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Title: One Wing
Part: 2/20
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: And elsewhere, Sephiroth.
Notes: 'One Wing' doesn't wish to be told in a linear fashion. It'll make sense later.

"Do you know why you're here?" asked a voice from the shadows.

"To train," Riku said confidently, clutching the sword he'd been given.

"Why?" The voice was cool, but not harsh. Riku wondered just who he was to study under.

"So I can win," Riku replied. There was a defiant edge in his voice. Why was his new teacher hiding anyway?

"Who are you?" He stepped towards the shadows but stopped quickly when he saw movement.

"In other times on other worlds, I was called Sephiroth." A figure emerged from the shadows and walked over to Riku.

And Riku was speechless as he drank in every inch of the other man.

"Seph...i...roth," Riku said softly, letting his tongue play with the name as he stood, captivated. He wasn't sure if it was the long silver hair or the glowing green eyes or even the slight smile, but he couldn't stop staring. Sephiroth was the definition of male beauty, perfect skin over sculpted muscle. He looked like an... What was that? Something caught the corner of his eye - feathers?

One black wing.

Sephiroth curiously regarded his new student. He hadn't seen anyone gape at him like that since he headed SOLDIER.

"Your name is Riku?" he asked.

Riku nodded, finally remembering to close his mouth.

"I am to assume that I interest you." It wasn't a question.

Riku quickly shook his head, embarrassed to have been caught staring.

"I just... Are you an angel?"

The slight smile grew a bit wider. "I could be called that. I'm also a god."

Riku instantly went back on the offensive. "Everyone around here is a god."

"Hades?" Sephiroth asked, taking a couple steps and stretching slightly. "I could destroy him with a finger."

"Then why don't you?" Anybody could talk the talk, after all.

"Who wants these pathetic worlds? I've seen better," Sephiroth replied, gesturing around with one arm. "I'm merely doing this to pass time until the other one like me shows up. I know he's here somewhere. I can feel him. We're one in the same."

Riku processed that info quickly.

"You know how I feel." He was still avidly watching Sephiroth as he moved restlessly. He wondered what that body could do. "My other half - he's against me. He just won't understand!"

"I can help you with everything," Sephiroth said, walking the last steps to put a hand on Riku's shoulder.

Riku shuddered at the contact and gazed up into the other man's eyes.

"Everything?" His body wasn't obeying his mind and he didn't want Sephiroth to notice. But everything about him seemed to be perfection. Of course, he was a god.

"Everything," Sephiroth said, smiling just a bit more. At that point, whatever Sephiroth asked, Riku would obey. Those eyes, hell, that body radiated with a power Riku couldn't fathom. "Starting with this." One black-gloved hand trailed down the front of Riku's body until it brushed over the bulge in the front of his blue pants.

"Sephiroth." It was like a plea. Riku was drowning in the power emanating from the man. Whatever the angel wished... he would obey. And, chances are, he would like it.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.