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Stand-Alone, By Pairing:

Vincent & Cloud
Happy: Vincent is finished with false starts.
Ice Cream: One of those nights where they just can't sleep
No Cats...: Kittens and kisses.
Nostalgic: Sometimes Vincent found himself wishing he had some bit of past left.
Places to Go, Together: Back in Nibelheim.
Temptation Eyes: Vincent and Cloud, not the best mercenaries ever but certainly trying, find themselves waiting for morning... er, for the rain to stop.
We Do What We Can: In the quiet before, Cloud and Vincent keep finding each other. And do what they can to ease each other's suffering.

Sephiroth & Cloud
Beasts: A woodland battle.
Commands: Cloud finds out that Sephiroth is good at following orders.
Discipline: Just a pre-game PWP. Lemony.
Gateway Sin: A more realistic take on the rockband AU.
Today of All Days: Gateway sinning.
Gathering: Calling All Clones.
Hell and Combat Mecha: Sephiroth finds himself in hell.
Lover's Prayer: Cloud finds a silly thing.
No, I'm Not On My Own: Things go a little sideways after the end of the game.
Puzzle Pieces: Sephiroth is a total curmudgeon about Valentine's Day and Cloud tries a new tactic to get his attention.
Really Complex Masturbation: Cloud discovers a few things in the ShinRa Mansion. Er, they discover him?
She is Beautiful: Zack needs a date for a military function. Cloud... puts on a dress and ends up with Sephiroth.
White: A wedding. And naughtiness.
Whistlestop: When madness enveloped them both, it left them together, alone, standing in a never-ending field of flowers.

Sephiroth & Vincent
Bright: Two monsters who aren't
Chill: Making their own heat.
Forgetful: Sephiroth makes up for lost time.
No Words: No need for words.
Questioning: Perhaps it was one of those things that wasn't supposed to be questioned.

Sephiroth & Zack
Brownies, Cookies, Curtains and a Turtle?: In which Zack navigates all of the items in the title while trying to get Sephiroth out of his formal uniform.
Chocolate Bars and Pointy Rocks: SSo this one time, Zack gets sent to Wutai and Sephiroth is there. Sephiroth apparently has a secret weakness. Things get real funny.
Every Inch: Zack attempts to escape. Kind of.
Wasting Every Moment: Zack has some extra energy. Sephiroth knows what to do.
I Know My Way: There's no need for lights.
Mako Injection: "Sir?" Zack asked, knowing it was full well the middle of the night and he was standing outside Sephiroth's military issued house wearing only his underwear.
Oral Sex: Sudden bursts at bad times.

Other M/M
Airsick: Cid, Cloud, the Highwind, and Yuffie misplacing her gerbil.
Cracked Ribs & Cookies: One injured Turk, one barely-social former Turk. Vin/Reno.
Frustration: Sephiroth needs release.
Giftwrap: Zack prepares a well-wrapped gift: Cloud.
Good Things: Cloud. Drowning sorrows in the rain.
Knot: Rufus has Reno right where he wants him.
Lessons: Zack & Cloud. Private lessons.
Misdirection: Zack/Cloud. All tied up, but for who?
Nice Guys Come First: Cid/Vincent. "You're just so... nice."
Past Closing Time: Tseng/Rufus. Tseng gets stuck 'babysitting'.
Spiralling Towards an End: Clones. Whatever they've become now.
Tales and Rumors: Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent. Cloud stumbles upon a strange scene.
Tiger Drop: When Reno is sent to check on Cloud and one of his prize racing chocobos, a quick stop turns into something far more involved. Uneven Ground: Seph, Zack and Cloud. Stuck in a rut.

F/F and M/F
Little Good/Little Bad: Sephiroth/Cloud/Tifa. Nothing good ever happened to Cloud Strife. Or, on the rare occassions that something good did happen, it tended to be followed by something even worse than the previous bad thing before the good thing. It was a pattern that had gotten old quickly and quite honestly, he'd had about enough of it by the time that every started randomly coming back to life.
Mako Children: Vincent has a nice dream. Jenova takes care of business.
Sign: 15MinuteFiclet. Tifa & Aerith. Consider it a sign...
To Take: Sephiroth/Jenova. Jenova will accept him.
Treasures: Yuffie/Elena. Yuffie is stealing back all of Wutai's treasures and Elena seems to be following her a little too closely.

Dust: Zack explores in Nibelheim.
how you do it: Sephiroth's distance...
Loss: Reflections after the final battle.
Lunge: Chocobo catchin'.
Mountainside Memorial: Every year, they gather. Every year, Cloud mourns.
Persistence (Pays Off): Sephiroth. World domination as a mid-life crisis.
Strange Fate: Cloud finds Priscilla and decides to do the right thing.
Tomato: Vincent walks into a bar...
The Wild: Sephiroth gets away.
Vacation: Darshan debates... Chapter 0.
Ask Me Anything: Follows 'Vacation'. Chapter 1.

What The Heck?
Goodbye: Implied-Seph/Cloud, implied-Zack/Cloud, implied Aerith/Cloud, implied-Sephiroth/Zack/Aerith, implied-Seph/Cloud/Zack/Aerith. Cloud tries to say his goodbyes.


Sephiroth & Cloud

Hot Water!!: Late one night... in the shower...
More Hot Water!!: Later one night... in the shower...
Most Hot Water!!: Later one night... in bed...

Outage: Electricity, attraction, and a bit of a surprise.
Darkest Nights: A bright light on the darkest night of the year.


What if Cloud wasn't the only one pulled out of the lifestream in Mideel? What if there were others, including a seemingly mild-mannered businessman?
What if there were a whole lot of times when everything was all about life, death, and coffee? Sephiroth/Cloud.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9
Outtakes | Apology | Morning Fog
Fingers & Hands
Routine | Life | Spring
Wishes With Wings 1 | Wishes With Wings 2
Living Without Worry 1 | Living Without Worry 2 | Living Without Worry 3 | Living Without Worry 4
Living Without Worry 5 | Living Without Worry 6 | Living Without Worry 7 | Living Without Worry 8
Living Without Worry 9 | Living Without Worry 10 | Living Without Worry 11 | Living Without Worry 12

This one time, pre-game, some bad stuff happened. And everyone was involved, kinda. There was a whole bunch of smut, too, and some strange goings on.
Really it's about Zack but not about Zack and now that they made Before Crisis this is all A/U but damnit Kalli started this in 2003! YA.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Zack/Vincent, post-game, in a harsh world where freedom is a strange wish and when it rains, it pours.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue

Imagine that Aerith gets bored with being dead. Imagine that she thought it would be cute to try to bring back a certain silverhaired pretty boy.
Imagine she got Kuja instead.
Imagine if she left him with Vincent.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 ...

Aerith took all the crazy homicidal darkness out of Sephiroth and hugged it to death.
And then she didn't really know what to do with him, so she shoved him back to life and told him to do better this time.

Chapter 1 \ Chapter 2 \ Chapter 3 \ Chapter 4 \ Chapter 5 \ Chapter 6 \ Cat Herding: A Sidestory


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