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Title: Breaking
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Rating: T
Summary: Supposedly a Sannal-in piece, but it really wants to be more about Dayn and how the Lifegod began a slow descent.
Notes: -

Dayn could think of only two, perhaps three people who could break the control he held over his realm, and each of them was a blood relative - his mother, his twin sister, and perhaps his wayward son.

Yet standing before him was not a one of those three but instead a young man from the deep southwest, long dark hair hangin in curls over dark skin. There was a purely wild aura about him, something that had yet to be broken. Rarely, only rarely did that sort of man come into Dayn's presence and for just a moment he felt his control slipping, his duty threatening to give way to purely carnal needs.

"What is your name and why are you here?" Dayn asked, finally managing to feign boredom from where he sat in a low-backed under-stuffed chair. He always feigned boredom - what good would it ever do to admit he liked hearing sob stories and personal failures in the same twisted way his counterpart liked reading the books of the dead and dying.

He'd always wanted to ask her if the book changed when he made someone immortal or if it had always been written that way. Some things though, he knew, were better unknown.

"My name is Sannal-in," the man said, holding his ground. "I am here to petition for the gift of immortality..."

"Come to me in a year," Dayn interrupted, not yet wanting to hear the man's reasoning. "Serve me as a priest for one year and then I will hear you out."

No crestfallen expression met his thin smile, just a terse nod.

"Lord Dayn, I am yours. I will serve you," Sannal-in finally said, bowing. "I am honored."

Good, Dayn thought, but almost more than he could handle. His control was cracking and he was glad to be sitting down so as not to make his arousal so obvious. This was not like him. This was... strange...

"Then inform the priestess who brought you here of my decision," Dayn directed. All he wanted to do was defile the man, make him writhe and moan. But that would be too fast, too... Was this his fate, too? If gods did have fates...

And Sannal-in was gone, leaving Dayn alone with his thoughts. Clearing his mind he searched his realm, finally finding his High Priest, Kysenn, alone in his chambers.

One already broken...


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.