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Title: One Wing
Part: 11/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Sephiroth isn't as sane as he seems, and Riku learns all about selective hearing.
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

Sephiroth glanced down at the young man who slept beside him. He'd managed to pull the covers over both of them before Riku had fallen fully asleep. Still, Riku had protested a bit until he realized Sephiroth wasn't pushing him away. Half-asleep, he'd figured out his superior's intentions, then curled against Sephiroth's warm body before letting sleep claim him.

After setting his worn copy of 'The Odyssey' beside him, Sephiroth ran a hand through Riku's hair - not quite as soft as his own. Riku let out a small, pleasured moan and tried to snuggle closer.

Sighing, Sephiroth picked the book back up, holding it with the hand not stroking Riku's head. Riku reminded Sephiroth of someone, just a bit. Another young man who'd ended up in his bed, desperately wanting to be just like him.

But Riku obviously had more experience than the little blond had brought with him. Of course, that inexperience had been taken care of quickly. With this one, not knowing just what was going on in his head yet, Sephiroth thought it best to move slower.

Well, Sephiroth thought, as slow as flooding Riku's mouth with his hot seed could be. He smirked a moment, remembering the look on Riku's face as he'd cried out in orgasm. It was half shock and half rapture.

And then, poor thing, Riku had tried to swallow a bit more than he should have. Coughing and sputtering, he'd clung to Sephiroth afterwards, tears stinging his eyes as he tried to breathe. He had looked rather attractive with the come dripping off his chin however.

Almost like a kitten.

Sephiroth wondered if Riku would purr if he scratched behind the teen's ears. Grinning slightly, he turned back to the ridiculous adventures of Odysseus.

About an hour later, Sephiroth set the book aside. He wasn't far from the obvious ending, but flipping pages one-handed had started to be more trouble than it was worth. And every time he tried to take his other hand from Riku's head, Riku protested in his sleep and threatened to wake.

Surely, if he fell asleep so quickly, so easily, he needed it, thought Sephiroth. He'd seen it enough before - the yougn man he'd spent half his life working with was the same. Riku was at the age where sleep, food, sex, and a proper education were the only things of importance. In that order.

Still, Sephiroth managed to quickly swap his body with a few pillows, and Riku barely stirred. He dressed silently, taking the Masamune with him as he left the room. It was still early, and surely someone would put up a good fight.

Or not.

Was the only challenge he'd find here to involve training the young man who looked surprisingly like him? If that was so, he may as well wake Riku up.

His footsteps echoed eerily through the stone hallways as he walked back to his room. There was something very odd about the entire set up of the place, but he couldn't put a finger on it. There was something missing...

Or was he missing something.

Sephiroth paused with one black-gloved hand lightly touching the doorknob to his room. Surely he wasn't forgetting things.

But there was definitely something gone, lost somewhere between worlds. Lost along with the knowledge of how and why he had one perfectly feathered wing.

It all wrapped back to Cloud. The little blond. His little blond. Who he had let go of when... But it wasn't there.

Minutes ticked by as Sephiroth stood there; hand on the door knob, putting the puzzle pieces together in his mind.

How could he have forgotten?

Cloud. What if Cloud had forgotten him?

That would explain it. The one he considered his other half... Had. Forgotten. Him.

There was a slight click as Sephiroth opened the door to his suite of rooms. As he stepped into the bedroom and glanced at the still dozing young man, an idea formed in his mind.

"Riku," Sephiroth said, sitting down on the edge of his bed and again winding his fingers into Riku's hair. He couldn't feel it through the thin leather of his gloves, but he knew how it felt.

"Riku, I'll make you to be just like him."

"Stop holding back, Sephiroth!" Riku yelled, stepping back a bit to shake out his body. He'd long since cast off his shirt. Sweat gleamed on his tanned skin as the noonday sun beat down on the pair. He was getting tired, but didn't want to admit it yet.

"What makes you think I'm holding back?" Sephiroth asked, holding Masamune easily in one hand. His hair was still perfect, and he still wore his entire uniform despite the heat.

Riku lunged, trying to attack with the blade he'd been given, but it was sloppy. With one almost impossibly fast motion, Sephiroth blocked and sent Riku flying across the practice arena.

Slowly Riku stood, scowling as he retrieved his sword from where it had landed.

"Okay... So you were holding back. Can we rest?" It was more of a demand than a request. The last week had taught Riku that making any demand of Sephiroth besides 'harder' was in vain, but he was hot. And tired.

"Once you hit me, then you can rest," Sephiroth replied. Riku was grating on him. But less every day. Still, it was like he was holding back on something, hiding something.

Riku groaned. Did Sephiroth not realize how tired he was? How tired he always was...

Every day was the same - train all day in the hot sun, spend all night in bed, delighting in sensations he'd never thought possible.

He felt drained.

And empty.

Yet, thoughts of Sora rarely stayed long in his mind as Sephiroth glanced up at him from between his legs. It was like he was losing and gaining everything at once.

"Seph!" Riku closed his eyes, clutching at the blankets besides him as Sephiroth's tongue brushed his opening. He still hadn't found words to describe the ecstasy he got from feeling Sephiroth's tongue penetrating him like that. It was the single most erotic, arousing thing he could think of.

Sometimes he watched Sephiroth as the god talked. He knew what that tongue could do, how it felt against his arousal, how it felt...

The first time Riku had let himself be rolled onto his stomach while Sephiroth slowly touched, licked and kissed every inch of his body, claiming him, he'd... He'd thought of Sora. He had.

And he hadn't, really, since.

Sephiroth was guiding his arousal deep within Riku's body, gasping at the tight heat surrounding him.

Neither thought of what they'd lost.

And Riku knew he was growing stronger.

What was it, a week later? Riku wasn't sure. He blinked his eyes a few times, chasing away sleep as the bright morning sun danced down on him from the room's high windows.

"Seph?" There was only an empty spot beside him on the overly large bed. He felt strangely small when he was alone on it. It ached for lovers.

A moment later the bedroom door opened and Sephiroth walked in. It looked like he'd been up for quite a while. He smiled when he saw Riku sitting half-upright.

"You're awake. Good."

"Why?" Riku asked. Again, it was a bit harsh. He was just growing a little bored of the monotony. He hated monotony.

"You have a challenger waiting for you in the main arena. Get dressed."



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.