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Title: One Wing
Part: 4/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Cloud, Leon, Brunch, and Fun in the Secret Waterway!
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

Mainly, they just glared at each other as they walked the short distance to Cid's shop.

A bit later, after Cid promptly informed Cloud that his ship was a piece of shit and would need more than a few small repairs just to fly again, Leon asked if Cloud would like to get brunch at the nearby cafe. This, of course, was just about as awkward a situation as either could fathom.

Cloud seemed transfixed by the moogle-created candle sitting on their table. He'd been repeatedly snuffing it with his claws, only to watch it relight a moment later.

"I can get you one, if it's really that entertaining," Leon said, leaning back in his chair.

"Huh?" Cloud snuffed the flame one more time before realizing what he was doing. "I've never seen anything like these before. It's interesting. I just wanted to touch it. Surely you know what that's like." He'd been struggling not to bring up what had happened during the night.

Leon's eyes narrowed. "Not really," he said quickly. "I wonder where our food is."

"Not much for conversation?" Cloud said, tapping his claws. "Some date you are."

"What's that supposed to mean? This isn't..." Leon was more than a little flustered. He couldn't tell if the blond was playing or not. "Not like you talk alot either."

Cloud shrugged, and resumed his glaring match with the other man, even after the black-haired waitress brought them their meals.

Leon was a loud one. Not quite a screamer, but he made wonderful loud moaning noises when Cloud touched all the right spots. He tasted almost sweet on Cloud's tongue when Cloud coaxed an orgasm from him.

At least, he did in Cloud's mind as he followed Leon down the alleyway in Second District. They'd walked the longest way they could, Cloud noticed. Yet Leon still hadn't said anything. And he'd walked fast, which left Cloud staring at his leather-clad ass and licking his lips, thinking dirtier thoughts with every step.

He wanted to spar, to fight, to kiss, to touch, to control, to ravish the other man. The blond licked his lips again. In his mind, Leon was a loud one. And he liked it.

Cloud knew almost immediately that he could send the other man through one of the cavern walls without blinking. Leon was good, but not good enough.

Leon swung again at Cloud, who seemed to be barely putting any effort into blocking him.

"What's wrong? Why aren't you attacking?" Leon asked, stopping for a moment.

" I don't want to hurt you," Cloud replied, lowering the Buster sword.

"You think you could?"

Cloud rolled his eyes. Had Leon been paying no attention to what was going on?

"Fine." And Cloud lunged, using most of the same moves he used with Sora so the boy could win and look good. Leon's eyes sparkled as he matched Cloud move for more. Little did he know...

The tension in the cavern was thick enough to cut as Cloud slowly backed Leon up against a wall. Finally, knowing he was beat, Leon nodded and lowered his gunblade.

"You're good," he said, trying to catch his breath.

"I was trained to be good," Cloud replied. He was only a few inches away from the other man, and it was only going to take another few moments of staring into his icy eyes before something happened.

"How good are you? Were you holding back?" Leon suddenly asked, figuring out what the blond had meant earlier.

Cloud smiled wickedly, brushing some of that long dark hair free of Leon's face with his claws. He trailed the metal tips down the other man's cheek until they cupped his chin. "I've been told I'm very good. And I won't hold back any more."

"Oh?" It came out shaky, despite Leon's best efforts. Was he being teased for what had happened the night before? Or was the look in those wild blue eyes...

Leon didn't have time to think anything beyond that as Cloud closed in on him, pressing his mouth open and exploring it with a skilled tongue. For a moment, Leon couldn't even remember to kiss back. He didn't think he'd experienced anything like this in his entire existence. Claw-tipped fingers roamed their way down his body, trailing over leather and belts to gently squeeze his ass. He moaned into the kiss as he dueled a losing battle with his tongue.

"What do you think you're doing?" Leon exclaimed, pushing Cloud away the second he needed to breathe. He hadn't expected anything so...


"Just once," Cloud murmured as he let his weapon drop. He grabbed both of Leon's arms and held him against the cavern wall, nipping gently at the other man's neck. "I want you."

Leon gasped. He definitely hadn't expected anything so sudden. But he didn't mind. He tilted his head to let the blond at more of his skin. "Cloud?"

Cloud froze. He wasn't the best at expressing himself and hoped he hadn't ruined his chance to claim the warm body he was pressing against. It had been so long, he thought, since he'd gotten to... Even Riku hadnt been this warm.

"Do you... Do you keep those claws on?" Leon managed to pull his voice from hesitant to hungry in only six words.

"Do you want me to?" Cloud asked, tugging at Leon's belts before kissing him again. Before the kiss broke, hands were over his, helping him with the clumsy buckles.

"Yes," Leon murmured as he undid the last buckle, letting Cloud tug insistently at his zipper for a moment before stopping him.


Warm hands closed over flesh and metal. "There's blankets in one of the crates, let me..."

Cloud kissed him again. He was having fun making the other man repeatedly flustered. He liked taking Leon's control away. And his breath. Cloud was decently happy about all of this; if it worked out right, he wouldn't have to spend the next month alone.

By now Leon had gotten away from his claws and was digging a selection of blankets out of a nearby crate. How often did Leon get laid down here? Cloud tried not to laugh. After all, maybe it was a good thing Leon was prepared for this.

Cloud walked over to where Leon had just finished laying out a layer of blankets on the cool stone floor. They looked at each other a moment before grabbing each other into a lust-fueled kiss.

Cloud brought his arms up over Leon's shoulders to try and remove that small leather jacket. As soon as he had it free and had let it drop to the ground, he realized Leon was reciprocating by pulling away the clasps that held his cloak on. He wondered if...

The cloak fell free and fluttered to the ground, leaving Cloud's back free for Leon to touch. The blond froze as fingers roamed slowly up from the middle of his back, seemingly oblivious to what they'd find in a couple inches.

But no, Leon didn't stop when he reached the strange spot where Cloud's body burst forth with the wing, instead he traced what he could through the hole Cloud had ripped in his shirt and was more than surprised to find Cloud moaning at the touch.

"You aren't disgusted by it?" Cloud asked softly. The possibilities for this entire experience were multiplying as fast as he could imagine.

Leon shook his head as he brought his hands back to remove his own clothing. "It's different, but for a heartless..."

"I'm not a heartless." Cloud had taken Leon's cue and was pulling his own shirt off, albeit a little more slowly than he'd have liked.

"If it feels good when it's touched, it can't be too horrible."

"Then why did you pull away last night?" Cloud was bent down fighting with his boots.

Leon looked surprised. "I just wanted to... You were awake?"

Cloud nodded, looking over at Leon intently. Leon had just gotten his boots off as well, and with the blankets directly behind him... Cloud lunged, wing out to slow his momentum, pinning Leon to the blankets beneath him.

He nipped at Leon's lower lip while carefully grinding his body against the brunette. He could feel the other's arousal hard against his leg as they kissed again.

Leon had one hand possessively latched on to Cloud's bottom while the other one curiously explored the strong webbing of the blonde's wing. Cloud moaned into Leon's mouth, shifting his body so he could reach a hand between them to stroke Leon's erection.

"Cloud!" Leon tried to pull away but he was held. As he traced a line down the brunette's chest with his lips, Cloud managed to undo Leon's pants and pull away some of the tight material.

Leon automatically raised his hips, letting Cloud tug the leather further down. Cool metal ran along his arousal as it was freed causing Leon to gasp and arch. Cloud raised his head to get a good look at the brunette, who had his head thrown back, hair fanned around him.

Cloud licked his lips before tentatively licking the tip of Leon's erection. He smirked for a second when he found out that he was correct: Leon was a loud one.

Slowly, Cloud ran his tongue down the other man's erection, blue eyes watching Leon's hands grab fistfuls of the blankets and moan loudly. That noise, of course, was nothing compared to the howl Cloud wrung from Leon as he took the delicious arousal deep into his mouth.

Cloud wondered, momentarily, if he'd end up actually taking the other man. But that could be discussed in a moment. He had one other thought before he continued pleasuring the other man: Sora had been right.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.