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*A Series of Related Halloween Hour Fics*

Punch #1: Sephiroth/Zack (for SilverHairedBishiesYaoi - ML)
Punch #2: Squall/Zell (for Fist&Ice - ML)
Punch #3: Kuja/Cloud (for GuysWithTails - ML)
Punch #4: Ansem/Riku (for KHYML/Riku's Hips - MLs)
Punch #5: Sephiroth/Pulse/Signal (for 'Villa Welc0me')
Punch #6: Aerith/Yuffie (for amusement)
Punch #7
Punch #8
Punch #9
Punch #10: (for 'Dark Magick' and Ethan)
Punch #11
Punch #12: Squall/Denzel (for everyone)

Ye Olde 30 Characters Meme
In which Kalloway's friends picked numbers that went with a secret list and cooked up weird scenarios. Kalloway can't believe she's writing these.

Sevens: Cid, Luxord, Vexen, Axel.
When In Hell: Leon, Xigbar, Sora.
Hostage!: Xaldin/Cloud. *snerk*
Camping Trip: Xaldin/Squall.
Ugly Chicks Don't Wear...: Reno and... Lexaeus!
Scientists: Vincent and Xehanort.
Island (Closest to Heaven): Xehanort and Marluxia. SeeDs.

Infected: Cloud battles the ultimate evil - Sobig.F! An hour-fic writing excercise inspired by Miss Sprink.
Desire: Curse those 15MinuteFiclets and their ability to make Kalli write a sequel to 'Infected'.

Team Demon: Horridly bad name because Kalli wrote it on an airplane, but a good fic, I swear! FFVII's Vincent meets DMC's Dante!
Teh-Fuh-Q-Fic!: For SHiBbY. Plotless. Sephiroth & Signal.
Lost Transmission from Mt...Whatever: An 'Apartment Fic'. Implied Sephiroth/Laguna. PG-13?
Lost Transmission from Mt...Whatever #2: So everyone was watching TV in the apartment...
Conclusion: 15MinuteFiclet. Cloud's world-hopping again and meets someone strangely familiar.
Leer: Squall working Miss Kalli's seasonal job for a certain silver-haired boss?
Worst Date Evar. Yuffie/Zell, Yazoo/Zell. A little info for Squall lands Zell in a world of trouble. YA.
Stranger Things: (FMA/KH) In which Ed meets a Chocobo.
Safety of the Known: Kadaj/Sora.
Harder!: Sephiroth & Kuja. Summertime.
Alchemy: Leon and Cloud in Fullmetal Alchemist's Amestris.
Falling In: Kingdom Hearts/Gundam - Sora ponders falling into the cockpit of that thar giant robot.

Star Fragment
Star Fragment is a WiP that will be written in the future. It has had a prologue for a very long time and will be written once other projects end.
Mostly Serious Crossover - FFVIII/KH/FFVII

Villa Welc0me: (coming soon?)

Twas the Night Before Advent: Exactly what it says on the tin. Pre-Advent Children poetry. Set in the VW-verse. Silly.

Return to Villa Welc0me: In early 2008, Sprink and Kalloway return to finish what they started. Maybe.


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