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Title: One Wing
Part: 20/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: The final battle, the shower scene afterward, and... the end?
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

Sephiroth was absolutely furious. While at first he hadn't been too excited about the idea of Riku fighting in the day's tournament, he'd been swayed the night before when Phil had told him that others might appear for the tournament.

It would have been an excellent test of Riku's skills.

But no, one of Hades' similarly useless villain friends had dragged Riku off first thing in the morning to do some sort of trivial dirty work.

Sephiroth was absolutely furious as he stalked up the hallway towards the main arena. He'd been asked to participate by Persephone herself earlier, but he'd declined politely. He didn't need the tournament to test his skills and had no desire to bore himself with lesser swordsmen who weren't going to learn anything from the experience.

Still, he decided to at least watch a bit of show, just in case Cloud had decided to return. He knew Cloud liked a fight, and he also knew Cloud was due to return in the next couple days no matter what.

Peering out a high window, he watched as a skilled brunette took out legions of heartless using moves that looked very familiar. Some of them were his - things he'd taught to Cloud.

The brunette must at least know Cloud, and possibly where to find him. But a quick scan of the small crowd presented only faces he had no need to exact revenge upon at present and a couple of unfamiliar competitors.

Persephone glanced up a moment later and smiled. She knew Sephiroth was watching, but no one else noticed him. And, based on the fact that no one seemed to be paying any attention to anyone besides their champion.

When Persephone stepped on the arena floor, Sephiroth smirked. As graceful and near-flawless as the brunette's motions had been, unless the goddess was just playing around, he stood no chance.

He'd have to remember to ask Persephone later if she'd seen anyone matching Cloud's description around the Coliseum. She'd avidly listened to his stories about Cloud and his skill and had even asked to meet the man who'd nearly destroyed a legend.

"Something wrong, Cloud?" Sora asked as they walked through the torch-lit hallways towards Hades' usual chambers. Cloud had been a little edgy, something he'd never been before on his home turf.

"Just a little nervous," Cloud replied. After all, he was about to tell a god of the underworld that he'd brought home his lover to stay with them. And he was trying not to think that any moment Riku would be popping in. He was going to tell Sora about that too, but the moment hadn't been right yet.

"Nervous? And did you throw that fight? What's wrong?" Sora grabbed Cloud's hand and forced him to stop and meet Sora's eyes.

"Hades isn't someone to mess with," Cloud explained. "I was lucky to get my first contract turned into something a little less extreme. I need to stay on his good side."

"Okay, so?"

"The first seed competitor is his wife. I was told not to fight her. And besides, I need to explain that Leon's going to stay with me until my contract is up."

Sora winced as he looked down the corridor to where blue-flamed torches rested on either side of a large wooden door.

"Good luck."

"You aren't coming?" Cloud asked as he started walking again.

"No way. I'm the keyblade master. I'm not getting killed over your love life," Sora replied as he sat down against a wall and yawned. "Besides, all that wore me out."

Cloud grumbled under his breath until he reached the door and knocked.

Sephiroth was amazed at some of the attacks the brunette was unleashing on Persephone. Even more remarkable were some of the blocks he managed to pull off. To an untrained eye, it appeared he was winning. However, every time their weapons clashed, the brunette lost a little ground and was slowly being pinned against the wall. Still, he'd actually managed to hit Persephone far more times than she'd hit him.

And still, there was no sign of Cloud. Some of spectators were his comrades, he knew, so there was no explanation for Cloud's absence.

It didn't matter, really, since Sephiroth had a new goal in mind. The brunette moved like Cloud and seemed to have the same determination. If Riku was going to be taken from him, even for the day, perhaps he could have the brunette as a bit of a consolation prize.

He thought it was a good plan, at least until Cloud came back to him.

Leon was backed against the invisible wall, straining to push Persephone away from him. Their weapons were locked just inches from his head. He couldn't believe the woman's strength. But he wanted to win. He needed to win. And he needed to go find Cloud. He needed to make sure everything was working according to plan.

"I need to win for Cloud," he said as he attempted to break the lock. He hadn't realized he'd said the thought out loud until Persephone's eyes flew open. The temporary distraction was enough for Leon to knock her off balance and she tumbled to the arena floor.

He had his gunblade to her throat in an instant and stood above her.

"Excellent, Leon," Persephone said as she pushed the blade away slowly and climbed to her feet. "You win."

"I shouldn't have."

Persephone held out her hand for a handshake and held onto Leon's hand as she leaned up and whispered in his ear. "You threw me off guard there. I don't need the whole story, but please introduce me to this Cloud someday."

Then Persephone picked up her weapon from where she'd dropped it and thrust it back into the thin air she'd pulled it from, pulling a trophy cup from the same invisible storage space.

"For you!"

And before Leon could ask any questions, the cup was thrust into his hands and he was being surrounded on all sides by his friends. When he looked around for Persephone, she was gone.

"You won!" Yuffie exclaimed, grabbing the trophy and holding it out for everyone to admire.

"Hang on to it," Leon said before pointing towards a dark doorway across the arena. "Cloud told me there were showers just through that door, and I need one."

"I wasn't going to tell you that," Yuffie replied, holding her nose with one hand as she handed the cup to Aerith. "Aerith, you can put those fish rocks in it til we're ready to leave."

"Whatever," Leon replied as he started towards the showers. He hoped Cloud was already there.

"Hurry back. And if you see Sora and Cloud, bring them too," Aerith said. "I can't believe they missed the end!"

Sure enough, inside the doorway was a hallway to a locker room with showers beyond. In seconds, Leon was pulling away his sweaty clothing and hanging it inside one of the lockers. Towels sat in a pile near the shower entrance and with a slight smile, Leon realized it was stocked with soap and shampoo as well. At least the place did some things right.

But no Cloud. He hoped that nothing too miserable was keeping Cloud away. Of course, it really hadn't been that long since they'd parted. And this way, he could actually get a shower in before pinning Cloud against the stone wall.

Or the floor. Or perhaps there was somewhere better that he hadn't noticed. Warm water poured over Leon's body as he pondered over the exact way he wanted to claim Cloud, not even giving a second thought to the odd exchange with Persephone. He could always ask later.

And as he had his eyes shut while he rinsed his hair, Leon heard footsteps behind him.


"Not quite."

Leon spun around, bringing his hands to his eyes to push water away so he could look at his mystery visitor. He definitely didn't recognize the voice.

He'd only been rendered truly speechless a few times in his life. Most of the time Leon chose not to speak or not to carry on lines of thought that he didn't think were heading in a useful direction. The last time he could remember being truly speechless was the first time he'd ever seen another man in the throes of orgasm. Still, this should have been different. He'd seen naked men enough times that he shouldn't be spellbound.

However, Leon didn't realize he was staring with his mouth hanging open until the object of his speechlessness stepped closer and cupped Leon's chin, closing his mouth and leaning in for a kiss.

Leon couldn't move. His mind was too busy putting together details and searching for possible reactions to remember to actually react.

In another situation, Leon might not have been so fazed. But instead, he was standing in a communal shower already having extremely sexual thoughts while he was suddenly face to face with the most godlike creature he'd ever seen.

He'd seen plenty of supernatural things in his lifetime, but none of them had affected him like this.

The man, who was now kissing him, looked as though he'd stepped from either a pedestal or the most amazing wet dream ever. He had long, silver hair and a body most people couldn't even fathom. It was strong, muscular, but not ugly in any way.

And naked. Leon's eyes hadn't missed that, though his brain was stammering with that bit of information.

Finally he responded to the kiss, kissing back without thinking and moving his hands to the other's back. One hand slid over smooth skin and slightly damp hair while the other one caught against something.

He knew the feeling. It was like when he forgot about Cloud's wing and jammed his hand against it in the heat of passion.

Breaking the kiss, Leon stepped back until he was against the cool stone wall.

A wing? Silver hair. A wing. But not like Cloud's. Feathers. Just one wing though. On his right side. Cloud's... No... Can't be...

Green cat's eyes sparkled as they took in Leon's bewilderment.

Sora was asleep against the wall and drooling slightly when Cloud emerged from Hades' chambers. The entire thing had gone rather well and once Persephone popped in and started raving about the competitor who'd defeated her, Leon was guaranteed safety in the Coliseum. Persephone swore to it.

And once she'd learned that the blond standing three feet away from her was the oft-mentioned Cloud, she hugged him and promised to knit him a sweater as soon as she could.

Cloud just forced a smile and excused himself, insisting he needed to find Leon.

"Wake up," Cloud said, nudging Sora with his boot and trying not to laugh.

"Huh? Cloud?" Sora blinked groggily and one he could focus, he let out a girlish yelp and tried to back further into the wall he was leaning against.

"Don't worry," Cloud replied as he offered a hand to the little shadow heartless that had decided to wait for Cloud on Sora's lap. The heartless ran up Cloud's arm and perched on his shoulder. "That one's friendly."

Sora glared as he stood. "It didn't need to scare me."

"Anyway, time to go back. I need to find Leon," Cloud said as he walked away, not waiting for Sora to stretch and follow.

As soon as Sora caught up to Cloud, the heartless jumped from Cloud's shoulder and made a motion as though they should follow it.

Cloud sighed, but nodded to Sora, who was looking up questioningly.

"Let's see what it wants."



"Sephiroth," Leon repeated as Sephiroth kissed him again. As much as he wanted to resist, he also wanted a million other things. He wanted to keep an eye on the man who'd just positively identified himself as Cloud's lost lover. He wanted to not be against the hard, cold wall. He wanted to not do anything stupid like ruin his relationship with Cloud.

As soon as Sephiroth thrust their bodies together, trapping their arousals against one another, Leon wanted one more thing. And it wasn't as though it would be wantonly anonymous sex in a communal shower or anything. He knew Sephiroth's name. And that if Cloud was in his position, the same thing would be happening.

Where was Cloud, anyway?

"Is Cloud here?"

Leon wondered if Sephiroth could somehow read his mind.

"He's on his way. He's... mine."

"Yours?" Sephiroth questioned. "He's mine. And perhaps by extension, so are you."

Yes, that was it. It made perfect sense. Pleasure made Leon's thoughts a little fuzzy as Sephiroth resumed kissing and touching him, guiding him away from the stone wall and to his knees.

"Yes," Leon said softly. He'd never lost himself like this, but it felt right. Cloud had talked him into expanding his horizons and living life instead of brooding over the past.

"Why don't we stay busy until he gets here?"

Cloud couldn't figure out why the shadow was leading them to the top floor hallway of the building overlooking the arena. There wasn't much up there besides some windows for viewing the spectacle from the shade.

The shadow hopped a few steps and then stopped, causing Cloud to draw in his breath.

At its feet were two black feathers.


"Huh?" Sora looked confused as he glanced from the feathers to Cloud's horrified expression and back again.

"I... We have to find Leon."

Cloud grabbed Sora's hand and pulled Sora towards the nearest set of stairs. Hopefully Leon was still in the locker room area.

Sephiroth was a bit curious what must be running through the other man's mind. He'd put up almost no struggle as he'd been guided onto his knees on the stone floor. It was unexpected, but appreciated. Even more arousing was the fact that he was also Cloud's lover. It was like a two for one sale.

A generous amount of the Coliseum-supplied after-bath lotion made perfect lubricant and Sephiroth pulled the man's body back at the same time he thrust forward, making one smooth motion as he buried himself within the other's heat.

He'd forgotten to ask the brunette's name, Sephiroth realized, and it was simply not the time to ask. With his left hand, he reached down to take the hardness he found there in hand. His partner reacted with a howl, pressing into Sephiroth's hand and rocking back the best he could to meet Sephiroth's thrusts.

Both of them were aching for release, and it couldn't come fast enough.

Still, the other man came first and slid forward, his erection still spasming in Sephiroth's hand. Sephiroth gritted his teeth and tried to hold back a few seconds longer, but he couldn't. With a series of soft grunts, he found his own orgasm in a burst of extreme pleasure as he tried to hold their bodies together.

Both of them were sprawled on the stone floor a moment later, Sephiroth still very much inside the other man.

Now, Sephiroth though, was still not the time to ask for a name.

Cloud still clutched Sora's hand as they came to a screeching halt at the entrance to the showers.

His mouth dropped open and as Sora realized what was in front of him, his expression quickly matched Cloud's.

"Sephiroth," Cloud said in a loud whisper. The god in question looked up, as did Leon.

"Leon?" Sora asked, an eyebrow raised and trying to hold back a snicker.

"Cloud," Sephiroth replied smoothly, grinning a bit and not moving from his position.

"Cloud," Leon echoed, trying to make his eyes see something besides stars.

"Sephiroth?" Sora asked, looking up at Cloud for an explanation.

But before Cloud could say a word, all four of them heard footsteps from the other end of the showers, where another door connected to a different part of the locker room.

"Hey Sephiroth, you down here? I'm back and Hades said that..." Riku stopped mid-sentence as he surveyed the room he'd just stepped into.

"Riku!" Sora finally let go of Cloud's hand and took a step forward.

"Riku," Cloud said softly, his eyes raking over Riku and the skin-tight black bodysuit he wore that hid nothing.

"Sora?" Riku questioned back, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Leon," Sephiroth said as he finally slid free from Leon's body. At least he didn't have to ask now.

"Cloud." Riku blinked a couple times as he spoke.

"Riku." Sephiroth stood. "You're just in time."

"Leon!" Cloud finally remembered how to move and took a few steps closer to Leon, who was trying to sit up.

"It seems we all know each other rather, well, intimately," Sephiroth surmised. "Perhaps we should... discuss this further in my private chambers."

Riku looked to Sephiroth and nodded. He held a hand out to Sora, who ran to grab it. Cloud grabbed Leon's hand and pulled Leon to his feet. And then, swallowing hard, Cloud took the hand that Sephiroth had extended to him.

Cid and Vincent had gotten tired of waiting and had headed off to perform some sort of maintenance on the ship that Bradey had been banned from attending. Bradey had retorted that she really didn't care, as she'd already walked in on them once and it was quite enough.

Now she was sunbathing on the upper-most bleacher, oblivious to everything but the sun that was luring her to sleep.

Aerith and Yuffie were sparring with one another after vowing to not let Leon beat them again.

"Hello ladies," a voice said, startling them both. To the side of the arena stood an overly muscular man wearing a skirt. Well, it looked like a skirt, but before Yuffie could rudely point it out, Aerith clamped her hand over Yuffie's mouth.

"Hello," Aerith replied, leading Yuffie back over to the bottom bleachers. "Can we help you?"

"I'm Hercules, Professional Hero," the man replied. "I don't suppose you have any use for my services?"

"Nope," Yuffie replied.

"Well, just in case, I'll stay here and keep you safe," Hercules said before strolling to the middle of the arena and strutting about, flexing his muscles in a possibly threatening way.

Aerith joined in Yuffie's soft giggling and after squeezing Yuffie's hand, she reached over to grab Leon's trophy.

"Whatcha doing?" Yuffie asked as Aerith pulled out one of the pebbles she'd grabbed for Gepetto.

"This," Aerith replied before throwing the pebble straight at Hercules. It hit the back of his head and he turned quickly, looking around before smiling and waving at the innocent looking ladies.

"Oh, let me try," Yuffie said once Hercules turned back away from them and began showing off again.

"Sure," Aerith said with a giggle. "I wonder what's keeping the guys so long."

Yuffie shrugged before bouncing a pebble off Hercules' back.

"Knowing them, I don't want to think about it."



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