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Club Night

Title: Club Night
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Part: 3/3
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Squall/Damon
Rating: MA
Summary: Squall ends up meeting someone at a club. But then what?
Notes: Damon was created and is owned by Trysten. This was a gift to her in 2003.

"You left early last night," Quistis said when she spotted Squall in the hallway the next morning. "But... I guess I knew you would."

"I want to go back tonight," Squall replied, almost enjoying the look of pure shock that graced Quistis' face.

"You... what?"

Later, much later, Squall found himself twisting through the throng of gyrating bodies on the dance floor on his way to the back corner of the club. He had a drink in each hand, doing the best he could not to spill them despite being crashed into from all sides.

Hopefully the one he was looking for would be there and would accept his peace offering. After yelling a description of the mystery man's beverage the night before at the harried bartender, she quickly concocted the correct drink and handed it to Squall, along with the soda he'd ordered for himself. He was going to go through the night without alcohol, just to see if what he'd felt held true with his mind sober.

As Squall made it to the edge of the crowd, he scanned the dim booths for any sign of the man he was after. No luck until he got to the end table. In the deepest darkest corner, the same table where Squall had been the night before, the man sat, visible mostly by the light bouncing randomly off his clothing's silver accents.

He didn't look over as Squall made his way to the table, instead disinterestedly watching the area near the bathrooms where a group of girls were gathered.

With a sudden motion, Squall thrust the decadent beverage he'd been carrying in front of the man. The man looked over suddenly, startled since he obviously hadn't heard Squall walk over. His eyes were wide as he looked over Squall, and the surprise in them grew as Squall sat down.

The music was too loud for Squall to offer explanation. Instead he just gave the glass another little push and tried to smile. He got a smile in return from lips stained black. Silver rings shone like a rainbow in the flashing lights from the dance floor as the man reached for the drink, sipping a bit before reaching a hand to touch Squall's face.

Squall couldn't hold back a slight shiver at the touch. The images from his dream were rushing back to him and somehow it seemed as if they were shared memories. There was a definite shine in the other man's eyes. Squall just let himself be guided into a kiss, quick, questioning, yet still sure to have smeared the lipstick Selphie had so carefully traced his lips with earlier.

The man gave Squall a slightly confused glance once their lips parted, asking silently just how willing Squall was. Squall answered as best he could, crawling onto the man's lap to straddle his legs and kiss those beautiful black lips again. He was trying not to be too eager but not too passive either. It would all depend on the man currently grinding against him from below, really.

Within five minutes, their drinks were forgotten as they fled the club hand in hand, almost running out into the cool night air only to end up kissing against the side of the building in the dim light of the alley.

"You came back," the man said softly as he traced Squall's jaw with one hand. "Why?"

"I left too early last night," Squall replied, turning to kiss the fingers that were now touching close to his lips.

"I thought I'd frightened you off for good."

"I don't scare easily," Squall said before pausing. "Should we get a taxi?"

"I just live a couple of blocks away," the man said. "But I don't even know your name."

"I don't know yours," Squall shot back before letting himself be kissed again.

"Damon," the man said softly as his lips left Squall's.


"You're making that up," Damon said with a grin as he stretched his body quickly before holding out a hand to Squall. "Though... you do look wild... stormy."

Squall didn't say a word as he was led through the alleyway, keeping close to Damon as they walked. Damon hadn't lied - his apartment was in a smaller complex only three blocks from the club.

"It's easier to take the elevator up," Damon said. "If you're still okay with this."

"I..." But Squall couldn't really figure out what he should be saying. He wasn't going to mention his dream yet.

One slim finger reached out to press the elevator's up button, lighting a small arrow on the panel above.

"It always takes a minute," Damon explained as he wrapped himself around Squall, seeming to try to touch as much of the brunette as he could at once.

Squall just nodded. His slight nervousness was melting away as Damon touched him. After all, it wasn't as though either were committing to anything besides a night of pleasure.

The elevator dinged and opened its door slowly, revealing a modest bit of faded red fabric and a cloudy mirror against the back wall.

Damon practically pulled Squall into it, just inched ahead of the aged doors crashing closed.

"You have to watch those," Damon said, smiling as he ran his finger through Squall's hair. "They aren't the type that bounce open again if they hit something."

Squall nodded silently, letting his hands slide down Damon's body, pulling Damon close.

"Nnn. Squall, I need to hit the button."

"Which one?" Squall asked, looking at the tarnished panel of buttons. There were only a handful of buttons as options.

"Four," Damon replied, watching as Squall trailed his fingers over the cool metal to press the correct button.

"I could just hit the stop button and trap us in here," Squall said as the elevator began ascending. "I like the mirror."

Damon's face registered a bit of shock before settling to a smirk. "Let's make of it what we can, while we can."

Somehow, Squall ended up behind Damon, his arms wrapped around Damon's thin frame as they both faced the mirror. The elevator was just dinging for the second floor as Squall slipped a hand down over Damon's covered arousal, his other hand rising to cup Damon's chin and force the man to watch their reflections.

"Squall," Damon moaned softly, pressing forward against Squall's lower hand. "Didn't think you..."

Squall didn't say anything, instead he slid his hand back up to pull at Damon's zipper. Carefully he unzipped Damon's pants before sliding his hand inside, feeling Damon's body hot against him. Pressing forward with his own body, Squall rubbed his own arousal against Damon's backside.

The elevator dinged for the third floor as Squall stroked the length of Damon's erection, freeing it from Damon's pants and watching them both in the mirror as he did so.

Damon shuddered, his breath hitching in his throat for a second as Squall boldly repeated the motion with his hand. His hesitation had melted away once he decided this was purely for the experience, nothing more complicated unless it arose later.

And Damon was gorgeous even in the harsh fluorescent elevator lighting. He lost none of his exotic charm once away from the club setting.

Squall nipped gently at the space between the top of Damon's shirt and the bottom of the spiked collar he wore. Moving his hand faster, Damon moaned and thrust forward, rocking against Squall's hand.

The elevator lurched to a stop, nearly toppling both men before parting its ancient doors. Quickly, Damon pulled away, pulling his shirt over his exposed body and practically running from the elevator after grabbing Squall's hand. The first apartment was his, and after a fumble with his key, he opened the door and flicked on the light.

"It's messy," Damon said apologetically, searching for breath as Squall shut the door and surveyed the room. "I haven't had company in awhile."

Squall shrugged and stepped forward, claiming Damon's lips again and guiding them over onto the low sofa he had noticed during his scan of the premises. His training never left him, even when he found himself needing desperately.

Damon ended up on top of Squall, pulling at his clothing. It wasn't much different than his normal outfit, really, except for the dark shirt. The shirt flew off over his head a moment before black lips kissed both his neck and his necklace. Squall could just see Damon running his tongue over Griever before glancing up to meet Squall's eyes.

"Ever done this before?" Damon asked before dipping to lick a circle around one of Squall's nipples.

"Not like this," Squall replied, his voice cracking just a bit as he spoke.

Damon just smiled before sliding his body lower, sure to rub against Squall's arousal as he did so.

Squall let out a slight hiss, reaching down to help Damon with the belts that crossed just over his hips.

"We should really move to the bedroom," Damon said before stroking the still-covered bulge between Squall's legs.

With few words, they made their way to Damon's bed. Both had shed clothing between the sofa and the bed, Damon more than Squall.

Both of their voices filled the room as they kissed and touched one another. Still both wearing their pants, Damon pulled himself on top of Squall and started grinding his arousal against Squall's. They both cried out and after a brief hesitation from Squall, he thrust upwards to match Damon's motions.

"Need..." Squall muttered, his hands grasping at Damon's back as he rocked beneath Damon.

"You still sure?" Damon asked, pulling himself free and sliding to the other side of the bed.

Squall nodded and watched half-curiously as Damon leaned over to rummage through a pile of junk on the night table beside the bed.

"Here you go." Damon tossed a small container over to Squall, who caught it without thinking. Damon raised an eyebrow but didn't question. This wasn't about who they were outside of the moment.

Squall looked at what he held for a moment before making the connection. Setting it beside him on the bed, both men stared at one another, lost in the sudden awkwardness of the moment.

Just before the tension and silence hit the point of sheer uncomfortableness, Damon stood up and started pulling off the last of his clothing. It didn't take much effort - Squall'd had him practically out of his pants to begin with.

Staring for a moment, Squall took in every detail he could of Damon's willowy form. The few tattoos that traced across Damon's pale skin only carried over the man's exotic look.

With a smile, Damon laid back down on the bed, watching Squall while taking his erection in his hand and stroking it a couple of times. Squall let out a short, low moan before crawling so he could kiss Damon's lips and wrap his own hands back around Damon's arousal.

"Thank you," Damon gasped once his dark lips were parted from Squall's.

"For what?" Squall was quickly pulling off his own pants as best he could without leaving the bed.

"Being real and not a dream," Damon replied, his face showing momentary confusion at Squall's sudden expression of disbelief.

Squall didn't reply. Instead he threw his pants over the edge of the bed and moved to lie over Damon, claiming Damon's lips as he pressed his arousal against Damon's. Moaning into each other's mouths, they shifted enough to get hands between them, touching, teasing and stroking one another as they kissed.

Squall felt wonderful. He wished he'd verbally echoed Damon's sentiment about the dream - reality was so much better. And arousing.

But his mouth was busy against Damon's for the time being, and he was barely thinking much of anything save for giving and receiving pleasure.

"More!" Damon cried out as he pulled free from Squall and grabbed wildly until he found the lubricant. Thrusting it into Squall's hands, he spread his legs ever so slightly. "Please."

With a nod, Squall complied, gingerly coating his fingers with the lube and reaching down between Damon's legs, pushing them apart to find what he was after.

He was trying not to think too much about it - trying to hold control over the situation. And as he slid one finger into Damon's tight heat, he wondered momentarily what was possessing him. With a second finger now thrusting into Damon's body, Squall found himself desperately needing something more himself.

"You want...?" Squall began, only to catch Damon's black-lined eyes and know the answer. The heat where his fingers had been felt impossibly tight as the pressed himself into Damon's body.

"Squall!" Damon cried as Squall paused fully inside his body. He reached up and pulled Squall close to him, one hand's fingers grabbing at Squall's hair.

Almost without thinking, Squall pulled back and thrust again, pushing Damon's legs up as he did so. Everything felt so intense - he didn't know how long he could hold back.

A few minutes later, Damon cried out again and dug his nails into Squall's back. Squall was momentarily confused until he felt Damon's body shake beneath and around his. His body responded, speeding toward an orgasm that threatened to steal every last drop of Squall's energy.

After they cleaned up, they lay under a pair of blankets, idly talking.

"You're different than I expected," Damon said. "Yet not too different."


"But really, why... Why did you come back?"

Squall paused a moment. "Friendly persuasion."

"From one of your friends?" Damon asked, propping himself up on one arm so he could brush some of the hair from Squall's face.

"From you," Squall replied, ready to explain his dream and work backwards from there.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.