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Title: Berries
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Kysenn
Rating: MA
Summary: A bored goddess gives Jameson an interesting task. A PWP of sorts.
Notes: This (wholly re-written from non-verse origific to Agassia fic) idea was lingering as a WiP from 2004. 2004! Thank you, habbalah for suggesting I throw the idea at Agassia to see if it stuck...

"I'm bored."

"Go kill someone," Jameson replied flatly.

"Done that," Daria complained, walking over to his desk and crawling up onto it, settling herself across it lengthwise without, amazingly, covering any of Jameson's papers. "It was a low-fatality day. Everyone who needed to die is already dead and I even sent a couple of fidgety Calinthrells to collect some dead trees."

Jameson blinked. He wasn't sure that there'd ever been a time that the Death Goddess and her priestesses finished early for the day. There were times when no one died - her Festival day, the Lifegod Dayn's sacred day, and a few others, but finishing early was brand new to him.

He rather wished he could do it. But there was entirely no rest for the wicked. Especially not in Daria's service, nor involving any of the other things he did. Currently, he was compiling notes and works for Dayn's High Priest Kysenn, also Jameson's closest friend.

The problem, though, was that he was nearly finished and while there were some hundreds of other things he could be doing, well, Daria was still going to rope him into something. Possibly bed. Or possibly just some strange task.

"I need a favor," she said, stretching a bit. Her long black hair pooled around her head, and she settled her arms stretched towards her head as if Jameson hadn't needed incentive to look at her breasts. She was a goddess in every respect, and she never let him forget that. Her attire had gotten skimpier as well, though the even in the cool Karhss, the summer heat had been leaking into Temple and making them all shed a layer or two. The priestesses were foregoing their outer cloaks and even Jameson had decided against his usual uniform jacket. But he kept his original form - though he had a human variation on it, he really didn't think he'd be too much cooler without his fur.

"You usually do," Jameson replied. He checked the form of the letters on the page he'd finished. Perfect. No need to redo it. He debated spilling his bottle of ink just to keep busy.

Daria rolled onto her side, which left her half on the papers. Jameson tugged them away and shuffled them into a neat pile.

"You're not being very nice," she chided. "I promise it's a fun favor."

"For you, likely." Jameson leaned back in his chair. He sighed. "What do you need?"

"A High Priest who remembers how to have fun," Daria replied with a wide smile.

And then she explained.

He swore all the way to the South, which was not a terribly long trip via powerful magic, but still long enough for him to find some creative new phrasings for old words.

If he had thought the Karhss Forest was far too warm, the sun-baked city of Nragser made him rethink heat entirely. Before he'd even made it to the courtyard of Dayn's dwelling, Palace, he'd ducked into a dark unused room and changed his form to his usual disguise, a quarter-fox woman with a penchant for short skirts. If nothing else, the breeze would be pleasant.

Jameson had hoped that Kysenn wouldn't bother with classes for his many students, but he had no such luck. Even the worst of weather was rarely a deterrent for Kysenn, and the day was no exception. Looking like a lethargic pack of pines, Kysenn's group of students drooped around in front of Kysenn. All forest-tones, Jameson noted. A 'normal' group. Jameson settled in with them without any of them noticing.

Kysenn didn't look up right away, instead droning from a scroll. He was at least wearing a light grey set of cloaks, still long and covering his gnarled body, however. His grey-white hair was bound back, which was a surprise.

It took a couple of minutes for Kysenn to look up at his class, and only then did he realize that he'd gained a student at the back of the group.

"K--" He coughed. "Class, ah... considering the heat today, it might be better to forego the rest of the lesson today. Dismissed."

The students didn't even bother cheering, instead opting to drag to their feet and stagger off. A couple headed straight for the fountain and climbed on it.

Jameson was left staring straight at Kysenn. He rather wished he had a fully-fanged form just to be able to give the smile he wanted to.

"What brings you here on a hot day?" Kysenn questioned, standing.

"I finished the work you asked of me," Jameson replied, also standing, slowly, and stretching. He was fond of his female form for aesthetic reasons. He'd done a good job of it and unlike his human form, which was just a variation on his real body, this was an original creation. It was harder to maintain and certainly required more work to actually use.

"Already?" Kysenn questioned.

"No rest for the wicked," Jameson replied. Again, he wished for his fangs.

"You want something, don't you?" Kysenn questioned with a frown.

"Instead of just adding to the pile of favors you owe me? Yes," Jameson confirmed. Kysenn held out his arm to Jameson and he accepted.

"Dare I ask?" Kysenn's tone was light, though.

"Depends if you've got a lover amongst this bunch that I might make jealous," Jameson said. "If so, perhaps I'll go ask elsewhere and you'll still owe me..."

"No lover," Kysenn said quickly, guiding Jameson across the courtyard towards his quarters. "You?"

"Only my lady at her whim," Jameson said with a chuckle. "And while this is for her, it is not merely for her benefit."

Kysenn frowned. "I'm going to regret this, aren't I?"

And again, Jameson cursed his lack of a full set of fangs.

An hour later, Jameson was sprawled on Kysenn's bed with Kysenn kneeling between his legs, sucking on his erection with more enthusiasm than Jameson thought his friend could muster. Mostly since Jameson had just finished Kysenn off the same way. He was thinking, but not concentrating terribly well. The first concoction wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't quite what Daria had asked for.

And he was damned if he could keep thinking about ingredients and herbs and powered crystals when Kysenn's tongue was licking around the tip and then swirling and lower... He'd give just about anything to flip Kysenn over and just fuck him at this point, but that wouldn't get them anywhere aside from exhausted.

"Nnn... Kysenn, you don't need to tease," Jameson told him. Kysenn still had half his robes on, which was frustrating, too.

"You teased me," Kysenn replied, substituting his hand for his mouth long enough to speak. And then he went right back to sucking and bobbing and stroking with his hands.

Kysenn had a point, Jameson though, before he decided to maybe not think so much. Thinking could be done in-between batches, in between touching and sucking on one another. If they kept failing with their actual task, well, they might be stuck doing this all night.

Best to not hit upon the proper recipe too quickly...


He couldn't quite get the rest of the warning out as pleasure spiked through him. Kysenn swallowed easily, and sucked at Jameson until he was sure he had ever last drop of Jameson's come.

"Well?" Jameson managed a moment later, when he could actually remember how words worked.

Kysenn shook his head. "Sort of like berries."

"Berries are sweet," Jameson said. Except...

"I said 'sort of like berries'," Kysenn replied flatly. He licked his lips. And paused and thought. "I have a few ideas. You don't have to be back today, do you?"

Jameson shook his head. "No. Definitely not while Daria is still bored, at least."

Kysenn smiled at him. This time, Jameson could show all his fangs as he smiled back. They'd definitely need a few more tries to get the proper ratio of ingredients for the best flavor.

Possibly all night.

And maybe the next day, too.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.