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Title: Wishes With Wings (A Brightest Blue Eyes Afterstory)
Part: 2/2
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Cloud, Sephiroth, OFC, others mentioned
Rating: MA overall
Summary: It's never over.
Notes: -

"Now?" Cloud asked, already knowing the answer. He wasn't going to protest. Despite the heavy nature of the day, he hadn't been able to chase away stray fantasies of just what it would be like to be taken by the angel, his fingers tracing the sensitive bases of those stunning wings as they were joined.

Sephiroth turned quickly and pinned Cloud against the wall with both arms and wings, kissing him deeply and rubbing their bodies together in raw lust.


"Angel, you can let go of me any time now," Cloud chided as he struggled to climb the stairs while being actively groped and kissed.

"No way," Sephiroth replied, pulling Cloud into a tight embrace when they reached the landing. "I almost lost you today. Don't do that again."

"Fine," Cloud said with slight smile. "I'll be more careful. But can we get to the bedroom before you get all my clothing off?"

"Everyone here has seen you naked before," Sephiroth shot back quickly as he slid a hand into Cloud's pants. "It'd be nothing new."

"I don't think anyone would want to come across us making love in the hallway," Cloud replied, trying to guide Sephiroth to their bedroom.

"They've always just stepped over us in the past."

"You're horrible."

"And yours," Sephiroth finished as they stepped into the bedroom. Cloud pulled the door shut before succumbing to Sephiroth's persistence.

"I thought I was yours," Cloud replied as he watched Sephiroth start to undo his own pants.

"Is this the time to argue about it?"

Cloud shook his head as he made short work of what was left of his clothing and watched a moment as Sephiroth tried to find a comfortable position on the bed. On his side, his wings went straight out behind him but knocked against the wall. Cloud couldn't contain a slight snicker.

"Have a better idea?" Sephiroth asked, just a bit harshly.

"Me... under you..." Cloud didn't wait for a response before crawling onto the bed and attempting to guide Sephiroth over him and not have those beautiful wings bang into too many things.

"These had better not be permanent," Sephiroth murmured before resuming where he'd left off kissing Cloud.

"Vincent said..." Cloud began once his mouth was freed from Sephiroth's demanding kisses. He felt half melted yet exceptionally needy. He could feel the bit of liquid from the tip of his arousal drip down onto his stomach. Sephiroth was still on his hands and knees, denying Cloud the pleasure of contact.

"Aren't there better things to discuss?" Sephiroth interrupted, reaching down with one hand to lightly grip Cloud's erection, taking the liquid between his thumb and forefinger and using it to slick Cloud's arousal as he stroked it. Cloud just moaned and pushed against Sephiroth's hand. He closed his eyes, just letting the sensation pour through him.

"Why don't we discuss you coming for me?" Sephiroth whispered, his voice low as he pressed his lips just beneath Cloud's ear before letting his tongue dart up to play with the stud that pierced the lobe.

He didn't let up with his hand, instead speeding up his rhythm. Cloud's body wasn't new to him; he knew exactly how to play it, how to get what he wanted as quickly as possible while giving Cloud as much pleasure as both could manage.

"Angel..." Cloud cried, pressing against the hand that stroked him, letting his lips be guided into a deep kiss a moment later. Between the hand perfectly touching him and Sephiroth's tongue basically fucking his, Cloud knew he couldn't hold back. Not that he had any reason to, anyway. He liked this little game, his seed being used as lubricant for what would amount to a quick and hard but downright amazing experience.

Sephiroth moaned into Cloud's mouth as his hand was filled with warmth. He could feel Cloud's own cries, not so much audible as vibrations. He wanted. He didn't want to ever come close to losing Cloud again.

With one hand between Cloud's legs to stretch and slick the blond's opening, Sephiroth found himself lost in a challenge to touch and taste every inch of Cloud's body between the hand he had free and his mouth.

Not that Cloud was protesting any. He only looked up for a moment when Sephiroth leaned back too quickly and bumped the bottom of his wings against the bed.

Cloud was always so hot inside, so inviting. As much as he was enjoying looking for that elusive spot hidden within Cloud's body, Cloud was begging for him, reaching his arms up to try to get their bodies closer.

Pulling his hands back, Sephiroth positioned them both once he found a way that he wouldn't be accidentally knocking his wings into anything. He stopped worrying about that anyway the second he thrust his arousal into Cloud's tight body.

They moved together, Cloud holding tight to Sephiroth before slowly moving his hands up to again trace the junction of wing and flesh.

Sephiroth moaned, pausing mid-thrust while Cloud ran his fingers through the soft downy feathers on his back. It was a little bit of a surprise just how it was affecting him.

This wasn't going to be a long encounter. Cloud was hard again, his arousal pressed between their bodies. And with the absolutely erotic new form of stimulation, the point of no return was quickly growing near.

Shifting slightly, Sephiroth pushed Cloud's legs up, angling himself so he could make Cloud come first. It wouldn't take long, Sephiroth knew. And even with Cloud's hands free from his back, he could feel a lingering tingling emanating from them.

Their orgasms were within seconds of one another, each crying out and grasping the other tightly. Even when they started out just having sex, the line between that and something more always tended to get blurred.


Cloud's eyes were wide, full of concern and it drew Sephiroth from his reverie.

"Your wings..."

He couldn't look back easily, but the tingling was actually a bit stronger than it had been. It wasn't the hugest surprise to see them slowly vanishing, disintegrating into thin air.

"I was looking forward to sleeping on your stomach, too," Sephiroth said, smiling as he sat up. The second his wings hit the bed, they vanished. And reaching back, whatever he touched his hands went through.

It was truly over.

"You still can," Cloud said quickly. "But not just yet."

"I always thought you drank," Rae said as she handed Vincent a decidedly alcohol-free beverage.

"Sometimes," Vincent replied, watching as Rae didn't miss a beat while moving along, clearing the bar of debris. Only a couple people were left in the restaurant so late in the night. Pretty was asleep in a nearby booth. She'd managed to eat and chatter for a reasonable amount of time before fatigue again caught up to her.

"I caught a few phrases from the narcoleptic that you two are going to Midgar tomorrow. Eloping?"

Rae's question caused Vincent to almost spit out his mouthful of liquid.

"I'm guessing not."

"Pretty is seeing a specialist in Mako poisoning," Vincent said, trying not to cough. "I'm not even sure how long she'll be there or if I'll stay with her."

"You'd better," Rae replied, picking up an empty beer bottle and waving it around threateningly.

Vincent didn't say anything, instead he just glanced over to where Pretty's feet hung off the edge of the booth. The rest of her wasn't visible, but Vincent assumed her to still be asleep. Most of the time she was awake, he'd noticed, she was asking for something.

"But... she can be cured, right?"

"I don't see why not," Vincent said after a pause. "As long as she has the proper motivation to get better. I think that's been half of her problem all along."

"I'm amazed she doesn't want to stay here to see what sort of commotion is going to come about," Rae tossed off a moment later as she examined the edge of a glass for chips. "I mean, after this morning... Sure the locals don't much care about Angel, he's our hero. But the tourists are another story."

"You think there will be trouble?"

Rae shrugged. "I think you know so much more about this then you're letting on. After all, you're completely nonchalant about your girlfriend's brother having wings."

"She's not my..." Vincent began, only to realize his protests would most likely have no effect. "The wings are simply a limit break, something trained fighters can occasionally manage. I'm sure stories of my own powers have circulated."

Rae paused before her eyes grew wide.

"That's right!" she exclaimed. "You're... you're... no wonder you don't always drink."

Vincent managed a slight smile. "It's natural for me to assume Angel's situation this morning was from something similar to what causes my transformations."

"It's Mako, isn't it... The Lifestream..."

"Amongst other things," Vincent answered. "There seem to be other factors."


It was too much information. Vincent knew exactly where the limit was as far as what he should divulge. So far he hoped it was enough to keep Angel safe but to not let anyone get too close to the truth. Instead of answering, he switched the hand he was holding his glass with, letting the metal of his left hand clink loudly as he did so.

"Right..." Rae walked back down to the other end of the bar to tend to her few other patrons.

Vincent was lost in his thoughts until she came back.

"Didn't mean to pry into your business," she offered, setting down her bar rag and leaning back against the back counter. "It's just that Pretty is my friend and I have a right to be concerned."

"That's understandable," Vincent said, emptying his glass and setting it gently back on the bar.

"Want another?"

"I should wake her and get her home. She probably won't get a break while on the Highwind," Vincent said. "I think the entire crew remembers that she gives good back massages."

Rae laughed before snatching the glass and dumping it into the sink beneath the bar. "There's a good point."

Sephiroth and Pretty were sitting at the kitchen table when Cloud groggily stumbled down the back stairs. There was a mass of papers in front of them, along with a half-eaten breakfast.

"Cloud, there are pancakes in the oven," Sephiroth said, barely looking up from what he was pointing out to Pretty.

"Why are you two up so early? I didn't think the Highwind was coming back by until evening."

Two pairs of eyes shot up to trap Cloud.

"I have too many directions!" Pretty wailed, causing Sephiroth to shake his head.

"This is stuff from the doctor, medical notes, treatment notes, information on..."

Sephiroth was cut off by another outburst from Pretty.

"I don't see why I need to know all of this. I mean, if it's written down, I'm sure..."

"Just listen to Angel," Cloud cut in, walking over to steal a piece of abandoned bacon from Pretty's plate. "You're going to be in a big city meeting all sorts of people. You need to have your facts straight."

Sephiroth, Vincent and Cloud had been up half the night discussing the details. What Sephiroth and Cloud hadn't really known was that Vincent had everything arranged to begin with, including extensive help from ShinRa once they got to Midgar. Of course, little details were kept from both sides, but it was only precautionary.

"I need to pack, too."

"Hiki is packing for you," Sephiroth reminded Pretty. "She took in a pile of your clothing too, so you aren't walking around Midgar trying to keep your pants up."

Pretty pouted. "But I..."

"And no weapons," Cloud said quickly. "None. If you simply must be armed, you'll have to discuss it with your new doctor."

"And you think I'm somehow going to get better if I don't take my sword?"

Sephiroth and Cloud exchanged glances. If nothing else, they were going to enjoy a few weeks of peace and quiet in their own home. Ever since Pretty had gotten sick, she'd acted more and more juvenile. It was apparently a common reaction, but it was getting irritating.

Sephiroth brought a hand to his forehead.

"Just yield on the matter," he muttered loudly. "Or else I will have Cid tie you to the front of the Highwind. And I don't mean the inside."

Pretty squeaked and nodded. She couldn't imagine Sephiroth actually doing anything like that, but it was a good threat nonetheless.

At that exact moment, one of the guests knocked at the backdoor in search of extra towels.

"I wonder if I'm from Midgar," Pretty said as she carefully watched Hikari pack for her. Hikari was quite pregnant, but still did simple tasks around the resort.

"That's right, y' don't know for sure," Hikari answered as she made her way back to Pretty's closet. "So maybe."

Pretty nodded. She was sitting on her bed, not far from the suitcase. But she was tired already and had to admit that Hikari's help was more than appreciated.

"Have you ever been to Midgar?"

Hikari laughed.

"I've never left this island," she replied. "But maybe someday it'd be nice to go see... snow! I want to see snow."

"There was snow in Nibelheim when I met Cloud," Pretty replied. "Well, not on the ground, but up in the mountains behind the town."

"That's right," Hikari broke in. "I should pack you warm things in case Midgar is cold. You still have those layer-shirts that were all the rage?"

"Beast got 'em," Pretty replied, thinking as hard as she could to remember what she did have. "Check in the back. I know I have a sweater."

While Hikari threatened to vanish into the closet, Pretty shifted to dig through what had been packed for her so far. At the rate things were going, her borrowed suitcase would be full with no room to hide her sai.

A knock at the door startled both women. Pretty hadn't even noticed it was closed, but in order for anyone to get in or out of the closet easily, especially pregnant, it'd had to be pushed mostly shut.

"Pretty?" It was Cloud's voice.

"Hold on," Hikari answered, emerging empty-handed before stepping aside and opening the door.

"Hiki, I almost forgot you were helping Pretty pack," Cloud said.

"I'm not easy to miss these days," Hikari shot back, smiling.

"Can I get a minute alone with Pretty? I have a gift for her."

Pretty and Hikari looked at one another before they both nodded.

"That's fine," Hikari said. "I need to go to the bathroom anyway. It seems like all I do anymore."

Cloud made a face. Obviously that was too much information for him.

"Sorry," Hikari whispered, offering Pretty a quick wave before darting from the room and down the hallway.

"Gift?" Pretty asked, not seeing Cloud holding anything.

"Something special," Cloud replied, reaching back to pull something from his pocket.

"Do I have to close my eyes?"

"Just put out your hands," Cloud commanded, obviously wanting to move things along.

Pretty complied and had something quickly dumped into them. Cloud moved his hand away, letting Pretty be momentarily extremely confused.

Lying in her hands was a corded necklace ending with a handful of glass beads and a solitary white feather.

It clicked a second later and Pretty's eyes grew wide.

"I thought they vanished," she said softly, her body shaking slightly.

"I found three on the floor in the kitchen," Cloud replied. "No one else will know what it is, but if you get too lonely... um, while you're away."

He was looking away. It had taken them a couple years, but they had grown close. They had a common interest after all, taking good care of Sephiroth.

The Highwind came in later than expected due to bad weather, leaving just a small group waiting to see Pretty off.

Once onboard, Pretty basically collapsed into bed, not so much tired as just unable to stand up for any longer than necessary. But she was now on her way to Midgar and hopefully recovery.

A few hours later, long after the town was silent, a small craft landed and three dark-clothed figures got out, waving quickly after grabbing their bags. The plane took off a moment later, and in the blink of an eye, there was no evidence anyone had been there at all.

So much for life without worry.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.