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A Joke?

Title: A Joke?
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Minew-in/Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: A little Minew-in/Ethan PWP.
Notes: Possibly not how this really happened...

Minew-in'd had Sine as a lover for more years than he cared to think of, and as much as he loved the Spector, he'd always felt as though he were holding back.

The boy beneath him, Ethan was his name, was perfect in every way. And a virgin, he realized based on the almost frightened but still pleasure-filled moans that poured from Ethan's mouth as he continued slipping a pair of fingers in and out of the warm opening of the boy's body.

Slowly, Minew-in moved so he could claim Ethan's lips with his own. Ethan tasted sweet and almost magical. The boy had some sort of power in him, but bringing it out was a matter for another day, not the current night. As Minew-in kissed him, Ethan brought a hand up to pull the tie from Minew-in's hair, sending a cascade of shimmering black over them both. While Ethan's hair had a blue tinge to it, Minew-in's was like coal. And Minew-in's was longer, as well, though he had more than two decades on Ethan and probably hadn't had more than a trim during that time.

"Minew-in," Ethan gasped as he arched and thrust to match the motions of the fingers inside of him. Minew-in smiled inches from Ethan's mouth. The boy had a strange accent, but that only made it more arousing when Ethan cried his name loudly a moment later. Minew-in was almost shocked with the intensity of Ethan's orgasm, hot semen coating both of their stomachs and making Minew-in's own arousal twitch excitedly as though it had a mind of its own.

"I need..." Minew-in said, his voice deep and almost breaking as he trailed kisses down Ethan's neck and pulled his fingers from the tight heat that begged to keep them inside.

"Yes, yes, oh yes!" Ethan cried, his hands grabbing at the blankets beneath him as Minew-in settled over his body and positioned himself for entrance.

Both men cried out at the penetration. It was all-encompasing and Ethan honestly seemed to black out for a moment. Minew-in went slowly though, holding back from thrusting roughly like he wanted to. He'd only been with a virgin once, and it had been a very different experience.

"Ethan," Minew-in said softly, licking Ethan's ear after he spoke. "You okay?"

"More," Ethan replied, his voice a hoarse whisper as he tried to force his body up onto Minew-in's erection. "Please, more."

This was no longer the confused teen who'd been brought to him, violet eyes filled with fear. This was... his lover. A term Minew-in had never thought he'd use again.

Minew-in thrust, causing them both to moan and grab at one another.

"Need you," Ethan gasped before another wave of pleasure washed over him. Minew-in set a fast rhythm, already well aware he wouldn't last long inside such perfect heat. It was as though the boy had been made for him, to heal him.

He caught the gaze of Ethan's violet eyes the moment before his orgasm overtook him. Those violet eyes contained both love and lust mixed in the proper amounts and Minew-in's last thought before the world went white was about how lucky he was, to find someone so...

Later, as he brushed out his hair while Ethan slept, Sine appeared suddenly from a shadowy corner of the bedroom.

"Minew-in," Sine said in a whisper. "I need to talk to you."

"What about?" Minew-in asked, his hands not leaving their task. ;

"There is something about that boy, something perhaps you should look further into," Sine said, dropping to his knees in front of Minew-in. "He's not..."

"Sine, he's perfect. I don't care beyond that."

With a sigh, the Spector rose and walked back across the room, and into the shadows, where he vanished into the air.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.