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Two Priests

Title: Two Priests
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Ri'za-in, Dayn
Rating: C10
Summary: Ri'za-in's life changes yet again.
Notes: Dayn is pretty hands-on in this, which is not what Ri'za-in wants.

Ri'za-in winced as the three demi-goddesses left him. Just the room, the room made it obvious that the whispered rumors of what some of the sacrifices for immortality were all true.

"You wish for immortaliy," Dayn said, shaking his wings ever so slightly, causing them to disappear. Ri'za-in stared for a moment, not quite understanding right away the necessity of removing the appendages. Then he swallowed. Hard.

"Yes," Ri'za-in replied, his voice breaking. "Though really, I can go..."

"You've come all this way," Dayn said with a chuckle, walking forward to stand close to the traveller. "At least tell me why you'd like the gift."

Ri'za-in couldn't find his voice. The god was tall and built strong. He wore all black, his clothing made of a shimmering fabric that clung tight to each angle of his body. Ri'za-in couldn't even glance lower. He was scared.

Dayn raised an eyebow, regarding Ri'za-in a moment before stepping forward to cup Ri'za-in's chin.

"You're a nice, fresh young man. Surely your life is long enough to serve a purpose," Dayn said, leaning close enough for Ri'za-in to feel his breath. Ri'za-in knew he was shaking, trying not to look into the unnatural black eyes that were holding him captive.

"I am a mage," Ri'za-in said quickly.

"Then a long life is yours already," Dayn replied, moving to carefully lick Ri'za-in's cheek. "There must be more."

Ri'za-in shuddered. "I am weak. Several lifetimes and I would still be confined to street tricks."

"Selfish," Dayn said, pulling Ri'za-in close enough for their bodies to touch. Ri'za-in closed his eyes as he felt Dayn's hands wander down his back.

"I want to teach others like me," Ri'za-in cried, fighting back tears. He had no way to escape and he found himself burying his face against the god's shoulder. Everything was going horribly wrong. He wished himself back to the West, wished himself anywhere but trapped in the embrace of a god who could crush him in a heartbeat.

"How old are you?" Dayn asked, bringing one of his hands up to the back of Ri'za-in's neck, almost in an act of comfort.

"Twenty-one," Ri'za-in replied, blinking at the moisture in his eyes. He knew that the god was going to tell him how pathetic he was and throw him out. Maybe it was best that way.

"Untouched?" Dayn paused. "Hhn. That much is obvious."

Ri'za-in was silent, trying to not even breathe.

"I have other plans for the day, anyway. Serve me for ten years and then I'll again consider your request," Dayn declared, dropping his hands and walking away, his wings reappearing after a couple of steps. "Go find Star. She'll take you to the priests' quarters."

Ri'za-in breathed a sigh of relief and ran from the room, not paying attention to where he was going. All he knew was that something important had just happened and he was now powerless. He was to be a preist of Dayn!

And, still running, he crashed into one of the other residents of the manor.

"I... Sorry!" Ri'za-in cried, stumbling backwards. He looked up, hoping he hadn't crashed into one of the demi-goddesses. Instead it was a woman - no, a man with long blond hair.

For the second time in as many minutes, Ri'za-in, mocked for being amongst the weakest mages in his villiage, felt the world change.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.