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Title: One Wing
Part: Epilogue
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Now, with everyone in one place...
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs* -One Wing-End-8-29-03-

"You three are wearing too much clothing," Sephiroth said as he coolly regarded Cloud, Sora and Riku.

Leon had already crawled onto the bed, his body glistening with both water and semen. He wasn't entirely sure if he should be confused or relieved. After all, he had just been caught on his hands and knees in the communal showers after taking it hard and fast from a man he'd just met.

Still, none of them seemed uncomfortable. Sephiroth watched with his glowing green eyes as Cloud slowly removed his borrowed red cape and revealed one black wing. The pair looked at each other a moment, slowly negotiating their complimentary appendages before their eyes locked. Not a moment later Sephiroth had Cloud pulled tight to him, working quickly to remove the old uniform even as they kissed.

Cloud's fingers wound into wet silver hair, accidentally snagging a bit with his claws as he let his former lover explore every inch of his mouth. Seeing Sephiroth with Leon beneath him had been rather arousing, and surely the five of them could make the best of the situation.

A moan sounded from across the room. Leon tore his gaze from Sephiroth and Cloud to look at Riku and Sora as they worked to get each other undressed. No mental picture from any number of descriptions Cloud had given him even came close to how Riku looked as Sora undressed him.

Now all he needed was... Before he could finish the thought, two tangled bodies hit the bed beside him, each adjusting quickly to keep from crushing their respective wings. Pulling their lips apart, Cloud looked up at Leon with lust-filled eyes.

"We can share."

Leon parted his lips slightly in shock, not quite comprehending even as Cloud brought himself up a bit and kissed him, reassuring him. Ice blue eyes fluttered shut, but not before they caught a glimpse of Sephiroth licking at Cloud's nipples. One of Cloud's hands tangled into Leon's damp hair and held their mouths together until Cloud had wrung a delicious moan from him.

Finally breaking apart so they could breath, the pair realized they had three sets of eyes watching them. Sora and Riku had crawled naked onto the bed on the far side, watching with explicit interest. And Sephiroth's eyes glittered with excitement as he let Cloud move to lay on top of Leon, pushing his legs apart and settling between them. Both men moaned as their arousals touched, kissing again quickly as their tongues mirrored the movements of their bodies, tangling together and suddenly desperate.

Sephiroth slid a hand down Cloud's back, feeling Cloud shiver at his touch. He trailed the hand down to rest between Cloud's buttocks, spreading them and tracing a finger around his opening. Cloud gasped and broke the kiss before quickly whispering something to Leon.

Beside them, Riku was already between Sora's legs, enthusiastically working his mouth over Sora's arousal. Sora was arched up from the bed, shaking slightly as he grabbed at the blankets beneath him.

"On your back," Cloud said to Sephiroth, pointing at the space on the bed behind him.

Sephiroth just nodded, intent on finding out just what Cloud and Leon had planned as he reclined carefully, shifting slightly to not put too much pressure on his wing.

With a nod and a wink, both Leon and Cloud pounced, taking on Sephiroth's body in near-perfect sync. They worked their way down Sephiroth's body quickly, kissing and nipping and occasionally letting their hands and lips meet as well.

Just before Cloud and Leon could descend on Sephiroth's erection, a distracting cry broke over the stream of low moans that had been coming from Sephiroth. The three older men turned to watch Sora's body shake with orgasm as Riku swallowed what he could of Sora's seed.

A few stray drops shimmered on Riku's chin as he glanced over at their audience. Without a word, Riku climbed over Leon's body and kissed Sephiroth, letting Sephiroth stroke his erection for a moment while he shared his prize with his teacher.

Leon made a noise similar to a whimper and Cloud just gasped. The two silver-haired creatures currently exploring each other's mouths was almost too much.

"Riku..." Sora's soft plea brought Riku back to himself and he ended the kiss. Before letting himself be pulled back to Sora's arms though, he let his eyes meet Cloud's. The message was clear. Later.

Sephiroth watched his student a moment longer until a sudden amazing rush of pleasure jolted him away from his thoughts. He almost lost control at what he saw when he glanced downward. Cloud and Leon were caught in what seemed to be an amazingly passionate kiss. And his erection was between their mouths, being bathed by both of their tongues at once.

Sora's eyes were wide as he watched the men beside him. Riku was curled behind him now, stroking his body comfortingly.

Leon broke the kiss, pulling away and backing to where he'd been, a slight smile on his face. "You two..."

Wasting no time, Sephiroth caught Leon's lips one last time before pulling Cloud up to lay sprawled across his chest.

Leon ran a hand up his own arousal as he licked his lips. Sephiroth had tasted of Sora.


Turning, Leon realized it was Riku who'd said his name.

"The top drawer of the table on the other side of the bed," Riku said, knowing he didn't need to explain further.

With slight annoyance, Leon made his way to the end of the bed and attempted to get to the night table but was blocked by a flurry of wings as Sephiroth and Cloud switched positions awkwardly. Cloud had been flipped onto his stomach underneath Sephiroth and Sephiroth was licking around Cloud's opening.

Unconsciously he brought a hand to stroke himself before remembering he was on a mission.

Opening the drawer, Leon quickly pondered just how much lubricant one person needed. Or just how much sex Sephiroth had on a daily basis. The drawer was more than stocked.


His name had been said in perfect unison, and he realized both Sephiroth and Cloud were watching him.

"Here..." Cloud said slowly, patting the spot on the bed in front of him. Sephiroth just smiled wickedly before taking the lubricant Leon offered.

With a nod, Leon tossed a second container of lubricant to Riku and climbed onto the spot Cloud had made for him.

Cloud smiled before he took Leon's arousal in his mouth, glancing up to meet ice blue eyes for just a second.

Leon moaned and leaned back against pillows and the headboard, closing his eyes and letting waves of pleasure wash over him.

A moment later Cloud was penetrating him with a pair of slick fingers, making him writhe and cry out, oblivious to Cloud's soft grunt around his erection as Sephiroth claimed what was his.

Beside them, Riku guided Sora onto his back, each stealing glances at what has happening just inches away from them.

"Sora," Riku whispered before kissing Sora's lips quickly. "Have you ever..."

Sora smirked without meaning to. "Leon," he said softly, gesturing quickly in Leon's direction on the bottom of the pile next to them. It was enough to get the message across.

Riku watched Leon for a moment, tracing the man's body with his eyes before nodding. Then, without words, he positioned himself between Sora's legs and grabbed the container of lubricant from the edge of the bed.

"Riku..." It became a cry as fingers slid into him, pressing perfectly inside of him. Sora's second orgasm followed less than a minute later, just as Riku had removed his fingers and slid his glistening arousal into Sora's body.

Sephiroth nipped at Cloud's wing as he thrust into him. He was holding onto Cloud tightly, as though at any moment he'd lose what he'd been searching for. One of his hands was firm around Cloud's arousal, moving fast. In some strange way, he almost needed to know that he could still bring Cloud to orgasm.

Cloud was lost in pleasure as he pulled himself away from Leon, unable to continue as he neared his peak. He was crying out something unintelligible as Sephiroth moved faster and harder, feathers coming loose from his wing and floating down to almost get crushed in Sora's hands as he clawed at the blankets beneath him.

Leon just watched as everyone around him cried out near-simultaneously. Sora came first, his seed trapped between his body and Riku's as their tongues tangled in a desperate kiss. Riku was next, spurred on by his lover's body coaxing his into release.

And Sephiroth and Cloud, who were already moving perfectly within one another's bodies, weren't far behind the younger pair. Leon felt some of Cloud's hot semen splash against his legs and he stroked himself faster, wanting to feel a part of the entire scene.

Just as Sephiroth let out a low moan that accompanied his release, Riku pulled himself from Sora and crawled between Cloud and Leon, quickly knocking Leon's hand away and replacing it with his mouth. Three pairs of eyes watched him intently for a couple minutes until he too found release.

And then they all just sort of stayed there for a moment, awkwardly kissing and touching one another, until their energy returned.

Later, after the sun started to set and everyone had managed a romp with most everyone else, the five of them were sprawled half-tangled in the blankets and barely awake.

The door swung open, causing most everyone to sit up.

"Hello, anyone here?" a voice called seconds before Persephone walked into the room clutching two bundles of material. She paused as she got a good look at the bed.

"Oh! Sephiroth, Riku... didn't realize you had company. I brought your sweaters. Green for you, Sephiroth. And Blue for Riku," she said calmly, holding each up before draping them over a chair.

"And Cloud," she continued, "yours will take another day or so... Leon, you're here! And one more..."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow, before pulling various blankets over Cloud and Riku, who were both already covering him with their bodies.

"Let's see, purple for Cloud, grey for Leon, and red for you - I saw it on the entry forms... Sora!" Persephone ticked off each new knitting project on her fingers.

"One last thing," she said quickly, as though she'd almost forgotten. "Should I just have everyone out in the arena stay the night? It's getting late."

"Nnn," Leon mumbled, finally looking at Persephone.

"No problem" And with that, the goddess disappeared into thin air, leaving them alone to get some rest and to discuss just where the future would take them.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.