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Spiral Stairs

Title: Spiral Stairs
Series: DM:A
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Minew-in/Ethan
Rating: AA
Summary: Ethan attempts upwards, goes downwards...
Notes: -

Ethan paused to look out one of the small windows. They'd twisted and turned so many times on their way up the spiraling tower steps that he was completely disoriented. By all rights, he thought he would be looking to the front of the castle, out over town and to the forest beyond.

But instead he could see the gardens and the crystaline stream that would later join the larger river to the north.

"Oh," he murmured, not even realizing as Minew-in reached the step beneath him. It was only when Minew-in's hands reached to touch both his stomach and the small of his back that he realized he wasn't alone. Yet he wasn't startled. Somehow Ethan felt completely at peace with Minew-in near by.

They hadn't been lovers for more than a few days, yet Ethan was sure this had to be it - true pure love. Minew-in seemed to be some sort of missing piece, worked perfectly into the frayed puzzle in Ethan's mind.

Even if this wasn't his world, and even if he would be forced to stay in it forever unknowing of his true past, it didn't matter. Nothing mattered when he was with Minew-in.

"What's out there?" Minew-in asked, leaning, up this time, to kiss Ethan's neck.

"Everything," Ethan replied, letting out a small appreciative moan. He closed his eyes a moment, only reopening them as Minew-in drew away.

"It will be there when we finish," Minew-in said, slipping past Ethan to continue up the spiraling stairs.

With a sigh, Ethan nodded, taking one last glance out the window. This time, instead of just landscape, there was someone in the garden. She hadn't been there a moment ago, Ethan was sure. And she was staring up at him.

Despite the distance, Ethan could tell every detail of her.

"The angel!" he exclaimed, turning to call to Minew-in. "She's in the garden!"

"The one who brought you?" Minew-in asked with a soft chuckle, pausing before returning to the window. "Where is she?"


But she was gone.

"She was by that bench, looking up at me," Ethan said, his voice shaking. He'd only looked away for a moment.


"Let's go look! Please!" Ethan cried, before tearing down the stairs.

Minew-in had no choice but to follow.

"By the bench," Ethan stammered, half out of breath as they reached the maze-like garden.

"There's no one out here," Minew-in replied, looking around.

"Angel..." Ethan called, running from one path to another until finally he came to the bench.

On it lay a single purple rose, freshly cut just below the bloom.

"Mom?" Ethan said to himself. His mother, the one whose face he couldn't even remember, his mother loved purple roses.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.