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Daryn's Desire

Title: Daryn's Desire
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Daryn/Ethan, Sannalin, Pashalk
Rating: MA
Summary: Daliances with a demigod.
Notes: -

Ethan blushed as the demigod singled him out, not knowing just how to respond. Daryn reminded him of Minewin in a way that was almost as disturbing as it was arousing.

They were both already naked, so there was little room for modesty. Still, being taken in such a public place was a bit of a new thing. Ethan didn't exactly feel out of place around Sannalin and Pashalk, yet...

Daryn seemed a little put off by Ethan's hesitation, frowning just a bit before pulling Ethan to him.

Quickly claiming Ethan's mouth, Daryn pressed his tongue past Ethan's lips, shocking Ethan with the intensity of the kiss. Ethan couldn't hold back a moan as he let himself be shaped to the contours of Daryn's muscled body.

"On your knees," Daryn commanded once their mouths broke contact.

Still not sure if this was exactly the most welcome visit, Ethan obeyed anyway. After that kiss, it didn't seem like such a bad thing, either.

Pashalk threw a towel in Ethan's direction. It would be a thankful cushion on the stone floor.


Ethan winced. That had been Minewin's word for him.

Shivering as his buttocks were parted, Ethan bent low to rest his head on his arms. He didn't like the position at all. He didn't like feeling so exposed.

Still, he was not being forced. The more he thought about it, the more he was aroused by the thought of being with someone so very much like Minewin.

His erection jumped as Daryn traced his opening, pressing gently at the muscle. Whatever the demigod was using as lube smelled sweet but didn't feel sticky at all.

A hand wrapped around his arousal, but as he let out a low moan, Ethan realized that it definitely wasn't Daryn who had paused at his task. There were now three hands touching him, and out of curiosity he lifted his gaze ever so slightly.

A bit of white hair fell in front of him just a moment later, confirming that Pashalk was the one who had decided to join in.

It would never be as good as his night with Minewin and Sine, but it was something.

Fingers pressed inside his body, shooting a full, pleasant sensation through him. Pashalk was stroking him fast and hard, threatening to make him peak much too soon.

There was a sort of bliss at being so desired and so pleasured.

Something pressed at his lips, damp and sweet. Darting his tongue out, Ethan licked the tip of Sannalin's erection before adjusting his position enough to actually suck.

He could barely moan now, forgetting his voice anyway as Daryn traded three strong fingers for thick hardness. As Pashalk's fingers traveled up and down his length, Ethan felt the building pressure start to creep towards the level of unbearable.

Sannalin was sweet between his lips, somehow managing not to move except to stroke Ethan's hair.

Daryn wasn't holding back, thrusting fast and hard, claiming Ethan - or at least claiming the largest share.

It wasn't very dignified, Ethan knew, as he came far too quickly over Pashalk's hand, slicking the last of Pashalk's movements with his own seed.

Daryn paused, letting Ethan ride out his shuddering orgasm for a moment. Sannalin pulled back too, eyes catching Pashalk's.

Barely thinking, Ethan reached out for Sannalin, only to realize that Sannalin and Pashalk had decided to have their own encounter a few feet away.

Daryn thrust again, pulling a howl deep from within Ethan's body. Eyes locked onto Sannalin as he pushed Pashalk down onto the stone, Ethan grabbed at the towel beneath him and wondered just why he was being allowed to feel this good again.

He was an unrepentant sinner, sure he would never again be locked into such bliss.

Sannalin had a beautiful command of Pashalk's body, his darker skin a rich contrast to Pashalk's unhealthy pale. Ethan could only ponder at the centuries the pair must have had to be able to play each other's bodies so perfectly.

And inside of him, Daryn was still milking pleasure, sending sparks through every inch of Ethan's being. The demigod came with little more than an audible grunt, quickening motions leading to a shudder and final release. Yet he held on to Ethan's body, pushing Ethan down and laying kisses on Ethan's back. It was almost disturbingly loving.

Ethan realized that now Daryn was watching the other pair as well, and still locked together, he and Daryn laid as one until the Sannalin and Pashalk were finished as well.

Later, after dressing and leaving the bathing chamber, Daryn pulled Ethan to him again.

"I know I'm not the one you want, but I would like to have you."

Ethan didn't reply right away though. There was too much on his mind to find an answer just yet.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.