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Without Armor

Title: Without Armor
Part: 8/10
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Ansem/Cloud, Sephiroth, Riku
Rating: MA
Summary: Ansem plans to catch a god. But he becomes the one to take the bait.
Notes: -

Cloud was surprised to find Riku sitting at the end of the bed he now unquestionably shared with Ansem. The teen was a thing of lethal beauty, dressed in black that belied some sort of strange mission having just passed.

"Good morning," Riku said. "And like the sun rises, you will not be in darkness much longer."

"Coming from you, that's probably a threat," Cloud replied. "Why are you here?"

"Because I'm easy to track," Riku said with a narrow-eyed grin. "Even if you aren't."

Cloud frowned. "You've tried this once already. I won't believe you."

"Won't you?" Riku asked as he thrust out his closed fist in Cloud's direction, waiting for the blond to sit up and hold out his hands to take what he held.

Cloud moved slowly, curious but halting. As he reached out, Riku let go of what he grasped, letting two black feathers float down to rest on Cloud's outstretched hand.

"There," Riku said harshly. He got to his knees and managed to almost slide behind Cloud, hands resting on Cloud's shoulders while he leaned over to whisper in Cloud's ear. "I told him that you'd been playing in the bed of another. He wasn't happy about that, Cloud."

"These..." Cloud had heard Riku, but he hadn't really paid any attention. He didn't think it beneath Riku to trick him with raven feathers, yet something deep inside him insisted that he was holding the real thing. However, he'd given of himself willingly. He'd fallen. Sephiroth should not even still desire him even for punishment. There was nothing from those days left.

He let the feathers fall to where the blankets still covered his legs as he reached up to rest a hand on Riku's. Riku gasped at the contact yet didn't pull away. "Sephiroth left me. At least Ansem has had the decency to make sure I survive."

Cloud was fairly sure Riku wanted to say something, yet the teen did not speak. He opened his mouth once before closing it and pulling away to stand and quickly open a tunnel into darkness. Looking away before Riku was even truly gone, Cloud swallowed hard. He did believe what he'd just said - right?

Slowly he reached down to those black feathers before snatching one up almost as if it would burn him. There was indeed no doubt to its authenticity - and it was a perfect, healthy feather, not one broken and in need of being plucked. Pain had been involved. Cloud frowned and let it fall again.

And as he pushed down the blankets and rose, naked as he stretched in the soft pale of the indirect morning sunlight, Cloud let the feathers fall to the floor and rest, seemingly forgotten as he began to dress.


Spinning around to smile uneasily at Ansem, who stood in the doorway, Cloud could only wonder how much he'd witnessed. Ansem wore no particular expression other than his usual perverse amusement at finding Cloud half-nude.

"Morning," Cloud managed as he considered grabbing his shirt but instead defaulted for crossing the room to see if he could get Ansem to instead strip him again. He wanted to make sure that Ansem cared about him in some way - it almost didn't matter, as long as Riku's words were untrue.

"Riku was here," Ansem stated, glancing around the room. "Why?"

Cloud shrugged and tried to come up with something proper to say. "Just to idly threaten me. He..."

"There are few people in any world worth trusting," Ansem interrupted as he reached out to run his fingers through Cloud's hair as if he was reassuring a child or puppy. Cloud moved into the touch, pressing himself against the lord of the castle and reaching to undo the clasp of Ansem's jacket to expose dark skin.

"Close the curtains." Ansem's words were an order Cloud quickly obeyed, jumping over the bed to get to the window. One of his feet came down on a black feather but he didn't notice. He reached to undo his own pants even as he blocked off the sunlight. Only a thin strip remained, casting light on the wall across from the bed as Cloud finished undressing.

He looked up at Ansem from the bed, surprised that Ansem hadn't moved and orange eyes were watching him quite curiously.

"I... Sorry," Cloud mumbled before climbing back over and landing on the floor. He was already half-aroused and grasped blindly as he let Ansem kiss him. Somehow he'd gotten good at removing Ansem's clothing while they kissed - practice had always tended to do him wonders. He wanted to be perfect.

He found himself licking dark skin as Ansem pushed him onto the bed, finding sensitive spots to suck at as Ansem hissed and started almost desperately trying to return the lust with a well-placed hand pushing Cloud's legs apart.

Cloud moaned, forgetting himself completely as he was caught in the haze of what he was doing and what he wanted done. He closed his eyes and slipped back, alone for a second before fingers pressed inside his body.

"Please... please!" He was surprised at his voice in the otherwise silent room. He was crying out and asking for more as if it was some sort of confirmation that everything was okay, and for an instant, there was another thought that was easily chased away by the delicious fullness of Ansem's cock slowly thrusting into him.

Clinging to the sheets as one of Ansem's hands settled on his erection, Cloud knew he wouldn't be able to hold off the incredible urge for completion. Each of Ansem's thrusts sent pleasure racing through his body until he couldn't do anything but give in. There was an incredible energy in the room as he came and he cried out in a voice he barely recognized as his own as he felt the warmth of his own seed hit his stomach.

Ansem thrust hard, setting a fast and almost painful rhythm that caused the bed to crash against the wall with the last few motions that triggered orgasm. Ansem was almost quiet, grunting quickly before pausing to lean down and kiss Cloud.

As Ansem's tongue found his, the thought that Cloud had almost managed to form earlier finally took shape. A memory. Riku's words...

'I'm easy to track.'

"And what do we have here?"

Ten thousand years could pass and Cloud would still know that voice anywhere. The first thing he saw that was not the silver-white of Ansem's hair were green glowing eyes that belonged to a god.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.