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Truth is Hard

Title: Truth Is Hard
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Daryn/Sine
Rating: MA
Summary: In which Sine goes to Daria's Temple and decides that he likes surprises and in the end, the truth is hard.
Notes: -

Sine slipped into Daria's Temple through a shadow cast by a crackling torch against one of the many support columns that arched up to support the high roof. He smiled. Daria would know he was there, but no one else seemed to be awake or at least patrolling. He knew that there was never a lapse when it came to her warriors, save her for feast day, but things were comfortably quiet if nothing else.

The original plan had to been to appear right in the same room that Ethan resided in, but that had been thwarted quickly when he realized Ethan was far from asleep and company might not be quite so welcome while enraptured with red-haired lover.

Jameson was a powerful warrior-mage, much too strong to be kept unde the stifling control of the Death Goddess, Sine though. He had to be used to such intrusions. But they were not polite.

Brushing his clothing off and straightening his cloak, the Spectir headed towards the one place he knew he'd find someone lounging - the bath room. That wasn't a guess for Sine - as a Spectir, one of the Truth Goddess Ammeia's mist-born puppets - he just knew. But the surprise would be just who was waiting for him. After millenia of the truth being forced into his mind, holding off and waiting to be surprised was a rare streat.

He thought about Ethan for a moment. He did need to talk to the young god - he had a message from Ammeia, after all. But it was not so much urgent as something to keep Sine occupied. His master had again released him to a sort of free-range lifestyle, so he automatically returned to Ammeia's side to see if she could use any assistance. He was her eldest. The prototype.

The only one with orange hair like flames and the strongest of all of his kind. Sine knocked once on the heavy door before pushing it open. Even though he thought there was just one man enjoying the hot water and scented oils, he had no desire to interrupt private acts.

"Evening," a voice said as Sine stepped into the room. "I don't suppose one of your kind is here for a bath."

Sine smirked. Short black hair and eyes that could look through him. Daryn.

"You never know what I'm here for," Sine replied as he regarded the naked demi-god carefully. Stretched out on a yellow towel that had to have been an offering from the city of Ruame, Daryn was the picture of decadence as molded through centuries of battle and loss.

"Ethan?" Daryn asked quickly. "The one your master loves..."

"I am here of Ammeia's will," Sine said curtly. He reached to unclasp his dull brown cloak and shrugged it off a moment later. "My master... Masters have no knowledge of my whereabouts."

"Yet you're in the bath," Daryn commented as he shifted a bit, displaying his muscle and explicit nudity.

"As are you," Sine pointed out. "Alone."

"Only because duty to Agassia and Daria come first to those who dwell here," Daryn replied. "You still have yet to make an excuse for your behavior."

"I have no excuses," Sine stated. He hung his cloak on one of the hooks near the door and then reached down to untie his boots. Technically, clothing was not so challenging. But he would not give Daryn, no matter how revered by any man or god, the satisfaction of seeing quick, desperate power usage. "I just find it poor etiquette to interrupt men of Lord Ethan and Lord Jameson's power whilst they are..."

He coughed.

"Fucking?" Daryn asked.

Frowning, Sine nodded. "I was going to say, perhaps, 'intimate'."

"Euphemisms aren't becoming." Daryn sat up and stretched before slipping his toes in the direction of the expansive and steaming bath. They just barely touched the water. He smiled.

"Perhaps you could use an attendant," Sine stated. "Since I have time to kill and you're lacking the attentions of both your lover and your sister."

Pulling off his shirt, he hung it beside his cloak. His pants were quick to follow and he cursed his body's response to Daryn's naked form. Off all the Spectirs, he was the prototype. More sensitive as well as more powerful - more... functional. Later, Ammeia had decided that wasn't a good trait when it came to an advisor to the powerful members of Agassian society. But too late to take it from him.

Not that there were many nights he truly minded.

Naked, he reached to grab a towel of his own. The pile was fresh and smelled of fresh air as though they somehow hadn't been hung to dry in the rotting courtyard of the Temple where the wind was still. Each was a different color or even striped in many, surely an offering from the bright city of Ruame.

Taking one in a vibrant green, Sine was surprised to see that Daryn had slipped from the ledge into the pool, letting the water obscure his form up to where his shoulders rose above the steaming surface.

"What do you desire?" Sine asked as he glanced over to the bottles of oils and bricks of soap. More offerings from those who wished to pay homage to Death and those who were under her command.

"The dark blue scent of night," Daryn replied cryptically. He chuckled. "Find me something worthy of a soldier."

Sine smiled. The centuries had changed Daryn much for the worse, but sometimes the heroic commander shone through when unexpected. Choosing a bar of lightly-scented soap and a vial of indigo oil, Sine softly walked back to the edge of the pool and knelt to rest his offerings to the demi-god in the little niche designed for receiving any such items.

"You always have had the skill to pick the right things," Daryn commented as he reached to examine the oil. "This will do well."

"I just know things," Sine replied. He could not keep a straight face as he circled around to enter the bath properly. Sometimes it was nice to forget his birth and purpose.

Daryn's touch made him shiver even in the hot water. It was achingly familiar despite the passage of time. And he wasn't surprised when Daryn's mouth met his and he let his hands trace the hard muscle of Daryn's chest.

Sine moaned into Daryn's mouth and flailed desperately for the soap. He would do his sudden duty. He would serve the demigod properly and then let Daryn have his way. There could be no other acceptable way - not with what he was.

"Daryn!" Sine exclaimed as he pulled back, half-thrashing and half-floating as he finally got his hand around the thick bar of soap. "I must..."

"If you wash me now, you'll just be doing it again after," Daryn interrupted. "You did pick that oil."

Daryn took the soap from him, putting it back where it had rested. And then he pulled Sine to him, running his own hands down to squeeze at the tip of Sine's erection.

"Ah! Daryn!" Sine clutched at the demi-god, wondering why they'd even gotten into the water if Daryn was just going to haul him out again to take him. He didn't care. That truth could be lost to the ages.

Sine lost himself in a kiss as he finally trailed his hands lower along Daryn's spine. Daryn's mouth was as hot as the water and a thousand times more likely to make him melt into absolute nothingness. He ached and did not want to know if Daryn felt the same. He closed his mind to the truth as he felt the brush of Daryn's arousal against his stomach.

And then he was being pulled out of the bath, leaving a trail of water straight to his where Daryn had left his towel spread.

Sine nodded and knelt as Daryn went to get that indigo oil.

"Not like that," Daryn muttered when he saw how Sine had positioned himself. Sine blinked once, unsure.

"How?" Sine asked softly. Never before had Daryn wanted to do more than take what pleasure he could from the Spectir.

"Lay on your back," Daryn commanded as he knelt. "I remember when..."

Sine complied. Obviously he was getting more than he'd planned. Surprises... He liked surprises. Daryn's mouth on his erection as fingers dipped in beautiful sweet oil slipped into his body was the best surprise of all. Crying out, Sine grasped at the towel and the stone beneath. Daryn's mouth was melting him.

Before he could come, Daryn pulled back. He kept his fingers buried tight where it mattered, but moved upwards slowly, leaving a trail of kisses on Sine's body until he he'd met Sine's gaze.


He nodded, fairly sure he couldn't possibly be any more ready. Once they'd bathed, Sine decided, he wanted to repay the favor with his mouth. He knew Daryn's noises. He liked them.

Sine gasped when fingers were replaced with Daryn's thick arousal. And cried out again when Daryn thrust and pulled back without giving him a moment to breathe. Not that he needed to. Forgetting to breathe didn't matter. He stopped paying attention, instead trying to meet Daryn's motion while working his own erection between his hands as if his continued existance depended on it.

The night didn't need to end. His mission didn't matter. If dawn came, he didn't need to fade back into the world of shadow.

He came instead, spilling himself on his stomach as Daryn watched. Daryn thrust hard, pressing him down against the stone. One towel was not enough to protect him from the harsh surface, but he knew he wouldn't bruise.

When Daryn came, Sine was breathless, despite being fairly sure he was breathing. He could feel the warmth and the sudden slickness in motion. He thought he could feel the world.

Daryn slipped to rest on his elbows, not pulling himself from Sine's body as he sucked at Sine's neck.

Looking upwards after a minute, Sine was surprised to meet beautiful violet eyes.

"Ethan..." he stammered. "I was just looking for you."

Daryn bit him a little harder than necessary.

But it was the truth.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.