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Sunday Morning, 8am

Title: Sunday Morning, 8AM
Part: 1
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII (/Final Fantasy VII)
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Laguna/Squall, Sephiroth, OCs
Rating: M Overall
Summary: Laguna and Squall start a family with the help of weird and questionable science. And then their kids go off to have adventures.
Notes: Contains incest.

It was a Sunday morning, 8AM, and though Squall had been awake for longer than he cared to admit, he hadn't bothered leaving bed for fear of waking his lover.

Instead he'd managed to turn on a small bedside lamp and was currently concentrating on a rather thick novel Quistis had given him for his last birthday. It wasn't the best literature Squall had ever laid eyes upon, but some of the themes inside really struck a chord with him. In a way it was like having a conversation with his former professional partner without actually speaking to one another. She was telling him through the book that she knew and understood more than she'd ever want to confess to over dinner.

At that point, Squall made a mental note to invite Quistis for dinner. Of all the people he'd gotten close to while battling Ultimecia, he'd stayed close to the blue mage. She seemed to understand him to a degree no one else seemed to. And she was the first to voice her support for all the decisions that Squall made. When he resigned from Garden, she simply nodded and handed him the paperwork to become a contracted specialist so he could move to be with his lover yet still occasionally assist SeeD when it was necessary. She'd been okay with his taking a lover, too. She had seemed a bit surprised at first, but then smiled and congratulated him on finding a relationship healthier than his had been with Rinoa.

"Been up long?"

Squall didn't jump, but he had been startled by the voice.

"You just sleep too late," he replied, placing a bookmark at his page and setting the book beside him.

"Still thinking about it?"

With a nod, Squall slid down so he could kiss his lover. They'd talked for hours the night before about a single subject and both had decided to sleep, and make love, on the idea.

"If someone could do it," Squall said slowly, "I think we could handle it."

"You sure?"

They were back to the same issue that they'd dwelled on for most of the previous evening.

"Laguna, we've been through this. Yes."

Before Laguna could throw out any more half-cocked theories about abandonment and replacement, there was a knock on their bedroom door.

"Sirs," a voice called. "There's a bit of a situation in front of the palace."

Squall met Laguna's eyes for a moment, knowing full well what the next words out of Laguna's mouth would be.

"You're terrible at rock-paper-scissors. Just go," Squall said. "I'll meet you for breakfast."

"You what?" Squall set down the section of newspaper he'd been skimming while listening to Laguna recount just what the day's rude awakening had involved.

"She barely speaks the language and she has a newborn with her," Laguna replied. "Until she has somewhere to go, she can stay in the palace with us."

Squall looked for a brick wall to bang his head again. "I think the city's security needs to be updated. Foreigners shouldn't just be able to wander in and ask for political sanctuary."

"This probably isn't the time to mention this," Laguna said, looking around for something to shield himself with, "but I invited her to have lunch with us as well."

"Lucrecia," the woman said slowly as she nodded to Squall. She obviously would have offered a hand, but her arms were taken up by her infant. "And this... be... Sephiroth."

Squall rolled his eyes. The last thing he felt like doing was dealing with a vagrant who didn't know her verbs. It was going to be a long lunch.

"Can I hold him? How old is he?" It was Laguna, bounding over with his arms out.

"Do you even know how to hold a baby?" Squall asked as Laguna took Sephiroth from Lucrecia's arms.

"Sure," Laguna replied, cradling Sephiroth and bouncing lightly with him.

"He be... not most active baby," Lucrecia said, straightening her clothing and again nodding in Squall's direction. "I worry something that be done to him make him that way."

"Done to him?" Squall was finally interested.

"Yes, that be why I come to here," the woman explained. "I be... scientist. My husband also... was scientist. We do work with... making people. Not right words. Not sure..."

"Your husband?" Laguna asked, bouncing Sephiroth a bit, finally getting a happy gurgle from the infant.

"He no be... He be dead now. And I come here," Lucrecia said sharply. "Please, this place be full of things I work on. I have baby."

And that was just about how everything began.

About sixteen years later...

"What time did you come in last night?" Torrent asked his roommate. "I know you were breaking Garden rules."

"The important part is that I didn't get caught," Sephiroth answered, brushing out his hair before pulling it into a low, loose ponytail for the day. "And it's not like I didn't study for today's quiz. I know everything Instructor Trepe is going to throw at us."

Torrent sighed. He'd spent his entire life around the other teen, but still didn't quite understand him. Once, late at night, he'd caught his dad talking to Sephiroth's mother and mentioning something about Sephiroth not being quite right. Still, it didn't make any more sense than the bizarre explanation offered for his own existence, so he pushed it aside.

There was a knock at the door just then, and without words Sephiroth went to open it.

"Breakfast time," the guest said flatly while looking in at Torrent.

"My knight in shining vinyl!" Torrent cried, leaping from his seat and throwing himself towards the doorway.

"Knight in shining vinyl? Sleet?" Sephiroth burst out laughing. "That's new."

Neither Torrent nor his twin brother, who was currently being hugged to death, said a word.

Finally, after Torrent let go and beckoned to Sephiroth, Sleet spoke.

"What does that make you, a sorceress?"

"You two aren't right," Sephiroth said, closing the door behind them and following the twins down the hallway.

"Yes, beautiful sorceress Torrent. I'll bewitch you and make you do my bidding!" Torrent said with a laugh. "And my first command is to make you get my breakfast."

"No," Sleet replied. "No way. No."

Torrent feigned mass disappointment. "I didn't want you as my knight anyway, I want... Sephiroth."

Sephiroth looked over at his name. He obviously had been running along another train of thought. "You what?"

"My knight!" Torrent exclaimed with a laugh, hoping not to get punched in the arm as Sephiroth was prone to doing once pushed to the edge. That or casting some spell that usually got the silver-haired teen sent for discipline and Torrent sent to the infirmary.

"Maybe tranquilizers," Sleet mumbled almost inaudibly as he looked over to his twin, now walking much too close Sephiroth for the older teen's comfort. Still, Sephiroth didn't quite seem ready to unleash his fury just yet, so Torrent had a chance.

For twins, they never really seemed like it. They weren't identical and could definitely pass as not even being related, especially with Torrent's current hair color. It wasn't rebelliousness that caused Torrent to change the tint of his hair almost monthly, it was just how Torrent was. He lived life up one notch from most people, doing all the things people thought but were too timid to just up and do. Currently Torrent's hair was a shimmering blue that trailed down to his shoulders.

Sleet wondered what Torrent's roots were looking like. His hair was naturally darker than Torrent's original reddish color, but the red was what made Torrent look so ridiculous if he didn't watch his roots. Of course, being several inches shorter than Torrent, Sleet didn't often get the chance to look at the top of his twin's head.

Perhaps during breakfast when they were sitting at equal levels.

Sleet had always been told he took after his father, but that was before he had to inquire just which father they were talking about. But "Father" was the correct term. To him and Torrent, Laguna was "Dad" and Squall was "Father". Squall was the strict parent, but not without a deep love for his children. It was just that when it was time for punishment, puppy-dog eyes always turned in Laguna's direction instead of Squall's.

Even in his choice of weapon, Sleet seemed to be emulating a legend he could never hope to compete with. Sometimes he caught sympathetic glances from Instructor Trepe as if she somehow knew what was going on inside of his head. But then again, she was Squall's best friend, so perhaps she did have a clue.

But for now, Sleet's gunblade was safe in its case in his room, ready for class much later in the day.

Torrent had chosen a vicious looking whip as his weapon of choice, delighting Instructor Trepe to no end. And as odd as it sounded, he and the whip went well together. Complementing his choice was an almost eerie ability to cast powerful spells with only a simple junction.

His personal junction was a green-skinned woman who cast silence as well as a variety of status effects on top of non-elemental damage. She was a prized summon, awarded to Torrent solely because of skill. She was temperamental with others, but for him, Banshee obeyed.

Sleet had a junction fitting to his particular path as well. Shiva wasn't an option, leaving him settling happily for another ice elemental, Yuki Onna, a crystalline female prankster who often left her victims looking akin to a snowman.

The second they entered the cafeteria, Sephiroth's fan club began to swarm around. They were a nuisance most of the time, and Sephiroth did little to indulge them. Yet they didn't give up so easily.

"Can I eat in peace?" Sephiroth asked, brushing away one girl who had attempted to grab his arm. It had been flattering at first, but now it was just an insane annoyance.

The twins looked at one another and raced to the end of the food line. Torrent won, crashing into the boy in front of him as he did so.

"Sorry," he replied when glared at. But the glare instantly turned to a smile.

"Shoulda known," the boy said. "You two get your essays started yet?"

Torrent rolled his eyes. "I don't even have a topic."

"Finished it yesterday," Sleet said softly a moment later.

"You what?!" both Torrent and the boy replied, looking incredulous.

"Michael has been working on his too," Sleet said, speaking of his roommate. "He didn't tell you that, Jacob?"

"Like he and I talk about assignments," Jacob replied, rolling his eyes before taking a step closer to the pile of trays just feet from him. "There are better things to discuss, like how to attract a harem like Sephiroth does."

Both he and Torrent laughed, leaving Sleet to do the eye rolling.

Torrent and Sleet shared their first class, a Battle Tactics and History Lecture that was generally far from interesting. Despite using different last names, alphabetical order still placed the pair together, leaving them free to pass notes any time the instructor had turned away.

At one point, Sleet reached over to fix Torrent's hair. The only thing more annoying than Torrent in general was Torrent's amazing ability to look like he'd been through a battle despite sitting still. Torrent turned and smiled, his blue eyes sparkling.

Torrent did need a bit of a caretaker, Sleet decided. Quickly he grabbed a blank sheet of paper from a folder and scribbled a quick note: 'Fine, I'll be your knight. You'll need all the help you can get.'

'Ooookay!', Torrent wrote back. 'Will my knight help me with that damned essay?'

Both boys were sent to the Commander for discipline after the ensuing disturbance was extinguished.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.