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Another Conclusion

Title: Another Conclusion
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Ethan, Jameson
Rating: AA
Summary: Preparing for Festival, or not.
Notes: A 15MinuteFiclet.

The next day was the Festival, Ethan knew. Preparations had begun the week before and even the normally dour and mute amongst the Army had transformed into giddy young women.

Ethan wasn't entirely clear on the exact rituals that were to take place though. Everyone mentioned how happy they were that it was almost Festival, but no one explained just what it was. It was knowledge that came with life in Agassia, Ethan assumed, and since he wasn't Agassian born, some secrets eluded his grasp. It also, after months living amongst the most brutal and detested of Agassia's population, would seem silly to ask just what the Festival was for.

So far Ethan knew that the Festival day was a day where no one died in all of Agassia and general revellry went along with that. But beyond that, it seemed taboo to mention the exact details.

Looking over to the mage, who was working dilligently at some concoction, Ethan couldn't help but sigh. He was finally admitting his attraction to the foul-tempered man yet had no clue how to even break the chilly exterior the mage wore like a second skin.

"What now?" Jameson snapped, blue eyes narrow as he looked quickly over at where Ethan sat. "And why are you just sitting there watching, anyway? Doesn't Lady Daria have something better for you to do?"

In his true form, Jameson seemed infinitely more frightening, yet Ethan was quite used to it. The last few months had taught Ethan that deep beneath all the anger and frustration, Jameson did have a kind spot for the right sort of person. But that person had to be a skilled student who was willing to obey every command without question. Ethan was neither of those things, but he did earn rare smiles for his successes.

Ethan had come to the conclusion that he was doomed to always fall for his mentors. Yet Jameson was safe, he had to be. There was no way that the tragedy of...

Tears were blurring his vision before Ethan even realized he was crying.

"Off in your own world, aren't you?" Jameson huffed, frustrated. Still, he walked over to crouch down beside Ethan.

"I have the day free," Ethan replied, trying to blink away his tears.

"Then come with me," Jameson said. "We shall both go hide from the Festival preparations and those incompetent priestesses."

Ethan nodded. He had gone from reflective to lost and couldn't find his way back.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.