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No Creature With Wings

Title: No Creature With Wings
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Kysenn, Dayn
Rating: MA
Summary: The last costume ball in Nragser...
Notes: Birthday gift for Ket. Originally printed as hardcopies. (Now out of print.)

Even with a mask on, Kysenn knew that hiding his body wouldn't be as easy as hiding his face and forcing a quick bit of temporary color into the pale of his hair with soupy blue powder. While many at Palace were changing themselves to resemble the exotic birds of the south, Kysenn knew that he was no bird - no creature with wings.

As Dayn's High Priest, a grand honor for any man and even more so for one with the twisted, gnarled lumps on his back where wings should have grown to bring him closer to the glory of his winged god, Kysenn had privledge, including a costume made just for him.

But instead of playing to Dayn's challenging whims, Kysenn thought to sneak a trick in his own favor, going completely against what was expected and stitching deep into the night to make his own outfit.

And it was perfect, because somehow Kysenn knew that despite this being the first costumed party that Palace hosted, it would also be the last.

Glancing at his reflection in the already-smoky mirror that he didn't think to be more than a hundred years old, Kysenn wondered at just how many of not only Nragser's nobles but Agassia's would be in attendance, cloaked beneath fancy colors and flamboyant masks.

His own violet and sea blue robes hid much of his form, decorated at the top in rows of beads to help hide his physical deformity in case his long hair slipped. Voleena, the young goddess of the rivers and springs, would love him and know him right away, but the others gathering to dance and make merry... Kysenn did not know.

And besides, the thought of disappearing into one of the many Palace corridors with any of the gods or nobles did not strike his fancy.

If he would be touched, in that way, it would be at Dayn's hands - his god.

"Should I change into something more fitting as well?"

Glancing over at Taoura, his mist-born Spectir, Kysenn couldn't help nodding. Even if she lacked a soul, she was still a woman and quite capable of a range of feelings. That he'd learned the hard way; denying her a party was the last thing he wanted to do to the creature he'd begun to see as less of a counselor and more of a sister.

"If you'd like, Taoura," he replied. "I'd be honored if you'd attend and save me a dance."

"But you don't dance," Taoura replied before disappearing into a shadow near the bed and reappearing from the beside the dresser, her drab dress changed into beautiful oranges and sunbursts that glittered in the late afternoon sun. "There!"

"What spell was that?" Kysenn asked curiously. He had been working on some very basic spells to change the appearance of certain things, but Taoura had obviously perfected the technique.

"Yours, but mixed with the prayer to Tormika for sun," Taoura explained as she twirled around. "I'll dance with you once as long as you don't step on my feet. But otherwise I'll pretend not to know you."

"You're welcome to go to a room with anyone you choose," Kysenn added softly. Taoura was low on his list of sexual interests, even though the idea of sending her off was equally distressing.

"We'll see," the Spectir replied, her eyes twinkling before she pulled up a matching mask to hide her face. "Imagine the shock when I vanish, though."

Kysenn smiled. Taoura always had been able to do that to him, even from the first moment that Ammeia introducted the pair and asked if they would accept one another.

"The doors should be opening," Kysenn noted, glancing out the window behind him. "Would you like to walk three paces in front of me, or behind?"

"You know me," Taoura said as she held out a hand to her master. "I will always watch your back."

Kysenn was only on his second glass of wine when the first man came up to him, shy-eyed and glancing about as if he knew he was traversing forbidden property. Simply smiling, Kysenn raised his glass to his lips and waited.

"Would I know you without your mask?" the man asked as he turned his gaze upwards to stare into Kysenn's eyes.

"No," Kysenn replied. He'd already guessed the identity of his would-be suitor and quite frankly wasn't interested in the least. His real quarry was across the room, playing host to several of Daria's beautiful preistesses.

The man frowned. "May I?" he asked before offering Kysenn a hand.

And for reasons that Kysenn didn't quite understand, he accepted. He knew Taoura was nearby, somewhere, still watching him, and would rescue him if for some reason he needed rescuing. As they stepped into the center of the room where various couples were dancing to the small group of musicians playing, Kysenn took the time to look at the costume of the man with him.

"What should I call you?" Kysenn asked with a smile. He would do his best not to slip and let on that he knew he held the hand of the lord of Ruame.

"Adro," the man said quickly. "And you are?"

"Nikote," Kysenn replied, a little unsure which bit of thin air he'd pulled the name from. It sounded familiar - perhaps someone he'd met when he was young.

"If you lack a home, Nikote, once this party is over, I would take you home with me," the man Kysenn decided to think of as just 'Adro' said.

Kysenn chuckled as they began to dance. He had little trouble keeping to the proper steps - far less trouble than his companion. And Adro's hands had not slipped upwards yet, so Kysenn was safe. His own hands rested more on the green, earthy colored fabric of Adro's outfit.

"You would be a favourite of the Goddess," Kysenn said softly as he leaned in a bit.

"And you, the great Ocean?" Adro guessed as the song came to a close.

"The Daughter," Kysenn corrected. "She is a friend."

Adro pulled Kysenn scandalously close, despite being in the middle of the hall. "Come with me," he whispered. "Can't you see everyone watching you?"

As Kysenn glanced around, he saw that indeed Adro was correct. Eyes were on them, including those of several of the gods and goddesses in attendance who obviously were being deceived by his appearance. He even saw Taoura trying not to stare from beside a pair of Daria's priestesses.

"May I cut in?"

Adro froze and Kysenn turned quickly to acknowledge his rescuer - Dayn.

Even in an outfit of pure black with shimmering pale blue trim, Dayn could not disguise himself. Adro nodded curtly before stepping away just as the next song began.

"You seem the type not to let someone move that quickly," Dayn said as he pulled Kysenn to him, hands staying low. "And I would swear to know who you are, but even some of Sister's girls managed to confuse me already."

Kysenn nodded, fearing his voice would give him away.

"Shy," Dayn commented as he reached to cup Kysenn's chin. "But quite exquisite. If you're feeling brave, come to my room once this is over."

Gasping, Kysenn was thrown into a fast dance by the small orchestra, not getting a chance to say a word to Dayn as they began a fast series of motions before both spinning off to dance with others. At one point, Kysenn found his hands linked with Taoura for just the briefest of moments. She didn't even have time to mouth more than one word - 'Good'.

More than an hour later, after being shuffled from one person to another much like he was some common property, Kysenn grabbed for another glass of wine and slipped over to where Taoura was dipping her fingers in the small fountain where the hall opened into a courtyard.

The music was distant from there, and the crowd was indeed either dying off or heading on to other options for the evening. Stars dotted the sky.

"I believe you promised me a dance," Kysenn said as he bowed. The beads in his hair clattered together and Taoura smiled a wide, honest smile.

"I assumed you would have left for Lord Dayn's room by now," she said as she took his extended hand. "May we dance here? I'd just assume not go back in there. Those that are left are getting much too intoxicated."

"This from someone who can vanish in shadows..." Kysenn commented.

Taoura giggled and pressed herself close to Kysenn, letting her hands linger on his gnarled back as she began to sway to the soft sounds that echoed and blended with the sound of water.

"Truly, you were a different man, Nikote," Taoura said. "This is who you would have been?"

"Perhaps," Kysenn said wistfully. He'd really never even dreamed of a normal life - not with his power and not with his deformity. His only possible calling was that of a priest serving one of the gods.

"You're probably keeping Lord Dayn waiting," Taroua commented.

"The song isn't over," Kysenn replied before kissing her forehead. "Thank you for watching over me."

Taoura laughed softly and clung to him. "Perhaps I should stop watching for the evening."

"Perhaps," Kysenn said, chuckling as well.

They finished the dance without speaking and Taoura pulled away slowly, drifting off into the shadows to vanish properly. Kysenn wasn't sure if she would truly turn a blind eye and truthfully, it was of little concern. She tended to be with him while he went about every other part of his life.

Trying to play the part, Kysenn walked over to one of the young priests near the main exit into Palace.

"Excuse me, but could you direct me to Lord Dayn's chambers?" he asked, despite knowing very well where they were.

The priest blushed and stammered a moment before giving clear directions as if he'd been specifically instructed on what to say if certain persons inquired.

Kysenn thanked the man and headed onward. He thought to cast a quick spell of his own but thought better of it. The young priest likely would never figure out who he was.

Dayn's chambers were not particularly hard to find, nor well-guarded. Kysenn could only imagine that the guards had snuck to the party as well and Dayn was in no mood for discipline by the time he realized it. Though he was often cruel to get his point across, Kysenn couldn't help but think of Dayn as being kind - but kind in the way that was not obvious at first.

And surely, Kysenn thought, he would not continue devoting his life to Lord Dayn if he had any doubt in his mind that someday he too would finally be freed from his agony.

"You came."

Kysenn wasn't startled by Dayn's voice as his eyes adjusted to the much-dimmer interior of the main room. It wasn't a sleeping room, but instead was meant for intimate socialization. Kysenn was surprised to see wine on the table.

"Nikote, if I was told correctly," Dayn continued as he circled around the table and began to pour the wine. "There's no need to be nervous. Have some wine and relax - I'm sure the Ocean will not expect you back until morning."

Opening his mouth to protest, Kysenn paused and instead reached for the glass that Dayn offered. There was no way that Dayn wouldn't have seen past the costume already - Dayn was just playing along.

"Thank you, Lord," Kysenn said before bringing the glass to his mouth and letting it rest on his lower lip. He took a quick sip before continuing. "And yes, the Lady told me to return at my leisure as long as I brought her a bauble or two."

Dayn chuckled. "That would be my sister, alone in her icy fortress with her things. I pity you for being trapped there. Surely you would consider devoting yourself to me."

Kysenn downed the rest of his wine. He liked the game. Walking over to the table, he poured a glass of wine for Dayn and offered it.

"I would need good reason to devote myself to you, Lord Dayn," he said as Dayn took the glass. Dayn looked at him curiously but drank the wine without comment.

"I rather like you, Nikote," Dayn finally commented. He set his glass down only to have Kysenn immediately refill it. "I believe I can give you a wonderful reason to stay."

"And what would that be?" Kysenn inquired curiously.

"Immortality," Dayn replied, "and pleasure."

Glancing downward, Kysenn did not reply until Dayn stepped over to him and ran his fingers through stained-blue hair. Kysenn was careful not to cringe as Dayn's fingers came perilously close to his mangled back.

And then they slid there anyway, over scar tissue and lumps that could not ever be fully hidden away.

Dayn was the one who paused, trying not to change his expression, but Kysenn saw it anyway as he raised his eyes to see what Dayn would do. Seconds passed before Dayn simply smiled and kept petting Kysenn's hair.

"Nikote, would you come to my bed?" he asked as his fingers paused again, tangling and twisting as he spoke.

"Of course, Lord Dayn," Kysenn replied with a slight nod. "And may I have the honor of touching you?"

"Yes," Dayn said before leaning to kiss Kysenn softly on the lips as though he was calming a nervous girl. Kysenn flicked his tongue out, tasting the wine that lingered and licking it away before letting Dayn demand his rightful control. Moaning at the feel of Dayn's tongue in his mouth, Kysenn let himselt be pulled into Dayn's arms and held.

He murmured Dayn's name when he was released, wide-eyed and feeling absolutely nothing like himself.

"Come," Dayn said as he gestured to the room with the bed. Kysenn knew it well, though not well enough to be immediately comfortable as he followed Dayn inside. The look on Dayn's face was amused concern, breaking his cool calm for just long enough for Kysenn to question just what they were both doing.

"May I undress you?" Kysenn managed, shifting his gaze from Dayn to the bed and back again.

"No," Dayn replied. Kysenn froze, wondering if the game was over. But instead Dayn simply began taking his clothing off, letting pieces of his costume fall away as he watched Kysenn watching him. "I have asked so much of you already, Nikote. Surely you're nervous."

"I am," Kysenn said as he reached to remove his own robes. Dayn stopped him almost immediately, kissing him again and then pushing Kysenn's hands away to instead do it himself. Kysenn gasped at the feel of Dayn's hands on his skin, pushing away material to reveal that which Kysenn normally eagerly hid.

Dayn was naked against him, aroused and needy. Kysenn shivered before reaching to rest his hands at Dayn's hips and then inch slowly downward. Finding himself almost instantly as naked as the god, Kysenn wanted to suddenly pull away. Dayn's hands slid up to his shoulders, fondling uneven flesh.

Freezing, Kysenn let his hands slip from the base of Dayn's erection.

"Nikote..." Dayn let the name roll off his tongue as if he didn't have a single thought to call Kysenn something else.

Kysenn dropped to his knees as Dayn settled at the edge of the bed, legs spread enough for Kysenn to slip between them. Closing his eyes as he took Dayn's erection in his mouth, Kysenn no longer felt the strong hands touching him or the ache building within him. He simply wanted to please his master - situation bedamned. Gathering the fluid from the tip on his tongue, Kysenn swallowed before beginning to lick around the head of Dayn's arousal. He went slowly, listening carefully to Dayn's approving gasps and moans until he realized one of his own hands had found the base of his own cock and was touching it gently.

He knew Dayn would be ready - he hoped his own body could handle what Dayn was offering. Dayn must have sensed the change as well. He guided Kysenn back and gestured for Kysenn to join him on the bed.

With a nod, Kysenn complied. He found himself staring at Dayn's body - at muscle and tanned skin and dark curls and the spit-slicked length of Dayn's erection. Dayn was the only one with wings who could hide them at will, keeping him from discomfort while laying on his back and giving Kysenn the sort of look that likely wasn't meant for him, but for the fictional Nikote.

Trying to think of a spell as he slowly positioned himself over Dayn's body, Kysenn found one of his hands inadvertantly on Dayn's. He wasn't expecing their fingers to twine or the slight squeeze Dayn offered. With his free hand, he reached to grasp Dayn's cock and pushed it to rest against his opening. A little pain could be ignored - or enjoyed.

He pushed down, feeling his body give slowly as he squeezed Dayn's hand back. Dayn's other hand was instantly on his hip, guiding him. Kysenn closed his eyes and kept going until he had fully taken Dayn's length inside of him. The pain was there, but it wasn't intense. The spells he knew were worthless anyway - they were all words and words were the last thing he thought he could manage to say. He moaned as Dayn shifted a bit.

"Ni...kote..." Yes, that was right, he was Nikote, a visiting priest only guessing at Dayn's preferences and desires. Kysenn moved - sliding upwards a bit before Dayn thrust up into him. They couldn't keep their hands together - Kysenn found himself hanging on to Dayn as Dayn thrust almost violently into him. Perhaps it was just Dayn's way, Kysenn realized, for a joining to be so deeply associated with both pain and pleasure.

As he came, Dayn managed to gasp Kysenn's name - his real one. Kysenn couldn't bring himself to ackowledge it though, not as he was forced off to the side to be kissed roughly and have his own erection roughly stroked. With Dayn laying on top of him, sticky with sweat and breathing hard against his neck, Kysenn came almost as roughly as Dayn had - an almost too-soon orgasm that only left him tired and damp and not quite as satisfied as he wanted to be.

"Lord Dayn?" Kysenn questioned after a moment when it became apparent that Dayn was not going to move readily.

"Don't leave me." It was an order, but Kysenn wasn't sure if Dayn was talking about the evening - or ever.

"I won't," Kysenn said after a moment. He wanted to sigh. He was Kysenn again, not Nikote.

Dayn licked the shell of his ear as if it was some consolation.

He was as close to the god as anyone could ever be, with or without wings.

And somewhere, he knew, Taoura was laughing.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.