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Club Night

Title: Club Night
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Part: 2/3
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Squall/Damon
Rating: MA
Summary: Squall ends up meeting someone at a club. But then what?
Notes: Damon was created and is owned by Trysten. This was a gift to her in 2003.

The first thing Squall did when he got back to the garden was throw off his clothing and stumble into the shower. He couldn't get the water adjusted to a decent temperature, at least nothing that felt decent. He finally settled with overly hot, and tried his best to scrub the entire night away.

As he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, Squall caught a brief glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror.

"What was I doing?" he asked his reflection before looking away and drying himself off.

He pulled on a pair of clean pajama bottoms and sat down on the edge of his bed, making a quick but futile attempt to push his wet hair away from his face before letting his mind wander. He'd felt so... odd earlier, so... drunk. With a moan, Squall got up and turned off the light, not letting his mind replay the details of the evening for fear of having to fight back arousal at the thoughts of how...

Once in bed, Squall pulled his pillow over his head, as though that would somehow drive the still lingering images and sensations away.

He fell into a dead sleep moments later.

When Squall woke up, it was because someone was very lightly shaking him.

"I should call you sleeping beauty," a voice said. Squall's eyes opened wide at that and he sat straight up, knocking aside whoever had been talking to him. He most definitely wasn't in his room anymore. And he was naked save for the sheets that were now only covering his lower half.

"Remind me to leave you alone in the morning," the voice said, a hint of laugher present as the sheets beside Squall rustled.

Squall was suddenly scared to look. He vaguely knew he'd been drinking and dancing with an attractive man. Surely he hadn't done something to stupid as go home with him.

"You okay?" the voice asked before the voice's owner crawled into Squall's line of sight. It was the same man from the club, and he also seemed to be quite naked.

"I just don't... remember," Squall said softly, blinking in the low light of the room. What had he done? It seemed like a blur.

"You don't remember?"

Squall was suddenly face to face with the other man, being pulled into a deep kiss. And as much as Squall wanted to fight and push away, it felt good at the same time.

But what he really wanted to know was what had happened before he'd ended up sleeping beside his admirer.

"I'll have to remind you," the man said, almost on cue.

"What?" Squall shook his head, but it was lost on the other man, who was peeling the sheets away from them both.

"You're amazing."

Quickly glancing out over the body of the other, Squall felt like saying the same. He wasn't sure what he'd gotten himself into, but his body seemed to not want to move, so he was definitely stuck in the situation.

Then he realized he didn't even know the other man's name.

"What's on your mind?" the man whispered, his lips just inches from Squall's ear.


"Still nervous? Don't worry, I'll take care of you," the man replied before moving so he was sprawled over Squall's body. "I'll make it even better than before."

Squall shifted a bit while trying to make himself comfortable with the new weight on top of him. After a moment though, he didn't notice it. Instead he was caught up in just where he was being touched.

The man brought his lips to Squall's a moment later and didn't let the kiss break until he'd brought Squall to full arousal between one skilled hand and his own erection. Moaning, Squall arched, pulling the other man's body to his and trying to get more friction between them.

"Impatient still," the man teased before kissing Squall's neck. "I know what you need."

Squall wanted to shake his head and escape as the other man slid his body down and started kissing and sucking on Squall's nipples. But still, Squall found he couldn't move. All he could feel was the pure pleasure as lips traced the lines of his muscles and hands worked at his arousal.

As much as he tried to fight it, wave after wave of bliss coursed through him as the black-haired man dipped again and took Squall's erection in his mouth. Moments later, he found himself approaching what had to be the most intense orgasm of his life. Despite being a quiet one, he cried out as he arched upwards and came into his mysterious lover's mouth.

Nothing had felt like that. Ever. And still panting, Squall closed his eyes for a moment and found he couldn't open them. Panic filled him for an instant before he realized he was sitting up in his own bed, and his eyes were open. It's just that his room was pitch black and it was the middle of the night.

Then what was... Squall answered his own question when he noticed his pajama bottoms were stuck to his thighs.

"A dream?"

With an unvoiced string of grumbling, he climbed out of bed and headed to his bathroom to clean up. The dream wouldn't leave his head, no matter how cold the water he ran over his washcloth was.

"I want him." It took a moment before Squall realized he'd said that out loud to his reflection in the mirror. He said it again, slowly, noting every word and waiting for it to sink in.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would go find that man and see what could possibly happen.

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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.