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And Kneel

Title: And Kneel
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Minewin, Ethan, Daria
Rating: AA
Summary: Minewin finds Ethan years later.
Notes: Spoilers for anything and everything DM/DM:A going forward?

"Did you drop this?"

Ethan turned so quickly that he nearly lost his footing, his mouth opening but words refusing to form as he looked at the man who'd so easily startled him.

On an outstretched hand rested a dirt-covered silver ring, but even the return of that trinket was not what had Ethan so flustered.


"I had to serve Dayn for twenty years just for directions on how to get past the spells that protect this place," Minewin answered, still holding the ring out. "I had hoped that you would come to Nragser, to Palace, but... I only heard stories."

"You're... alive."

"You thought otherwise?" Dropping his hand, confusion crossed Minewin's face.

Ethan finally took a step forward, shaking his head slowly even as his entire body shook.

"I... I'd been sent to the place of that slaughter. To... to collect souls. To... And I saw you laying there and I just..." Ethan couldn't stop tears from escaping his eyes, running down his cheeks in two streams. "And Trui Calinthrell was pulling me away because there was work to do..."

"Ethan... I'm so sorry."

"Twenty years," Ethan stammered. "I should be the one apologizing. I..."

"You... That... We..."

"Can we go inside Temple?" Ethan asked quickly. He held his hand out, a little surprised when the ring was dropped into it. He'd meant for Minewin to take his hand. But that, well, probably wouldn't happen for awhile. Twenty years suddenly felt like nothing, after all.

"I haven't seen Daria since I was a child," Minewin said as a smile crossed his face. "Is there still that old, rotting garden? Mother would chide me because all I ever wanted to do was tip over the columns."

"That was you?" Ethan asked incredulously. "Wait! You... You are her son. Star..."

"Was," Minewin replied. "I've heard from some of my half-siblings over the years. You've passed through so many lives."

Ethan winced. He hadn't expected Minewin to ever hear about any of that.

"It's okay," Minewin continued. "I have no control over your life. And to answer your half-asked question, I'm the oldest son of the goddess Star. But she disowned me when I chose to join the Western Military."

"You're half-god," Ethan said as he gestured up the stairs to the dark entranceway of the main building. "Why couldn't you come here?"

"Perhaps because I'm only half-god," Minewin replied. "Unless I'm mistaken, not a one of my half-siblings would have any better luck getting here and I'm sure Mother brought everyone to meet Daria and Darina once."

"Minewin of the Northland Free!"

Both Minewin and Ethan looked farther up the stairs, to where Daria had appeared. She had her arms out and bounded downward to engulf Minewin in a lingering hug.

"I am not..."

"Oooh, your mother should have let me keep you! I gave you that title when you were three and Star-star was so mad at me!" Daria exclaimed as she pulled back and squeezed at one of Minewin's arms. "I begged and begged and tried marking you a half-dozen times until she finally sealed you from ever... What are you doing here?"

"Daryn petitioned Dayn to..."

Daria narrowed her eyes. "Yes, you have not a seal on you, not even the originals that Star-star put on you as a... oops!"

"Aunt Daria?" Minewin asked softly, almost as though he wasn't angry at all. Ethan just stood there, fingering his ring and trying to follow. Minewin had been sealed. Something about him... He was half-god, but he had always displayed that much power.

Daria smiled as she reached beneath her outer cloak and drew her sword.

"Kneel," she commanded. Minewin complied quickly, finding just enough room on the wide steps to get into the position. "And Ethan, this should be done with more witnesses, but you're my brother, too... This should be enough."

"Okay," Ethan said, stepping back a couple of feet to watch. Minewin bowed his head. Ethan knew that neither one of them had so much of an idea what was going to happen. But he trusted Daria - she was a second mother to him.

She raised her sword.

"In the name of my mother Razrantha, goddess of Agassia, unto Minewin of the Nortland Free, the son of the King of the East, the First King of the Dead, General of the Northland Army and my beloved brother Night, the son of Queen of the East Star, Voleena's second daughter and She Who Paints With Skye, I grant all rights and privledges of your godhood."

She brought the flat of the blade down to rest on Minewin's head.

"No seal shall taint you, no ailment harm you, no arrow pierce you."

Minewin stayed still while she sheathed her sword again.

"Arise as Minewin of the Northland Free, Son of Night and Rightful King of the East."

Her voice echoed in the dark forest. She smiled.

Minewin didn't move.

Daria knelt just as Ethan started forward. She kissed his head softly before reaching down for his hands which were just contacting the stone. Tears hit the step beneath him.

"Minewin?" Ethan asked. "You're..."

He hugged them both, pulling Ethan down with little difficulty.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.