you for reading.



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