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Resurrected Light

Title: Resurrected Light
Part: 2/4
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating: MA
Summary: Post-Showdown, as the universe is created anew.
Notes: Actually, 'Marcus Leid', the song the quote is from, is by an in carnation of Amon Duul, not Barbara Manning, though she does do a lovely version on her 1212 album.

Sephiroth was still on his knees as he pulled Cloud's limp body to his, just holding him tightly for a moment before phasing them both out of the arena. Only sparkling glitter fell in their wake, sticking a moment to the blood on the ground before disappearing entirely.


He'd managed to breath life back into Cloud's body before setting to the task of finding the elusive wound that was currently covering his sheets with bright red blood.

Straight from his heart.

A soft moan came from between Cloud's lips as Sephiroth tugged at the tattered red cloak around his upper half. Stardust fell from it, making the black sheets shine for a couple seconds before Sephiroth shifted both of their bodies, causing the to glitter pool and vanish.

With the cloak thrown aside, Sephiroth pondered a moment over how to pull Cloud's blue uniform top over his head, arms, and wing. Cloud was in no condition to help him with the task, but at least now his shallow breathing was an indicator he was alive.

"Cloud... I have to get your clothes off. Can you hear me? I need to move you, and your wing," Sephiroth whispered, mouth close to Cloud's ear as he slid his hands up the blonde's chest underneath the battered blue fabric.

Cloud's wing... Sephiroth paused with his hands halfway up Cloud's chest then slowly pulled away. He hadn't even thought to look for injury on Cloud's complimentary wing.

A moment later Cloud had been gently eased over onto his stomach so Sephiroth could spread his much-too-bloody wing. Sure enough, the deadly wound was right at the wing's base, probably a main blood supply for the appendage.

"I don't even remember hitting you here," Sephiroth murmured as he quickly set about healing the deep gash. Cloud let out a soft moan in reply and twitched slightly when Sephiroth finally pulled his hands away.

Still, after looking Cloud over, he wasn't sure he'd gotten every injury. Even a couple tiny wing bones had been crushed and he'd almost missed those. There was so much blood covering them both.

"I need to get you - us - cleaned up. Okay, Cloud?" Sephiroth did his best to carefully pick Cloud up, but he was like dead weight. In the end, Sephiroth ended up throwing Cloud over his left shoulder, not caring for the short walk to his bathroom.

Thankfully he'd signed a contract including a private bathroom with a nice large tub. As quickly and painlessly as he could, Sephiroth dumped Cloud onto the tile floor and quickly turned on the taps.

Cloud made a noise of protest when Sephiroth slid his hands up under that blue fabric again, but instead of worrying about the difficulty of undressing the him, Sephiroth simple tore the old uniform top off and started pulling at the more than half-dozen belts decorating Cloud's lower half.


Sephiroth looked up to Cloud's face. Dim blue eyes were watching his every move.

"You're out of practice, Strife." Hands worked quickly at the belts, undoing them all in a matter of seconds.

"You're... a god?"

Sephiroth silenced his patient with a kiss before moving down to take care of Cloud's shoes.

In a matter of moments, Sephiroth had him naked and sprawled powerless across the off-white tile floor. Sephiroth then pulled off his own jacket and threw it towards the door back to his suite before grabbing a washcloth and getting it wet.

"I'm just going to clean the blood off of you," he explained. "I need to see if you're still bleeding. You've lost too much blood, you know."

Cloud winced at the water, but held still, letting his eyes fall shut. Still, Sephiroth stayed true to his statement, repeatedly rinsing the now dark-red washcloth and trying to look over Cloud. Both the floor and Sephiroth were getting soaked as Sephiroth pulled Cloud onto his lap and held him while cleaning his back.

"Seph... Why?"

Sephiroth didn't answer until he was pulling off his own clothing and putting the stopper in the over-sized marble tub.

"I'll tell you later."

Cloud just nodded as Sephiroth again picked him up and carried him to the tub. He was so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open, even as he was lowered into the hot water. It took him a few minutes to realize Sephiroth was holding him awkwardly up even as he did his best to scrub traces of stardust from the both of them.

And Cloud didn't even notice the row of kisses left across his collarbones by Sephiroth. He was delirious and semi-conscious again by the time Sephiroth struggled to dry them both off at the same time.

Sephiroth only sighed softly as he settled Cloud, wrapped in towels, on a small sofa while trying to find clean enough blankets for them to sleep under.

Cloud awoke with daylight pouring across the pair. And pain. He winced as he tried to move enough to even figure out where he was.

"Good Morning."

Cloud rolled quicker than he should have only to find himself just about nose to nose with Sephiroth. His eyes grew wide as he tried to back away, only to find himself too exhausted and pain-ridden to move.


"Just rest. I was able to take care of most of your injuries but I'll assume you are still in quite a bit of pain?" Sephiroth reached to run one bare hand up Cloud's spine sending shivers through Cloud as he spoke. Cloud just closed his eyes and nodded, enjoying the touch as much as he wanted to pull away.

Yet he'd been kissing Sephiroth, hadn't he? He'd found what he had thought was gone forever.

And suddenly Sephiroth was kissing him again, reaffirming that Cloud had indeed found his light. But before Cloud could even move his body into the kiss, Sephiroth pulled away, sitting up on the bed and looking down at Cloud.

"Would you like to go back to sleep?" Sephiroth asked. "I can arrange that. I'm sure you're in no condition for anything else."

Cloud asked the same question he had the night before.

"Why... Why didn't you let me die?"

Sephiroth just smiled and tucked the covers over the blonde before readying a sleep spell.

"I'll tell you later."

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