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Title: Needle
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Minew-in/Sine
Rating: MA
Notes: -

Minew-in dropped the needle again , cursing softly before sighing.


An orange-haired man stepped from the deep shadows of one corner of the room. He wore a dusty brown cloak that he pitched off in one fluid motion.

"What is it?"

Minew-in set his mending on the table and rose from where he sat.

"Were you here?"

"No. I was watching the sun set from a private beach near the land of the clan of assassins," Sine replied, smiling.

"And what does the sunset look like from that beach?" Minew-in asked.

"Cleansing Fire," Sine said. "I can take you there."

"It would hurt you," Minew-in commented, stepping to Sine and raising a hand to trace the line of Sine's jaw. "I will not hurt you."

"I would do it," Sine replied, face stern. "I did offer. It is the truth."

"And I would not hurt you," Minew-in insisted, lightly kissing where he'd just touched.

"What can I do for you this eve?" Since asked, leting himself be pulled into Minew-in's embrace.

"My eyes are too tired to sew but my mind and body do not follow," Minew-in answered.

"Shall I find a more competant tailor?"

"I'd rather you just wore me out," Minew-in stated, bringing his lips to those of the shadow creature.

"There are spells for that," Sine said, chuckling until he surrendered to the kiss.

Minew-in plunged his tongue into Sine's mouth, tasting the sweet empty oblivian of the Spectir as he grabbed at the bottom of Sin'e shirt.

"That wasn't quite what I had in mind," Minew-in said, barely pulling away to speak. Even if Sine didn't entirely look or taste human, he responded like one.

From just that kiss, Minew-in could feel Sine hard against him. And Minew-in knew just how to please his counselor and lover. He knew how to please the only one he had to return to after battle.

Hands roaming up Sine's back, Minew-in thrust gently up against Sine, lettting the Spectir feel his equal arousal.

"I was thinking of you while out there," Sine said. "That beach is a place for lovers."

"Some day," Minew-in replied. "When the last of the battles are written as history."

"Yes," Sine gasped as his shirt was pulled free. "Yes."

His pants were next, sharing a quick removal with his dusty, sandy boots. And naked, still being kissed and carressed, Sine was lead to lie down and be patient.

Minew-in was already without his shirt- that was the sewing project of the evening, torn while helping a stable-hand with a spooked Kinai stallion. And his boots had been tossed at the door, dirty and much too hot.

His pants strained, looking as awkward as they felt. Eyes not leaving Sine, Minew-in undid them quickly and pulled them down, careful of his erection. Stepping out of his pants, he smiled before reaching back to undo the binding on his hair. Black poured over him, much too long and somewhat unkept.

Sine smiled too.

"And I do not need a cleansing fire when presented with such a desirable knight," Sine commented.

"I will give you white hot bliss." Minew-in crawled onto the bed, covering Sine's body with his own. "My eyes may blur when I stitch, but I do think I could have you until the sun rises and shines through this palace."

"I would be without shadows," Sine replied. "I would have to sleep."

Minew-in pressed Sine's legs apart with his own, both of them laughing for a quick moment after they cast the same spell at the same time.

Pushing forward, Minew-in kissed Sine, knowing it wasn't more than affection. There was no pain to distract from - Sine's body gave easily, enveloping Minew-in's arousal in tight heat.

Their bodies rocked together, creating a beautiful friction. Sine was moaning, pressing back as Minew-in thrust roughly into Sine's body. Their bed creaked and shuddered, it's protests countering the pleasurious cries from both men.

Minew-in couldn't help but feel that he was abusing his mist-bourne counselor, yet it was hard to hang on to that feeling when Sine cried his name.

Coming first, Sine's orgasm began the rolling spiral of Minew-in's own climax. It hadn't been a long bout of lovemaking, but certainly intense.

And he had never worn fatigue well.

"I will always come when you call," Sine murmured, burying his face in Minew's hair as they settled beside one another.

It was the way of the Spectirs, of course, but somehow coming from Sine's lips, it was sincere and not just a statement of duty.

But it was hard to love one bound to him in such a way. It almost seemed unfair.

Besides, Minew-in knew he could never handle having his heart broken again.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.