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Resurrected Light

Title: Resurrected Light
Part: 1/4
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating: MA
Summary: Post-Showdown, as the universe is created anew.
Notes: Actually, 'Marcus Leid', the song the quote is from, is by an in carnation of Amon Duul, not Barbara Manning, though she does do a lovely version on her 1212 album.

"put on your armor/come with me/there's a universe/waiting to be free"
"I am the resurrected light"

Cloud was tired. Fully, physically, mentally, emotionally tired.

They'd been fighting for what felt like hours, neither one any closer to winning, losing, anything. The sky was black now, devoid of stars. The arena was barely lit, but they could see each other perfectly, eyes glittering in the darkness.

'You are my darkness.'

The words echoed in Cloud's head, filling in the rest, wanting to scream it out loud.

' You are my darkness. You are my light. You are my everything. And I'm tired.'

Sephiroth had held out his hand.

He was tired of this consuming his life. What life? Was it even life, this nightmare?

'I was searching for you too.'

Were they even still fighting? Their weapons sounded each hit against one another in what seemed to be a carefully choreographed dance.

He was bleeding, but he wasn't sure even where from. It didn't matter. He didn't even feel the pain any more.

They broke apart, landing about ten feet away from each other. Still - almost a sword's reach.

Sephiroth sprung, swinging Masamune through the air, but Cloud didn't block. He just closed his eyes.

So tired.

What did it matter any more?

So tired.

Cold metal bit into his neck, but... He was still alive?

Cloud opened his eyes, staring up into Sephiroth's own green cat's eyes just inches away. He had the oddest look on his face.

Almost like... Like he was concerned that Cloud was letting him stand there, Masamune between them and just barely cutting into his throat. Just enough for a thin layer of blood to start trickling down beneath the blade.

They stayed that way, staring at each other, silent.

"Just finish it," Cloud whispered, dropping his own sword to prove he meant it. "I'm tired."

"Cloud? Sephiroth's voice sounded almost gentle with its confusion. Still, it was a surprise when he stepped back and lowered Masamune.

And then Cloud bit back a confused gasp as one black-gloved finger reached to touch the wound, holding his finger there to make sure it healed.

With a touch? That's right... Heal, regenerate, become... stronger.

Cloud closed his eyes again, not opening them again until he heard a startled gasp from Sephiroth.

The sky had exploded above them. It was almost blinding as they looked upward together. Sephiroth's hand fell to Cloud's shoulder as they watched the darkness fill with thousands of brilliant stars. Glittering dust rained down onto them both, making them look more ethereal than they already had.

Cloud looked away from the heavens to Sephiroth, captivated by the sparkling flecks of stardust that covered the man.

Unconsciously, the blonde reached to touch the glittering layer that now covered Sephiroth's chest, gasping softly as it disappeared under his fingers.

Again, their eyes met, regarding each other curiously as their hands moved to touch one another's faces.


Instead of words, Sephiroth just kissed him. The universe was being recreated above them, around them, but neither cared.

Cloud felt Sephiroth's hands touching him, searching out injuries and healing them even as their tongues twined.

Finally, Sephiroth pulled back, stardust glittering in his hair. And he held out his hand.

"Come with me."

Cloud nodded and accepted. He didn't feel quite as tired. But everything was spinning, sparkling and spinning out of control...

Sephiroth grabbed for Cloud as he collapsed and caught him just before he hit the ground.


After gently lowering Cloud to the arena floor, Sephiroth pulled his hands back. Blood dripped from them and thanks to the new starlight shining on them, he could see where blood had soaked through Cloud's clothing.

How had he missed such a major wound?


Was Cloud still breathing?

"No... Cloud..."



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.