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Title: Brightest Blue Eyes
Part: 5/9
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Cloud, Sephiroth, OFC, others mentioned
Rating: MA overall
Summary: The 'Action' Chapter
Notes: This was written in January 2003 and basically is one of the cornerstones of this site. It has been edited, re/coded and everything else since, but is still very... 'back then'. Before all the new canon.

He felt horrible. Sephiroth was doing his best to do the right thing and respect Cloud's wishes and still Cloud was having negative thoughts. And rather naughty thoughts, too, he realized a second later as he caught sight of Sephiroth's front. It was now or...

"Seph- Angel?" Cloud said, opening the shower door a couple inches.

"Yes, Cloud?" Sephiroth didn't turn. He managed to get everything hung as best he could and had his hand on the door knob.

"You can open your eyes," Cloud said slowly. "And... you can join me if you want."

Sephiroth opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the light almost instantly. The frosted shower door obscured Cloud slightly, but it didn't matter. Details from a decade ago flooded into his mind at the same time Sephiroth realized there wasn't much steam in the room to hide in.

"Have you been in the shower long?"

Cloud closed his eyes for a moment. "Just a couple minutes." He took a deep breath, and pushed the door open further. "You'd best come in before the floor gets soaked."

Sephiroth held back for another couple seconds, just in case Cloud still wanted to back out.


"Are you sure?"

"Second chances are for doing everything we didn't get a chance to the first time around," Cloud said slowly, beckoning with one finger through the open door.

Nodding, Sephiroth walked to the shower. As he pulled the door shut, he smiled. "How about I wash my hair first, and then we get to the second chances?"

Cloud let his eyes roam over Sephiroth for a moment; he'd forgotten just how well endowed his superior officer was.

Sephiroth caught the appreciative gleam in the blond's eyes as he reached back to untie his hair. He closed his eyes and arched his body slightly as he shook out the silver mane.

Cloud whimpered softly. His earlier hesitance and confusion were silenced when Mako green cat's eyes opened and stared straight into his. "They gave you the right name. You do look like an angel. Even without your wings."

"Wings? You don't mean I..." Sephiroth stepped back, bumping into the shower wall.

Cloud nodded. "You don't remember it?"

Sephiroth shook his head quickly. "It's not quite there yet. Some things I just can't seem to remember."

"It's alright, I can tell you. I can show you." Cloud beckoned for him to come closer.

Sephiroth stepped to the middle of the shower as Cloud edged around him to brush spun silver forward, under the spray of hot water.

"You didn't have wings like a normal angel. You were a special kind. Yuffie told me later - she looked it up, I guess, but I don't remember what the exact word is. But you were... are very special type of angel."

Cloud traced a pair of lines down Sephiroth's back. "You didn't have wings here, like normal angels do," he explained. "Though I think you'd look good with them."

Sephiroth gasped when he felt Cloud's lips begin to trace the lines he'd drawn with his fingers.

"Cloud..." Sephiroth knew the younger man's emotions had to be spiraling out of control. He didn't want to do anything either of them would regret.

"Let me keep explaining," Cloud said, wrapping his arms around the front of Sephiroth and pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Please," he whispered into Sephiroth's neck as he trailed kisses down it. "I have ten years to exorcise."

Sephiroth realized then that he wasn't the only incredibly aroused by the entire situation. Cloud nipped gently along the other's shoulder as he pressed his body close.

"Cloud..." It was more of a gasp than the beginning of anything coherent.

"You had one wing here..." Cloud continued, running his hand over Sephiroth's right arm until he caught Sephiroth's hand. He gave it a quick squeeze before trailing his fingers back to Sephiroth's chest and over the closer nipple. "And you were absolutely naked, just like you are now."

Cloud moved under the spray of water, letting it hit against his head and back as he pushed Sephiroth back to the wall again.

"Cloud, what are you...?"

"Mmmm, Angel," Cloud murmured, eyes again feasting on the other man. "You can touch me too, you know."

"I know. But after everything that's happened in the last twenty-four hours, the last thing I want to do is push you too..." Sephiroth didn't get to finish his explanation as Cloud silenced him with a quick kiss.

Cloud was smiling as he stepped back. Sephiroth had only one thought - two can play at this game.

"Tell me more about being a sexy naked angel."

Cloud laughed. "Did I say you were sexy?" he teased.

"Many years ago a worthless rookie guard with silly spiky blond hair told me I was even sexy when I was delirious and shaking from excess Mako treatments." Sephiroth pushed Cloud aside for a second and grabbed for a bottle of shampoo.

Cloud was silent while he watched the older man clean that captivating hair.

"So..." Sephiroth continued, rinsing his hair as quickly as he could. "Was I?"

"Were you what?"

"Sexy?" Sephiroth put his hands on his hips and playfully pouted like a child.

Cloud tried not to laugh, but couldn't help himself.

"That's not a good answer," Sephiroth said, pushing Cloud mock-forcefully against the shower wall.


"Did I excite you as an angel?" Sephiroth dropped gracefully to his knees and licked the tip of the blond's arousal. "Were you as hard as you are now?"

Cloud didn't say anything; he couldn't say anything. He just let his head fall back and hoped the hot water wouldn't run out.

"I want to make you happy, Cloud," Sephiroth said before taking Cloud's erection into his mouth and sucking gently. He ran his tongue along the underside and reveled in the noises now flowing freely from Cloud's mouth.

"Seph... Angel... My Angel...." Cloud moaned, arching against the shower wall and trying to find something to grab onto to hold himself upright. One hand found a bar in the shower, the other hand tangled into Sephiroth's liquid silver hair.

"So this pool is off limits because there's a drop off in the middle?" Tifa asked, letting her legs float up.

"Not just that - it does other weird things," Pretty explained from the far side of the pool. She was up on a high stone ledge, which left her only barely submerged.

"Weird things?" Vincent asked. He'd barely moved, but just once, when Tifa turned quickly, she was sure he had been smiling.

"There really isn't a bottom to this pool," Pretty said. "Sometimes the Lifestream comes up through it."

Tifa looked worried. "Is it safe to be in?"

"Now, yes. But when there's Mako floating in it, no. I've seen it a bunch of times, and even had it happen once while I was in here, but I saw it right away and got out." Pretty stuck out her tongue. "It'll stay about a week and then be gone overnight. I think it has something to do with this being a holy place."

"It very well could be," Vincent said. "I feel... peaceful here. It's so quiet."

"Angel... Angel... I can't take any more..." Cloud moaned, clinging to the shower bar for dear life as Sephiroth brought him closer to the edge.

Sephiroth was stroking himself with one hand while using the other hand to further pleasure his lover. That hand was currently trying to force Cloud's legs apart enough to reach between them.


The younger man took the cue and spread his legs willingly, allowing Sephiroth full access to his opening.

"Angel! Please!"

Sephiroth let go of his own erection so he could use that hand to stroke the part of Cloud's arousal he couldn't get in his mouth. The other hand was still questing between Cloud's legs, tracing lightly along the soft secret skin.

"Angel! Sephiroth!"

Cloud tensed, it was all too much. He came almost violently - Sephiroth grabbed his hips to hold him. Sephiroth swallowed what he could, letting the rest fall down onto his chest.

Pretty grinned and flashed the victory sign. "And this is what makes a Heaven's Cloud return customer."

"So what do you do here, anyway?" Tifa asked. "Besides kill Mako beasts."

"I do many things," Pretty said. "During the tourist season, which starts in a couple weeks, both Hikari and I take the tourists to do various things. She usually takes them shopping in town and I usually do trips to the beach or teach people to ride chocobos. I also help cook, clean, whatever needs to be done..."

"Will you take me into town later? I haven't really been to Mideel in five years." Tifa was now just floating in the middle of the pool with her hair fanned behind her.

"Probably - we'll see what Angel has planned for dinner first though."

Green eyes met blue as Cloud looked breathlessly down at Sephiroth. He slumped into Sephiroth's arms and Sephiroth cradled him on the shower floor, oblivious to the water still raining down on them both.

Sephiroth licked his lips and ran his fingers down his chest to catch the last couple drops of Cloud's orgasm before the water washed them away. He ran his tongue over each finger, eyes sparkling as he watched Cloud grin blissfully.

"Seph?" Cloud whispered after a moment. He frowned, bright blue eyes closing for a second.

Sephiroth was ready to panic. Did Cloud think this was moving too fast? But he had...

"Seph... Angel... Let me..." Cloud was still breathing hard as he shifted both their bodies until he was straddling Sephiroth's legs. "I need... you."

"We should head back soon. Some of us have been up for more hours than we can count and need sleep," Pretty said, pulling herself up so only her legs were in the pool.

"And some of us were hit by sleep spells and missed all the action," Tifa retorted.

"I think there's plenty of action to come," Vincent said, shaking off his claw as he climbed out. He'd already explained twice that it wouldn't rust. "After all, Cloud is involved."

Sephiroth grabbed Cloud's hands and brought them both to his arousal. "Just... use your hands."

"You don't... want me?"

Sephiroth pulled the blond into a deep kiss. "I want you so badly," he explained, moving his hands back down over the Cloud's and guiding them. "I'm so close..."

Cloud nodded and let his head rest on Sephiroth's shoulder as he let his hands explore the man beneath him. Sephiroth moaned and kissed Cloud's neck as Cloud moved his hands faster.

"Cloud..." Sephiroth gasped, burying his hands into blond spikes.

"Angel... I need you so bad, Angel," Cloud whispered as Sephiroth grabbed him tighter.

"Cloud!" His whole body shook in release, pulling Cloud to him as he came.

"Come on! I didn't realize how late it had gotten. They're probably wondering where we are. That or making up stories about me and Vinnie," Pretty said, pulling her clothing on with practiced speed.

Vincent said nothing as he pulled on his pants.

"I don't want to come out - it's cold!" Tifa protested.

"It's only cold for a moment. Then it's warm again," Pretty said. "I've been doing this for years, I know how it works.

Cloud didn't want to ever stop kissing Sephiroth. They'd both managed to get back on their feet to clean up, but neither wanted to let go of the other long enough to do anything other than get conditioner in Sephiroth’s hair.

"Cloud, let me finish washing. We have forever, remember?" Sephiroth said when his lips were freed for a moment.

"But what if something cataclysmic happens?" Cloud asked before nipping at Sephiroth's neck.

"We're hard to kill," Sephiroth replied, managing to rinse his hair. "Besides, cataclysmic is my category."

Cloud managed a smile. "We have ten years of catching up to do. We should be working on it."

"Fine. And you didn't answer my question from before. Was I a sexy angel?"

Cloud nodded, smiling. "The sexiest. A little creepy - but in the good sexy creepy way, of course."

"Of course." Sephiroth smiled. "Tell me more."

Cloud frowned in thought. "You were a real bastard to kill."

"I don't die easily," Sephiroth said, grabbing Cloud in his arms. "It'll take something worse than you to get rid of me."

At that exact moment the hot water finally ran out.

"Hey Yuki - what are you still doing here?" Pretty asked as the trio walked up to the chocobo stable. The black-haired man was busy scratching Kooja's head.

"Miss Pretty!" Yuki exclaimed, turning. He looked questioningly at Pretty's companions.

"Oh, have you not met everyone? I guess not. Um, these are friends of mine that I met while traveling. This is Tifa and Vincent," Pretty explained, gesturing to each of them. "And this is Yuki. He cooks and does odd jobs around the resort."

"Nice to meet you, Yuki." Tifa said, giving him the once over.

Vincent simply nodded.

"I almost forgot!" Pretty burst out. "There's one more - his name's Cloud, he's got blond spiky hair and..."

"I met him already," Yuki said, smiling. "Angel sure has taken a liking to him. A bit quick, I reckon, but..." he trailed off, looking almost embarrassed.

"What?" Tifa asked.

"Well, don't tell Angel about this, but I was thinking since Pretty has friends here I'd stay and make dinner... So I went into the house after finishing out front and..." Yuki paused, searching for the right words. "Those two aren't quiet!"

Pretty burst out laughing and kept laughing until she had to grab onto Vincent to keep her balance.

"Was it really unexpected?" Vincent asked.

"I don't know about your friend, but Angel... He's never brought nobody home," Yuki said, oblivious to what the other three were thinking.

"Maybe the boss has finally decided to fully enjoy his second chance," Pretty said. "Besides, you saw Cloud - he has one hell of a nice ass."

Cloud curled underneath the blankets of Sephiroth's bed. He was absolutely exhausted. Sephiroth wished he could join him, but he knew that the second he did, someone would be yelling for something or other. It was just how things worked, running the resort. If it wasn't an employee, it was a guest, and if it wasn't a guest, it was a flock of damned Mako beasts.

He sighed as he watched Cloud's breathing even out. There was always the paperwork he'd started earlier. Maybe if he brought it up, he could work on it and still be near Cloud.

Before he could get to the doorway, he heard footsteps in the hallway. He opened the door just as Pretty was about to knock.


"Sshhhh." Sephiroth hushed the woman and gestured to the bed. Pretty peered past him to the lump under the blankets and smiled.

Pretty winked. "Yuki was right," she whispered.


"He said you weren't very quiet," Pretty explained, grinning. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Tifa and Vincent are resting in Cabin Seven and I'm going to take a nap as well."

"That's fine," Sephiroth said. "I'll soundproof the entire house and buy Yuki earplugs."

"Sounds like a plan, Angel. Um... Oh! When you figure out what we're doing for dinner, if we're doing a group thing..." Pretty trailed off and made a face. She just realized the two may have made separate plans and didn't want to ruin them.

"We can head to town in an hour and a half," Sephiroth said after a moment. "I'll wake everyone then."

"Okay!" Pretty said, waving quickly as she turned to go. "And I'll tell Yuki he can go home and try to repress the entire afternoon."

Sephiroth groaned. Sometimes Pretty had a little too much fun. After checking on Cloud one last time he silently left the room and headed downstairs to grab his paperwork. It was mainly reservations that needed to be entered onto the master schedule. A couple other sheets were just orders for food and supplies from local merchants. Those could be done last.

The phone rang. Sephiroth hated the damned thing. He'd not wanted to get anything beyond an antiquated rotary phone, but necessity also warranted an answering machine. Beyond that, mail, faxes, and computer generated information all came from town.

Still, he didn't want the racket to wake Cloud. With a sigh, he sprinted to the office room and grabbed the receiver.

"Hello, Heaven's Cloud Hot Springs Resort, this is Angel. How may I help you?"

"Are you coming into town tonight?"

Sephiroth recognized the voice as that of Kei at the post office.

"I hope to."

"Good. You have mail for one of your guests, a couple faxes, and Ducari dropped your bounties here instead of taking them to you since it was so late in the day. I'd like to see him try to kill a..."

"Relax, Kei, take a deep breath and calm down," Sephiroth said. Kei was like an older version of Pretty, only with light hair and a hundred extra pounds.

"Right. Sorry, Angel... shouldn't let my grievances out on customers, huh?" Kei said, laughing. "Anyway, come by whenever, I'll be in the office all night getting ready for the tourists. I have some great decorations to..."

"Kei, I'll see you later. I have guests to take care of," Sephiroth said quickly. The woman would talk all day if she wasn't stopped.

"Oops. Have a good afternoon Angel. You know, I heard Miss Pretty was back."

"And you'll see her later. I have to run. Bye, Kei." Sephiroth hung up the phone quickly. He sighed, happy to have made that a relatively short conversation.

"We need to stop by the post office on the way," Sephiroth said as he helped Tifa into the cart. "I'm sorry I don't have a truck."

"The chocobo cart is fine," Cloud said. "But it doesn't have quite enough room for all of us."

"Pretty is going to ride separate."

"Where is she, anyway?" Tifa asked, settling her borrowed dress around her. Luckily most of her body was close enough to Pretty's that she could borrow something for a nice dinner.

"Either getting the damned thing started or trying to figure out a way to show off when she shows up," Sephiroth replied.

"Started?" Vincent asked. They'd decided his usual black clothing was dressy enough. Luckily he had extra shirts - ones he vowed not to let Pretty near.

"Started. I have an older motorcycle that I keep around for emergencies."

"A motorcycle!" Cloud exclaimed. "I once had a Hardy Daytona."

"You once stole a Hardy Daytona," Tifa corrected quickly.

"Like I said, I once had a Hardy Daytona," Cloud said, smiling as he looked to Sephiroth. "I can't see you on a motorcycle."

"Really? I thought I looked more ridiculous on a chocobo."

Another five minutes passed without seeing either Pretty or a motorcycle, at which point Sephiroth decided she could catch up and started the cart towards town.

"How the hell am I supposed to ride in this?" Pretty exclaimed, looking down at her dress.

She looked at the motorcycle, then at the bottom of her dress, then back at the motorcycle. And then she sprinted towards the house.

"Here you go!" Kei said, handing Sephiroth an armload of papers and a large box.

"Thanks Kei, now I really need to go to dinner."

"But you said you'd bring Pretty by. Where is she?" Kei asked, looking around the front of the post office.

"She ended up needing another few minutes, I'll tell her to stop on the way back from dinner," Sephiroth said, trying to escape to the door.

"Have a good dinner. Say, where are you going? You look nice tonight, you know? Angel?" Kei looked around, but saw only the door swinging shut.

"What is all of that?" Cloud asked when the pile was dumped on his lap.

"The bounty money is in the box, and the other stuff should be reservations and guest mail," Sephiroth explained, leaping into the cart and urging the chocobos onward.

"Oh!" Tifa exclaimed, reaching over both men to grab an envelope. "This one's for you, Vincent."

Vincent looked puzzled. "Who knows I'm here?" he asked, taking the letter from Tifa.

He slit the top quickly with a claw finger and pulled out a sheet of paper.

"This is quite interesting," he said a moment later. "Quite interesting indeed."



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.