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Kalli's Journal

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Stand-Alone, By Pairing:

Laguna & Squall
Abomination: A very not-drunk!Squall makes his move.

December: Laguna says 'yes' too many times.

Laguna Shower Fic: Laguna in the shower.

Light: A shadeless lamp with a 60 watt bulb.

The Talk: Laguna realizes he's neglected a very important conversation.

Trade: Laguna proposes a trade.

Squall & Zell
Eyes Open: On the way back from a mission, the car breaks down.

Where Every Day Is A Rock Hunt: A little Shumi what-if with Squall and Zell... talking.

A Slight Delay: Zell proves himself a wonderful distraction.

Leather: Leather is best removed...

Other M/M, F/F, etc. and Gen
Are and Are Not: Ellone needs to talk to Squall. Squall is... always busy.

Blue Sky: Squall walks to the edge of the world.

Kiros/Laguna. Laguna has never done a terribly good job at dressing himself. Kyros tries to help but gets distracted.

Chilling: Quistis/Rinoa. Some people need to wear sweaters.

To Shore: Seifer/Squall/Zell. Fishing and after.

Bedsprings: Squall/Irvine. This has happened before.

Sprink's Masturbating!Squall Fic!: Exactly what it says. Wank, Squall! Wank!

The System: Quistis may question Selphie's plans... but she goes along with them.

A Question of Staplers: Irvine. Squall. And a hunt for staplers.

Save Points: Laguna, Squall, and Ellone. Squall is in Balamb, Laguna is in Esthar, and Ellone is... missing!

'Metal' Saga
Because apparently some things keep writing themselves...

Grip: From Smut Month 2004, a request for a not-crossover with Cloud/Squall yaoi.
Metal: Because 'Grip' made Kalli fall in love with Estharian Cyborg!Cloud. YA.
Body Heat: Smut Month 2005 gives us Zack/Squall, Squall/Cloud smut. Because it was Smut Month!

Exact Curriculum
Exact Curriculum Part 1: What if Vincent showed up in post-game FFVIII? What would Commander Leonhart do with such a curious guest?
Exact Curriculum Part 2: There's just something about him...
Exact Curriculum Part 3: The best way to get someone to sleep with you probably doesn't involve sleeping with someone else.
Exact Curriculum Part 4: Rinoa arrives and changes the game entirely.

Club Night
A gift-fic for Trysten. One night Squall goes out, only to have the experience to change a lifetime.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Squall draws a strange spell from a strange beast, but when he casts it, nothing seems to happen -- until the next day...
Prologue & Part 54 | Part 53 | Chapter 52 | Chapter 51 & 50 | Chapter 49
Chapter 48 | Chapter 47 & 46 | Chapter 45 | Chapter 44 & 43 | Chapter 42 & 41
Chapter 40 thru 20 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 18| Chapter 17 & 16 | 15 thru 1 & Epilogue

Sunday Morning, 8AM

Once upon a time, Laguna and Squall had kids the not-so-old-fashioned-way, and those kids grew up a bit and... caused a lot of chaos. (Featuring a FFVIII-ized FFVII cast.)

Part 1 \\ Part 2 \\ Part 3...


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