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Title: One Wing
Part: 10/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Cloud plans his escape, Sora and Leon find release, and things start to work themselves out into the open.
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

"Your clothing is much too complicated," Leon said, finally freeing Sora of his outfit and gazing over his prone form.

Sora fought back a laugh. Did Leon have no idea just how hard it was to peel leather off another person's body?

Leon reached for the small container of lubricant, fighting off thoughts of Cloud, who should have claimed him the same way he was about to take Sora.

Neither were willing to admit how much they needed this encounter. Spreading his body over Sora's, Leon softy kissed his lips, tasting wonderful sweetness as he traced them with his tongue. Candy, he thought, wondering if it'd come from the cafe ladies or from someone else. It didn't matter; Sora's entire mouth was sweet as he explored the depths of it, hungry for more.

Sora moaned under him, trying to grind their bodies together, to get their arousals to touch and send sparks through them both.

"Sora," Leon murmured once he'd broken the kiss. He slid himself lower, kissing Sora's neck and shoulders. Sora had distinct tan lines that hadn't been there before. Where had he been this time? It didn't matter at the moment as Leon traced them with his tongue before lightly pulling at a sensitive earlobe with his teeth.

He already knew he could make Sora come just doing this, and the way Sora was writhing beneath him and moaning, it could just happen this time. But that would be a waste.

Sliding himself down further, Leon spread Sora's legs as far as he could and opening the lubricant, all the while letting his eyes wander over every inch of Sora's body. The one who practically begged him for training, and for this. He didn't know just what Sora went though out there, but always, always he ended up at Leon's house, needing to forget.

Slowly he eased a slicked finger into Sora's opening and watching as his erection jumped untouched as Leon hit that spot inside.

"Leon!" Sora cried, pushing back against the finger that penetrated him. Leon took one last look as Sora threw his head back against the pillows and howled, hands grabbing the sheets wildly.

Closing his eyes, Leon took Sora's erection in his mouth at the same time he added another finger to his preparation. Seconds later his mouth was filled with warm seed, strangely sweet, like candy as well. Swallowing what he could, Leon pulled away from Sora completely, opening his eyes just long enough to prepare himself and thrust into Sora's panting form before shutting his eyes and turning himself over to raw desire and the heat.

Each thrust into the receptive body beneath his chased a shadow from his mind. They would come back, he knew, but it wouldn't be tonight. Minutes later, when his own orgasm claimed him, eclipsing his control and causing him to pound almost painfully hard into Sora, they all vanished, temporarily burned from existence by the lightning racing through his body.

But they'd be back. Everything he'd lost would come back to tease around the corners of his memory. And Cloud... Sora lay in his arms, kissing at his neck the way he had earlier. Why was he thinking about Cloud? Not tonight, tonight was for Sora who was hard again and skillfully stroking Leon's partial arousal to the same state.

Cloud had no clue where he was when he woke up. It took almost a minute of careful consideration in the dark to discern he was tangled in a pile of blankets on the floor somewhere...

Then it hit him. At least his short-term memory wasn't totally gone. He was on the floor in Cid's shop, where he'd crashed after Aerith made sure he was well fed. It was still the middle of the night, everything was dark but with a little concentration he could make out the faint outlines of the old sofa nearby.

He'd been dreaming. But he didn't remember... He rarely did. But... No, something of the dream was still there. He had felt so young and scared, but strong arms had held him, a voice had reassured him. Who?

Rolling onto his back, Cloud sprawled out, left arm mimicking the pattern of the wing it rested on. The motion had stripped him of most of the blankets, at least on his top half. He lay like that a moment before trying to pull at least one blanket over his bare chest and stomach. He thought he could use those reassurances now.

This all seemed like such an error on his behalf. Something was nagging inside him - he should go back to the Coliseum. He never should have left. Something...

What was there for him in this world? As soon as his ship was fixed and he'd worked off his debt... To everybody... And retrained Aerith to take care of herself... And gave a bit more money to the homeless girl...

A quiet sigh escaped Cloud's slightly parted lips.

At least he'd given her that blanket back earlier without incident. And Aerith seemed to be learning quickly. The coming day's pay would take care of his cafe tab and something for that girl. And his ship? Maybe another week or so...

He could make it another week.


The name leapt into his mind without warning and Cloud groaned. After running into Sora in Leon's house, Cloud was rather sure he would never be welcomed back. Not that Leon had been very welcoming before.

He counted shadows in his head until he fell back to sleep.

"Wake up!" There was that sharp kick in the side again. Cloud moaned, trying to pull himself into consciousness before Cid tried something more drastic.

"Is it morning?" It didn't look like morning, but then again, yesterday hadn't looked much like morning either.

Cid didn't say anything as he walked out the door.

A few minutes and a bit more clothing later, Cloud followed. Cid was easy to find. Both of the cafe's staff was sitting with him.

"The usual?" The black-haired one asked, once Cloud came near. He nodded, not quite awake enough to realize he didn't have a usual.

"I hired us a test pilot, since I don't have the fucking time to do it myself," Cid announced, walking past Cloud with an armload of parts.


"A fucking test pilot. To make sure these damned things work before I send them out," Cid replied, looking annoyed at having to stop moving and answer Cloud's questions.

"Why can't I do it?"

"Er..." Cid suddenly set down everything he held and pulled out a cigarette. "Fuck."

"Cid?" Cloud was confused. Cid was not the secret type. Something was up.

"Fuck. Cloud, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but..." Cid put his lighter away and took a long drag. "Leon stopped by before you came back last night. He said he didn't want any chance of you leaving."

Cloud's stomach lurched and he slowly sat down, putting his arms around his knees. Now, after everything, he was being held captive by his friends. Unless... He shook the thought from his head. There was no way Leon personally wanted him to stay. To them, he must just be a spy.

"Cid!" A loud voice called out through the garage. A moment later someone ran over to Cid, but Cloud couldn't be bothered to look up.

"Hey, it's you!"

Blue eyes looked up into an all too familiar face.

"That's right, you and Bradey know each other," Cid said before taking another drag off the cigarette.

"Bradey?" Cloud asked.

The girl nodded before blushing and looking away. "Cid named me. I... I can't remember my real name. But since I have braids..."

Cloud nodded before putting his head back down onto his knees. Cid had some weird taste in...

Bright blue eyes shot open in time to see Cid lead Bradey off towards the ship that had been hauled in yesterday for some sort of repair or maintenance.

At least, thought Cloud as he trudged over to Aerith's house at the end of the day, if Bradey was out in the void testing jelly ships, she wouldn't be pestering him. And he'd already told Cid to give his day's pay to her when she returned. One problem solved.

He paused at the entry to Third District. There was still the pesky problem of being stuck in Traverse Town. He pushed through the gate and walked into the middle of the open area. He didn't really want to get pestered by the women just yet. He had too much on his mind to deal with their eternal perkiness.

Flopping down on the stone, Cloud looked up at the sky. It seemed to always be some type of night in the world. Maybe that was why the shadows liked it so much. His wing protested the cold of the ground, but Cloud pushed the sensation aside. It wasn't often he got to spread it like this, except when he slept. The rest of the time it was his burden and best kept hidden, or at least folded close to his body.

If he had two wings, he wondered, could he have them in plain sight? Where would he find a right wing though? He couldn't even remember how he had gotten his wing. It was almost like he'd woken up with it and the demanding desire to find someone. His... light? Someone in the darkness had called to him. But he couldn't remember who it was. Or did he not want to?

"What are you doing?"

Cloud hadn't even noticed the footsteps approaching and now he was looking curiously up into ice blue eyes. Well, once he'd followed the lines of Leon's body upwards over leather, that is.

"Looking at the sky."

"You'll just see stars blinking out. It's not fun to watch." Leon took a couple steps to Cloud's right and crouched down.

"Done it before?" Cloud's voice was cold. All he wanted was some time alone and the object of his misery just had to appear.


Cloud watched from the corner of his eye as Leon settled himself down on the ground, one leg folded underneath him as he sat, surveying the open area. The silence lasted a few tense minutes before Leon leaned over Cloud.

"Come spar."


"Because you're a good opponent," Leon said, leaning back.

Cloud sighed. He had the opportunity to beat the living daylights out the cause of his torment. And for a moment, he'd considered passing it up to mope about on the increasingly cold ground.

"What about Sora?" Cloud asked carefully.

"He ran off to play in Second District. He never sticks around for long," Leon answered, tracing a finger idly along one of the cracks in the pavement.

"Oh." Cloud got up, stretching as he did so. He wondered just how involved Leon and Sora were, besides the obvious.

"You don't think it's wrong, do you?" It was a sudden question and Cloud quickly looked over at Leon, who was standing and stretching as well.

"I have no room to talk," Cloud replied before turning and walking towards the girls' house to get his sword. Leon followed him silently to the top of the stairs before walking to his own house.

"I have no room to talk?" Leon repeated once he was in his kitchen. "What does that mean? Surely if he and Sora have..." He shook the thought away. That couldn't be it.

There was a tap at the door. "Leon?" It was Cloud, complete with armor and weapon. How long had he been standing there?

Leon grabbed his gunblade and walked to the door, opening it quickly.

"What did you mean by that?" he asked, looking Cloud over more completely. The armor hid a bit of the dirt that Cloud had accumulated during the day, but not all of it. Of course, the white T-shirt Cloud wore really did little to hide anything, including the muscle underneath.

"Mean by what?" Cloud asked. Even a minute with Aerith and Yuffie fussing over him was enough to erase most of the conversation just a few minutes ago. Especially when Yuffie had to paw him over, making sure each of the stitches she'd made to keep the back of his shirt from fraying had held. They had, of course, though Cloud didn't think he'd ever known the ninja was adept with any sharp pointy objects besides throwing stars.

"What you said," Leon replied, pushing open the gates to Second District. Two small shadows appeared the moment he did so and until Cloud stepped through the door they were slowly advancing on the brunette.

"When? About what?" Cloud was rewinding and fast-forwarding through all he could remember of every conversation he'd had with Leon.

"About not having room to talk when I asked how you felt about Sora and I..."

"Oh," Cloud cut Leon off as they walked through the back street of the district. "I... I just don't have room to say anything, that's all."

Leon's eyes narrowed. There was something going on all right, and he was going to find out. Lightning quick he spun around and held Cloud against the cool stone wall, not seeing the curious shadows who'd appeared once his back was turned.

"Tell me." His lips were close to Cloud's ear and he whispered the words harshly, almost hissing.

Cloud was surprised, to say the least. He'd wondered if Leon had it in him. And yes, Leon was quite capable of taking charge of the situation. "I..." he began, only to have Leon cut him off.

"You didn't do anything to Sora, did you?"

"No!" Cloud hissed back. "I..." He let his body relax under Leon's grip; he figured he may as well come clean before the stakes got any higher. "I told you. That first night... It's just... I didn't just train Riku to fight."

Leon sighed in relief. He did remember that and the rather incriminatory remarks that followed. He should have realized that... He was just the same as the heartless blond.

Just the same. Just. The. Same?


"What?" Leon snapped, looking over at Cloud.

"I'll tell you what I know."

"About what?" Leon answered. His mind was going a hundred miles a second trying to rationalize everything.

"Those," Cloud replied, pointing to the dozen or so shadows who seemed to be patiently standing about twenty feet away. "They're getting bolder."

Leon took once glance at them and had his gunblade ready in a split second. Cloud shook his head and reached his claws to lower Leon's weapon.

"Go," he said, making a motion with his other hand for them to scamper along. Most of them obeyed, besides one who stood there a second longer before vanishing into thin air.

"Why didn't you let me destroy them?" Leon asked, knocking Cloud's hand away a moment later.

"Because!" Cloud cried. "I may not remember them, but I may have known them on my world." He paused, mouth open in revelation. "I may have loved them."

Leon froze. He knew the shadows were... But he'd never put it together. What if when he destroyed the shadows, he destroyed the chance of that person coming back when, or if, the worlds were restored. Or even if it didn't... Would it still hurt? Would it...

He squeezed his eyes shut tight for a minute before looking back at Cloud, who'd just reached a hand out to touch Leon's shoulder.

"Cloud?" He asked once the hand had touched him gently and his icy eyes had met sparkling blue.


"You lost someone too."

"Yeah," Cloud replied, removing his hand as they kept walking. "But I barely remember. It's almost like I fell from their arms and have been falling ever since."

"And you landed here," Leon said.

Cloud nodded. He'd misunderstood some of Leon's anger from the beginning - some of his insecurities. Maybe the two of them could get along after all. "I'm trying to make the best of it. Why waste time being alone when you can't remember who you're supposed to be going home to?"



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.