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Title: One Wing
Part: 19/20 PWP
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Implied pre-fic Leon/Sora and Cloud/Riku, eventual Leon/Cloud, Sephiroth/Riku, etc. Everyone/Everyone. Full cast.
Rating: MA overall
Summary: Cid and Vincent catch up.
Notes: It's the sexy AU... *laughs*

"I can't fucking believe I'd forgotten how damned pretty you are," Cid said as he put out the cigarette he'd barely bothered to smoke.

Vincent just shook his head. They'd been trying to sort the engine parts that cluttered the apartment above Cid's shop, but so far they'd had little luck. All Vincent knew of the ships was the quick lesson from Bradey and some basic technical knowledge from decades ago. And Cid had spent a good portion of his time staring at Vincent and letting cigarettes burn out before he'd remembered to smoke them.

"Vincent, I thought we'd gotten past that."

"That was before it was reaffirmed that I am, in fact, a monster," Vincent said softly, picking up something resembling an over-sized distributor cap and offering it to Cid.


"Cid, I have wings. And fangs. Not to mention any of the other things you possibly remember." Vincent turned, looking away. Cloud had offered Vincent his cloak back, but he had refused. It actually looked good on Cloud and served a purpose. Vincent knew he couldn't hide his wings even if he'd tried.

"You didn't have fangs before?" Cid leered in Vincent's direction and suddenly Vincent felt rather naked, despite his clothing.

"Where does this go?" Vincent asked quickly, picking up something with a variety of wires hanging from it. Yes, he and Cid had had a relationship before being separated, but Vincent really hadn't thought Cid would still be interested in him.

Not with the wings, or the fangs, or the hideous claw that everyone oddly mooned over.

"In the bedroom," Cid replied, barely looking at the item before pointing. In truth the debris and collection of parts did stretch right through a far doorway and beyond.

"Cid..." It was slightly warning.

"Fuck, do I have to show you?" Cid stood up and roughly grabbed Vincent's arm, pulling him into the bedroom and pointing at a shelf that contained several other similar parts with similar clusters of wires coming from them.

Vincent frowned as he set the part on the shelf and turned to go. Cid was blocking the door.


Cid smiled and took a couple steps forward, wrapping his arms around Vincent's waist. He'd also forgotten that Vincent was a couple of inches taller.

"You aren't a fucking monster," Cid replied, leaning up a bit to kiss Vincent.

They'd had a volatile and awkward relationship. Cid had agonized over it at first, and he still sometimes wondered if Vincent was only with him because he wanted Vincent to be.

Vincent winced inwardly at the taste of both cigarettes and whatever Cid was spiking his tea with these days. But besides that, the kiss was delicious and it destroyed the mental barrier Vincent had erected while trapped on another world.

While still kissing, Cid managed to walk Vincent backwards until they tumbled onto Cid's bed. Vincent let out a pained grunt as he landed on his wings and Cid jumped away, confusion and worry showing on his face.

"They aren't the easiest things to lay on," Vincent explained before sitting up and spreading his wings, stretching and refolding them while Cid looked on in awe.

"I think I need a fucking drink," Cid replied, shaking his head as he stood up and walked from the room.

Vincent sighed. He was back to being a monster.

Just as he was on his way out of the bedroom, Cid was on his way back in.

"Vincent, I..."

"Cid, I..."

They both stopped and stared at one another.

"They do look good on you," Cid finally said. "But you can't lay on them?"

"Not easily," Vincent replied, glancing back at the bed.


Another moment of silence passed between them. And then they both returned to sorting parts, each stealing curious glances when the other wasn't looking.

Vincent was rather sure that getting a cup of room temperature tea dumped on him hadn't been quite the accident Cid tried to make it seem to be.

"Cid," Vincent said as he worked at the myriad of clasps that held his shirt on. "I think my clothing was all left on Sora's ship."

"Wear something of mine," Cid replied as he mopped at the damp carpet where any tea that Vincent wasn't wearing had landed.

With a sigh, Vincent explained exactly why that would not work. The myriad of clasps closed the shirt beneath the bases of his wings and normal shirts wouldn't do. He also couldn't quite fold his wings down small enough to slide through an altered shirt like Cloud could.

"Well, borrow some fucking pants at least," Cid said after doing his best to listen without interrupting. "Unless there's something else I should know about."


And of course, Cid decided to double check on that statement by ambushing Vincent in the bedroom, where he'd retreated to find something dry.

Truth be told, it was actually quite the turn on, Cid decided. Vincent's wings had proven to be quite sensitive and since he couldn't just pounce on Vincent and hold him to the bed, it was forcing Vincent to be a bit more adventurous than either was used to.

Their past relationship had been volatile, and neither would readily admit to having liked it that way.

Vincent was the one kissing Cid now, sprawled over Cid's naked body and almost nervous at how much he was enjoying playing the role of dominant. When his mouth was free from Cid's, he chose a spot on the pilot's neck to claim. They'd had a bit of a running joke about Vincent being a vampire before and one night, after drinking a bit too much together, Vincent had jokingly bit Cid's neck. It hadn't been hard enough to draw blood, but it had proved to be quite arousing for them both.

Cid let out a long stream of praises disguised as curses as Vincent continued marking him and pushing their bodies roughly together. His arousal brushed against Cid's with every movement and caused them both to moan loudly.

After leaving a couple dark purple marks, Vincent took up residence between Cid's legs, arching his form and spending a couple moments reworking his balance to account for his wings. Cid howled when Vincent first licked his arousal, gathering sticky sweet liquid from the tip and swallowing it quickly.

As Vincent took more of Cid's erection into his mouth, both men were contemplating just how they'd ended up in their current positions. Not that either would complain no matter how they ended up. Their relationship had always been rather volatile, and they liked it that way.

Chances were that Cid figured out what Vincent was doing even before Vincent himself did. But if Vincent didn't get on with it soon, Cid wasn't going to be able to control himself.

"Vin... Fuck. Are you..."

Red eyes half-hidden by wild black bangs glanced up at Cid and their owner managed a smirk as he moved his body over Cid's again, positioning himself over Cid's saliva-slicked erection.

His claw dug into the sheets as he used that arm to support himself while used his other hand to position himself.

Cid was holding his breath with his eyes squeezed shut, grabbing for the bedding and Vincent's claw hand as Vincent slowly eased himself down, carefully guiding them both.

Vincent was the one who broke the silence, but Cid wasn't far behind. Cid let his breath out quickly, following up with a chain of cursing as Vincent pushed his body quickly the rest of the way down and held himself there, eyes wide and head back.

After a moment, Vincent adjusted himself, moving slightly and pushing himself back as he brought himself closer to Cid. Cid thrust upward to match, and soon the two were locked in a fast rhythm, each one intent on trying to get the other to come first.

Cid had a hand between their bodies, doing what he could to stroke Vincent's arousal though he couldn't quite match his movements to Vincent's. And he was staring at Vincent's tense wings, which were shaking slightly and pulled tight to Vincent's body. If they were permanent, he definitely wouldn't mind.

Adjusting his body again, a howl came from Vincent's lips with every movement he made. Cid couldn't help himself as he watched Vincent pleasure himself. His orgasm overtook him and he reached up to pull Vincent to him, holding him close until he realized he had those sensitive wings a bit too tightly in his grasp.

"Fuck... Vincent..." Cid let Vincent pull away a bit and slide off to the side, his own arousal still gleaming as he took it into his own hands.

Cid's eyes were wide and he was still trying to catch his breath as he watched Vincent bring himself to climax. He couldn't remember seeing Vincent do that before, and certainly never expected him to use his claw hand, even just as a guide.

Vincent's wings flew to their full span as he came, milky white liquid coating his hands as he cried out.

Afterward, they settled onto the bed, Vincent partially lying across Cid as they both tried to recover.

"Cid?" Vincent asked.

Cid grunted a response, reaching to pull a blanket up higher over their bodies.

"That's my wing, not a blanket."

Cid's eyes shot open and confirmed the statement.

"Fuck," he replied, looking over to Vincent's face.

"I'm a monster."

"Fine, you're a monster," Cid said, closing his eyes. "But you're my fucking monster so go to sleep."

Vincent sighed, knowing that was the closest he was going to get to any declaration of emotion and feelings from Cid.

They slept peacefully, without nightmares.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.