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Aftershocks (Aside)

Title: Aftershocks (Aside)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Part: Intermission
Disclaimer: I owneth not KH nor any Square character mentioned herein. No profit is being made.
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth/Kuja
Rating: M
Summary: A resolution between two men who have otherwise already parted. Or, one more reason not to trust Sephiroth.
Notes: -

"Nice night," Sephiroth said as he sat down beside the familiar mage on the porch of Kuja's house on the hill.

"I did not invite you here," Kuja replied, eyes not leaving the twilight sky.

"Old arguments are best forgotten," Sephiroth said. "I was glad to see you well."

"It has not been a decade for most of us," Kuja replied. "Some idiotic statements made by young soldiers are still fresh in our minds."

"And some of us are only commenting on the sky," Sephiroth said. "It's nice to see stars."

Kuja was silent.

"One night and never again," Sephiroth proposed. "A bit of reminicense?"

"You've stopped pulling your parries," Kuja commented. "After today, I suppose it's proper to affirm that we really are still amongst the living."

Sephiroth chuckled and stood, stretching before offering Kuja a hand which was quickly accepted.

Kuja's mouth was warm on his, different than he remembered from his youth when they'd had a brief and turbulent romance.

He wasted no time in teleporting them to an infinitely more private place, a place where he could pull away Kuja's mage robes and where his own leather could melt away under Kuja's long, skillfull fingers.

Their every movement was desperate and seeking something. It was an apology and a question, a solution and a proposition. For an hour, there were a thousand mysteries and even more answers.

And then they parted, looking at each other only as comrades in the same war.

Kuja had a younger brother and sister to care for - and Sephiroth had Cloud, who was injured and clinging to survival.

One of his sins had been atoned for. It was a start, a beginning--

And also an end.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.