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Title: One Wing
Part: 18/20 Alternate Chapter
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: An alternate chapter with Cloud/Leon/Sora in the middle.
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

Sora pushed the door open into Second District, meeting a large group of shadows as he did so. He destroyed as many as he could, quickly, letting only two escape and disappear back into the darkness.

And then he ran on, ignoring what was gathering behind him. He wanted to talk to Leon.

As he scrambled from the water and up onto the rocks, he realized he was interrupting a rather private moment.

Cloud heard a couple small rocks shift beneath Sora's feet and looked over, not releasing Leon's arousal from his mouth right away. Instead he met Sora's eyes for a moment before he continued to suck on Leon's erection and listen to his soft moans.

Sora just stared, not even trying to fight his own feelings of arousal as he watched the two men.

Cloud glanced once more at Sora, making sure he was watching as Cloud slicked his fingers from a jar of lube. And then, in a smooth motion, he pushed two fingers into Leon's opening. The act drew a pleasured cry from Leon that echoed off the cavern walls for a moment before fading into a steady stream of pleading and praises as Cloud worked his fingers inside Leon's body and his mouth around Leon's erection.

As Sora watched them, he couldn't help but bring his own hand to stroke at his arousal through the fabric of his pants. But it wasn't like it was really his hand. He could almost feel Clouds mouth on him, sucking on him as if he was Leon. He sank to his knees, transfixed.

Leon was pushing back and up, meeting Cloud's fingers and mouth, crying out each time he was touched perfectly deep inside. With a howl, he found his release, filling Cloud's mouth with his warm seed and still pushing against the fingers buried in him. Sora thought he might explode just from watching, but truly he didn't want to reach his own orgasm so quickly.

"Sora, you like watching?" Cloud was watching the teen as he licked his lips clean of Leon's semen.

"Sora?" Leon sat up, blinking a bit before focusing on Sora's suddenly scared self.

"I..." But really, he couldn't think of anything to say in his own defense. He pouted a moment before bracing for the words of outrage that would surely follow.

But they didn't.

"Have you been here long?" Leon kept shifting his gaze from Cloud to Sora and back again.

Sora couldn't think properly. Cloud had shifted, perhaps not intentionally, and was giving him a wonderful view of Cloud's arousal. So he just nodded dumbly and waited again.

Cloud and Leon seemed to be having a wordless conversation involving glances and nods.

"It's okay with me," Cloud whispered to Leon, their bodies drawn close as Leon brought his hand up to rub the base of Cloud's wing. They kissed then, Cloud lowering himself to grind gently against Leon while their lips met.

Still, Cloud pulled away and looked to Leon, not glancing at Sora, who was still watching in a daze.

Instead of words, Leon just motioned for Sora to come closer. Sora shook his head slowly, he was trying to tell himself that this wasn't happening, that he wasn't being invited into a tryst with two men as blatantly sexy as Cloud and Leon.

One last fling wouldn't kill him, he decided after a moment of watching them kiss again.

Surprisingly, Leon was the one on him once Sora crawled over to the pair. Cloud just sat back and watched as Leon started pulling off Sora's outfit. Leon slowly removed Sora's clothing, tormenting Sora with his tongue as inch after inch of pale skin was revealed. By the time Leon had made his way down to free Sora's arousal, Sora was arched back against the ground and moaning.

As Leon licked around the tip of Sora's erection and gathered the beads of fluid on his tongue, he glanced over at Cloud. Cloud was watching carefully, and, Leon noticed, stroking himself too.

Turning his attention back to Sora, he started swirling his tongue around the tip of Sora's arousal before working his way lower and taking in as much as he could. Sora cried out and tried to thrust up, but was stopped by one of Leon's hands on the his stomach, holding him.

Leon had his eyes closed as he sucked and teased Sora, eagerly drinking down the slow trickle of sweet fluid that leaked from Sora's erection. The noises Sora made were getting him aroused again and just when he was starting to want to either touch himself or just take Sora, he felt a hand sliding over his back and down to his thighs, urging him up into the air.

Sora opened his eyes for a moment when Leon made a rather uncharacteristic noise that vibrated through both their bodies. And then he saw the source of the pleasured howl. Cloud was pushing himself into Leon's body, eyes downcast as he guided himself and not noticing Sora's gaze until he was fully inside.

Then he licked his lips, stared straight into Sora's eyes, pulled out and thrust, starting a fast rhythm that Leon's tongue was quick to match on Sora's erection.

As much as Sora wanted to close his eyes and enjoy the sensations coursing through his body, he was captivated by the sight of Cloud moving against Leon's body. It just made the experience that much more erotic and eclipsed the visual delight from before, when he was watching from a distance.

His own orgasm snuck up on him while he watched. And then he was crying out, thrashing beneath Leon as he was overwhelmed with sheer pleasure. He didn't even remember Leon pulling away, licking his lips and smiling.

Cloud chose that moment to pull back from Leon, rolling Leon onto his back. Their lips and tongues met, and as Sora gazed through blurry eyes, he realized they were sharing his seed between their mouths.

Leon rocked up as Cloud entered him again, and they kept their bodies together, kissing and whispering praises to one another. Sora just watched them, exhausted but still having to occasionally move to avoid a collision with Cloud's wing, which was spread over his body and bobbed lightly with each motion of its owner's body.

With a soft cry, Leon spilled himself between his and Cloud's stomachs, his hands grabbing at Cloud's back and wing as he came. The spasms that coursed through Leon's body quickly coaxed a powerful orgasm from Cloud. Cloud came in a burst of barely-rhythmic thrusts, his own release stealing even his voice from him.

Sora leaned over and kissed Cloud's wing before curiously licking at the sweat that had formed on it.

Cloud separated himself from Leon and smiled at them both, trying to catch his breath before pulling Leon close to him.

"And that's what happened," Sora explained. "So I'm... I'm going to find him. And Kairi too."

He'd been talking the entire time Leon and Cloud had spent cleaning up and getting dressed. After averting his eyes from the two men following an odd glare from Leon, Sora had started explaining everything that had occurred while he was gone. He'd skipped anything involving Vincent though. He wanted that to be a surprise.

"Whatever," Leon replied as he pulled on his jacket. Cloud grinned for a moment at Leon before motioning towards the exit.

"Lunch?" he asked.

Leon nodded. "You coming Sora?"

Amazingly, for once, everything seemed to be understood, and accepted.

The three of them walked in silence through the alleyway together on their way to the cafe.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.