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Title: Repentance
Part: 1
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth/Vincent/Yazoo/Loz
Rating: MA
Summary: Everyone has made their way back, slowly, and not together. This chapter - finding Kadaj
Notes: Contains silly crossdressing, and other silliness. This was a dare from a previous Yaoicon, in which LN wanted Sephiroth and Vincent in pantyhose.

"Remind me again how Cloud got this information?" Vincent asked as he forced his feet into boots that zipped up to his knees. The zippers were tough to pull and wanted to catch on the black and white striped socks that pushed just over his knees, leaving a pale strip of skin visible beneath the hem of a flared black miniskirt.

"Cloud makes a very pretty girl," Sephiroth replied from across the room where he was dressed similarly, save that he'd managed a slightly longer green skirt to hide the tops of his thigh-high fishnets. With his hair up in a loose bun complete with fuck-me curls framing his face, he looked a bit like an office-lady gone wild.

"Your breasts are crooked," Loz pointed out from where he was weaving ribbons into Yazoo's braids.

Both Vincent and Sephiroth reached to fix their chests.

The evening was going to be endless.

"Cloud apparently made a delivery to the Pink Squirrel yesterday morning and saw Kadaj there," Sephiroth said. "But other than a few deliveries, the Pink Squirrel is girls-only. No boys allowed, else the spotlight be stolen from their workers."

"Why would he stay there?" Yazoo asked with a pout. In tight vinyl that managed to keep his rolled-sock breasts in place, he'd also managed to do some obscene tucking that Vincent didn't want to think about to hide any bit of his maleness, save his voice.

"Why were you selling flowers like the pretty girl you are?" Sephiroth asked in response. "Why was Loz driving a taxi?"

"And why isn't he dressed up?" Yazoo complained.

"I'm the driver," Loz replied. "And hair stylist, apparently. So many women were always fixing their hair and make-up. I didn't mean to pick it up."

"Glasses," Vincent noted as he reached for the plain-lens pairs he'd picked up during the whirlwind of covert shopping necessary. Handing a pair to Sephiroth, they at least managed to hide some of the definition of Sephiroth's face. A scarf took care of his neck. A little ass-padding would have helped, but that would be pushing it. More.

He swallowed hard against the black choker he'd found himself wearing as he glanced at his left arm. Originally he'd been stuck on how to hide it, but Loz had mentioned that after the last few catastrophes (including ones they'd caused), mechanical replacement parts weren't uncommon - even amongst women.

So now he had a beautiful ribbon tied and looped around it - black and silver - courtesy of Yazoo. Since finding Loz, Yazoo hadn't been spending much time apart from his brother but when he did, it was always doing little things for Vincent. Things that bordered on kindness. Or pity.

Vincent wasn't sure. But as he squirmed a bit in the constricting ladies panties that he was wearing, he didn't bother pondering. All he knew was that this was his last run. The end.

With Kadaj safe with Sephiroth, he wasn't needed anymore.

He could go. He could repent. Or at least begin to. He feared that the last crazed year of side-projects for Reeve between being pulled into bed with any number of incestuous silverhaired men would net him at least a figurative 'another twenty-five years in the coffin'.

And he could leave the family to their own devices. Obviously they all had an admirable work-ethic, even if their choices in employment were iffy.

"Are we ready?" Sephiroth asked as Vincent slipped on his own plain-lens glasses and blinked twice. They didn't have room to hide weapons on their bodies. And trussed up like harlots (Vincent hadn't asked why Reeve had helped assemble those sorts of outfits, after all), using their bodies as weapons wasn't going to be particularly easy, either.

"As we'll ever be," Vincent noted. He was surprised when Sephiroth stepped over to him, offering a hand when Vincent stumbled in the boots.

"Not very graceful," Sephiroth commented before pulling Vincent into a kiss.

"Lipstick!" Yazoo chided, making the pair hastily step apart.

Loz shook his head. "Should be fine. They, um, make it that way."

Sometimes, however, the idea of devoting himself fully to this funny farm was almost sounding like a good idea to Vincent. There never was a dull moment, after all.

He toddled over to Yazoo and smiled, hoping that indeed the dark-purple that painted his lips hadn't smeared in the least.

"Oh," Yazoo said as he slid carefully against Vincent and reached around to grab a firm handful of ass. "Nice."

But Yazoo was pulled back a moment later by Loz, who had one hand on each of Yazoo's thick braids.

"Shotgun," Sephiroth called as he headed towards the garage. "Lock up, would you?"

Vincent nodded and headed towards the door, leaving Loz and Yazoo to their own rough play for a few moments longer. Loz had never really touched him, even when Yazoo had slid over to Sephiroth's part of the bed and playfully begged for just a little more before bed.

No, there had always been something awkward there, even when Loz was fixing Vincent's black hair into straight, mat-free silk.

Loz's taxicab was simple, black with just enough yellow for it to be recognizable as for-hire transportation. Vincent slid into the backseat, a little surprised at just how much he did slide. He pulled at one of his stockings, making sure they were even. His panties itched and quickly, he pulled up the skirt to re-adjust himself.

"Maybe I should be sitting back there with you," Sephiroth said. Vincent looked up. He was being watched in the mirror.

"Aren't you wearing..." Vincent paused. Knowing Sephiroth, there was absolutely nothing on under that skirt. He dropped the hem of his own.

"We're going to have Kadaj back," Loz interrupted the moment by climbing into the driver's seat and automatically plopping on the black cap that seemed to look perfect on him.

"To the Pink Squirrel," Yazoo echoed as he closed his door and scooted across the back bench seat to lean against Vincent. "Then we can all be together."

"Maybe we can do some good," Sephiroth said. "Fix things..."

"Let's see how Kadaj is doing as a stripper," Loz interjected. "That might be a better career path than 'hero'."

"Pays better," Vincent commented. Yazoo had a hand on his skirt, toying with the hem.

They had just made it to the end of Vincent's winding driveway when Yazoo pushed the hem up higher, soft fingers warm against Vincent's skin. Some time when Vincent hadn't been looking, Yazoo had gained black nail-polish covered with purple sparkles. It was perfect, given the way Yazoo was looking at him from beneath purple-lidded eyes.

"Yazoo..." Loz warned, apparently watching in the rearview mirror as well.

"It's a long drive," Yazoo replied. "You can still watch. Maybe Seph will jerk you off."

Without even seeing Sephiroth, Vincent knew that he was rolling his eyes.

"No," Sephiroth said firmly, without turning to look back at his 'younger brother'. "Once we have Kadaj, then you can do whatever you'd like. Until then, I expect you to remember this is a rescue mission."

Vincent let out a deep breath that he didn't even know he was holding as Yazoo's fingers slid away from the tip of his cock.

"Rescue mission," Yazoo repeated. "Fair enough."

"I would also suggest not attempting to grab Kadaj right away," Sephiroth commented. "Wait until we know where all the exits are. And we have to stay together."

"You want to see him strip," Loz replied.

"Loz..." Yazoo shifted to sit on his legs on the seat, leaning up over the front seat to toy with Sephiroth's hair. The vinyl of his clothing squeaked and grabbed at itself, trying to bind him. "Are you jealous? We've all seen each other naked. Other than our benefactor."

Another sweet leer in Vincent's direction.

"Obviously," Vincent muttered, "I should have kidnapped Sephiroth when he was little. Then things would be normal."

"You wouldn't be wearing a very cute skirt."

And wondering if he could ever begin to repent for his sins instead of enjoying the insane rush they gave him - like they had, then, when he'd enjoyed his job as a Turk.

Loz turned on the radio, attempting to turn it up louder than Yazoo.

Vincent smiled, ever so slightly.

"Are we there yet?"

Because really, his boobs were crooked again and he couldn't bring himself to fix them.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.